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Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life

Anger management therapy with stress management techniques - Anger management exercises save your relationships!



3 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Stress Management

Anger Management

Personal Development

Self Control


Marriage Management

Africa Anger Management Technique

Buddhism Anger Management Techniques

Happiness Management

Fear Management

Life Goals

Anger vs Stress Correlation

Good Stress vs Bad Stress

Anger Management Stories


This anger & stress management course is designed to awake your self-consciousness, it will ignite a fire of self-actualization. You will gain control over your anger and you will be deciding when you want to be angry. You will learn how absorption the good stress in you so it won’t turn into negative stress which can lead to anger. The anger management bootcamp 101 is self-centered on you and your beloveds.

I was born as a hothead and was proud of it because anger shows the masculinity. The angrier you become, the more macho man you are!!! Base on this self-destructive notion I had destroyed my family, and marriage life. There is no magic spell on how to control anger” out there, it's all about pre-anger mind training. If your mind is not trained, then you can’t control anger outbursts which will cause damaging everything around you; marriage, relationship with your parents, career, etc. Is anger link with stress? If anger results from stress, then how to control stress which I will teach you in this course. I will force you to think about what stress is and how it affects your life and everything around you.

I am not an anger management guru, but I am one of you who spent years on self-exploration on a quest to conquer anger. My expedition started with “how to be happy” in life and how to fight stress. The purpose of life and why I am on this planet called earth. I hope my online anger management course can help to change your life. If you can bring anger under control, then it will lead you to salvation.

The stress management classes in this online course will be beneficial to all the walk of life. If you are sure you are stress resistant but still taking an online stress management course bootcamp will help. My goal in this stress management technique is to be very simple but effective at the same time. Whether you are a boss and looking for stress management courses for employees, then this stress and anxiety management course is the best suit for you. Or if you are a student who constantly comes under pressure and stress, this will be very helpful to you on fighting stress.


Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life
Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life
Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life
Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life



Control Your Mind Story

Story of Persistence

Positive and Negative Events in Stage of Anger

Story of Thank You

Can You Forgive and Still Be Angry

What If You are Not Prepare But Want to Get How from Anger Stage!

Wake Up Early & Be Humble - Bonus Video


What is Stress and How to Manage it?

How to Get Out of Stress TRAP

Benefits of Stress

How to Control & Fight Stress

Don't Let Your Anger Control You!

How to Control Happiness

Stress Management Techniques

Fear of Not Doing Enough in Life

How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times


How to Control Anger Outbursts

Life is Life

African Anger Control Method & Goodbye


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