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Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening

Awaken Your Soul from Within & Shift from Self to Soul

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Feb 2017

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What you will learn

You will have deeper understanding of yourself and how your express yourself in the world.

You will also identify positive and possible negative (shadow) aspects of yourself.

You learn how your character and persona are formed. This will allow you to break from old conditions and behaviours.

You will gain a deeper sense of clarity and perspective in your life.

This course is for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves with regards to their spiritual growth and development.


During this course we will explore your Soul Pathway and the 12 Archetypes you live by. Through exploring these archetypes you are able to gain a deeper understanding of your inner work in order to assist with your ascension as you awaken your soul from within. You will gain clarity on your inner world to enable you to transform your outer world. We will begin by looking at The Soul Pathway as it applies to you and your life, and we will then speak about its integral role in building your character and persona as you awaken to who you are. We will also talk about how The Soul Pathway plays an integral role in assisting you with connecting to your Soul as each and every aspect of who you are. This will help you to identify the archetypes you express in the world and assist you with your Spiritual Growth, Development and Ascension

Together with the program, you will be provided with an Archetypes Assessment which will help you identify your Dominant Archetypes. By identifying your archetypes, you will be able to pin point positive aspects of yourself and potential negative (Shadow) aspects of yourself that are holding you back. Once you have identified your Dominant Archetypes we will explore each of the 12 Archetypes in detail to help you shift your consciousness and make the relevant changes in your life.

Finally, we will be speaking about the Archetypes that you will meet on your journey. These archetypes become your support network and assist you with your growth and development. It's key for you to become aware of these archetypes to ensure you are not led astray as you progress on your souls path.

This program has been created to help you with your Spiritual Growth, Development and Transformation, whilst helping you to giveback to the world in your own unique way. 

"Connect with Your Inner World and Transform Your Outer World to Awaken to Your Soul Pathway"

What you will learn:

  • How to Identify Your Dominant Archetypes

  • Positive Aspects of your Self to enhance your Character.

  • Shadow Aspects of your Persona that are Holding You Back

  • The Layers of Each Archetype to Assist You with Your Individual Transformation

  • Learn How to Build Your Soul Tribe to Support You on you Path!

Join the Program Today and Awaken Your Soul from Within!


Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening
Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening
Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening
Archetypes for Life: Your Pathway to Spiritual Awakening


Introduction to the Archetypes for Life program

Overview of the program

Introduction to The Hero's Journey and Building Your Character and Persona

Introduction to The Hero's Journey and Your Life!

Building Your Character and Persona

The Hero's Journey and You!

The Hero's Journey - Preparation Phase

The Hero's Journey - Journey Phase (Part 1)

The Hero's Journey - Preparation Phase (Part 2)

The Hero's Journey - Return Home Phase

12 Archetypes to Transform Your World

Identify Your Domianat Archetypes with the Archetypes Assessment

Introduction into the 12 Archetypes and Questionnaire

Exploring the Archetypes Results and Creating Balance and Harmony in Your Life!

Preparation Archetypes and The Innocent

Preparation Archetypes: The Orphan

Preparation Archetypes: The Warrior

Preparation Archetypes: The Caregiver

Journey Archetypes and The Seeker

Journey Archetypes: The Destroyer

Journey Archetypes: The Lover

Journey Archetypes: The Creator

Return Home Archetypes and The Ruler

Return Home Archetypes: The Magician

Return Home Archetypes: The Sage

Return Home Archetypes: The Fool

Building Your Archetypal Team

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Hero or Heroine, Mentor and Sidekicks)

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Threshold Guardians and Shapeshifters)

Building Your Archetypal Team - (Trickster, Shadow and The Divine Feminine)


Bora7 June 2020

Fine, the voice is too much soft and the overall video can be more professional. The current video shooting is so ameteur. The content is so relevant to me by the way. Thanks for the effort.

Kim28 April 2020

Thank you, Andy, for providing such clarity about the 12 Archetypes. Your knowledge of the subject, and gentleness in providing the information, has helped me tremendously in understanding the Hero's Journey in depth. I feel more confident in providing this 'tool' in my coaching sessions. Thank you again.

Duncan9 January 2020

Great course. Very well presented and explained. The self-questionnaire in regard to Archetypes is very useful. Thank you.

Darryl27 October 2019

The topic has the potential to be very interesting and engaging. I would encourage the presenter to invest a lot more time into the delivery of the course to make it much more engaging. There is a lot of time spent with him talking behind the diagram of the Hero's Journey. And even when you see him talking the background is stagnate and becomes very unappealing. He also has great content to work with but his voice becomes monotonous and hard to listen to for a sustained period of time. I'm sticking with it because there really is some interesting stuff here I would just like to see a way more professional delivery as it is disappointing from that perspective. Admittedly this not overly expensive, but I really would pay a lot more for a far better more engaging presentation with a lot more use of visual aids,

Dorian.H28 April 2019

Great format simplexified into one's self journey ! Highly addictive and surely a good friend to keep with you throughout your journey ! On that note, I wish everyone an amazing journey.

Anil9 April 2019

Just goes on rambling meaninglessly & endlessly, repeating the same stuff over and over again. The entire content can be covered in about one fifth of the time and yet the duration has been extended 5+ times over by the meaningless rambling. (And then he says in a video - there's only so much he can cover in a short video!!!!)

Boaz9 January 2019

Very interesting well explained and useful Just a bit long explanations, hard to focus on 14-18 min videos

Tineke10 May 2018

Voldoet nog niet aan mijn verwachtingen, maar wellicht komt het nog. Ik vind het nog erg algemeen, weinig informatief.

Susan20 January 2018

I am a beginner; I know nothing about archetypes. Actually, I have been so confused by this topic that I avoided it. Now the subject begins to make sense. I enjoyed listening to Andy Brine beginning the introduction, which was full of new information. We are all Heroes who have returned to planet Earth to walk a journey of challenges while interacting with many kinds of people to teach us lessons. We walk our journey through the years of our life and we grow and change. I want to hear more. Now that I have completed the course, I need more in-depth examples. Actually, this course was complete for a beginner and way beyond my expectations. I need to hear more about the archetypes mentioned at the end of the course, so I should check-out Andy's website. Thank you for an interesting and informative course.

Veronica20 September 2017

The PDF workbook is basically what is said in the course, as such very useful. However, I read it all before progressing with the lectures and wonder if the workbook would be better offered as two parts........ one to fill in at the start of the course to get you thinking and another as recapitulation and reference about the archetypes themselves. The opportunity to fill in the questionnaire and have the results immediately was very interesting and enlightening. The use of film characters is a useful way to get around issues of confidentiality but as I do not generally follow pop culture some of the validity was lost on me. However, please do not read this as negative, it is just a personal thing with me. In general I found the course an enjoyable and efficient introduction to the topic and am sure that any thoughtful person prepared to examine themselves honestly will benefit from this work. Many thanks Emma.


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