An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers

The First Course in a Series for Attaining the Google Certified Data Engineer

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An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers


3 hours


Jul 2017

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What you will learn

At the end of this course you'll understand all the core services you'll need to know for the Data Engineer Certification.

You'll know the basics and be able to move forward architecting real world data engineering solutions.

You will understand the basics of how to navigate Google's Cloud Platform.

You will understand how to use Google's Big Data Services on the Google Cloud Platform.



"I want to say thank you for all your courses. They are awesome and you are a great teacher. I passed my GCP Data Engineer exam yesterday. Your courses had a big part in that. Thanks again!" -- Steve D.

"I took a few of your courses and you are an amazing teacher.  Your courses have brought me up to speed on how to create databases and how to interact and handle Data Engineers and Data Scientists.  I will be forever grateful."  -- Tony

"Covering all the stuff I did in Associate Cloud Engineer! All fine." -- Malachy

"I learned in short time key knowledge." - Fernando

"It give us an overview of the GCP and it's components theoretically and using the platform." - Martha

"Very clear explanations and easy to follow along. This course is very well structured." --Tanoj

"Great overview and good explanations." Christopher

"The course was simple, easy to understand. The demo for every topic helped a lot. You are great teacher and it all came very handy. Thank you so much!" -- Shefali

"Trainer is patient and has a lot of knowledge about this course. Amazing job." -- Ashley

"Quite good to get very introduced to the Google cloud platform from the zero." -- Anna

"I enjoyed the course" -- Curtis

"Good intro. I like the pace of the course. The videos were short and too the point." -- Demayne

"Good and intuitive" -- Tian

"Speech of instructor is clear and understandable it is nice." --Sulyeman

"I learned a lot in a very short time." -- Fernando


An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers

Welcome to An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers. This is the first course in a series of courses designed to help you attain the coveted Google Certified Data Engineer.

At this juncture the Google Certified Data Engineer is the only real world certification for data and machine learning engineers.   

The Harvard Review dubbed the data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century.  It might be the greatest job in the world if you have a dedicated team of data engineers at your beckon call otherwise you’re first week of work is going to be a tough one.   

Most applied machine learning is supervised.  That simply means you use a data set to build your machine learning or deep learning models with.   

In the real world data is messy, complicated and very difficult to work with. Another real world issues is working with data at scale. Very few companies have the compute or storage resources to work with large data sets. That's where the Google Cloud Platform comes in. The tools they've built for the cloud are the tools they are using internally. 

This is the first course in a series of course dedicated to learning the Google Cloud Platform and attaining the Google Certified Data Engineer.   

This course will lay the foundation for what you’ll need in order to become a data engineer and pass the exam. In the course we will cover all the basics of the platform and be prepared to move into the more advanced data engineering specific courses. 

Please keep in mind this course alone will not give you the knowledge and skills to pass the exam. The course will lay the foundation for what you'll need to know before you begin a more intensive study of the services specific to data on the Google Cloud Platform. 

                                                                 **Five Reasons to Take this Course**

1) Google is the World Leader in Machine Learning 

Google knows data and they know big data. They work with some of the largest data sets in the world. They also have one of the largest data science teams on the planet. Companies that know data science know data engineering.  Google has been on the forefront of data exploration for years. 

2) Occam's Razor Approach to Teaching

Less is almost always more.  If you're serious about data engineering as a career you don't need or want your hand held for long periods of time.  You want the core of any subject and then you want to get your hands dirty. My courses are relatively short and to the point. You don't have time for filler and I don't believe in adding it. 

3) Real World Instructor Experience

I've been working with data for over two decades. I've authored books, created applications being used in the real world and have over 30 course on Udemy specific to data. I've worked with over 50 different companies as an employee or consultant. Data has been my life for two decades and all of that has been in the real world.  

4) The Only Data Engineering Certification on the Market

I have to be honest with you. I'm not a huge fan of most mastorial programs for machine learning or data related degrees. There is still quite a gap between what colleges teach and what companies expect.  I believe certifications offer a better path into the real world of data and machine learning. A master's degree might get you the interview but hands on with the product and the certification will get you the job. 

5) Limited Data Engineering Courses

At the time I authored this course there are no other courses on the market that are dedicated to learning the skills you'll need for passing the Google certified data engineer exam.  My courses aren't specific to learning how to pass the exam. I want you to be able to pass the exam but more importantly I want you to be able to apply what you've learned in my courses in order to work with various real world data sets. 




Is this Course for You?

Instructor Course Q&A

Cloud Platform Resource Hierarchy

The Exam Case Study

Core Resources - Compute and Storage

Core Resources - Big Data



Setting Up Shop

Creating an Account on Google's Cloud Platform (GCP)

Navigating the GCP Console

The Cloud Shell

Creating and Managing Projects


Cloud API's

Understanding Security

Installing gcloud



Compute Services

Compute Services High Level

Working with Compute Engine

Cloud Launcher

Compute Engine Resources

What's Docker?

Containers with Kubernetes

App Engine



Google Cloud Storage

Key Storage Terminology

Storage Classes

An Introduction to Buckets

Moving objects in our Buckets

Download the gsutil Cheat Sheet Here

Using gsutil for Bucket Managment



CloudSQL Overview

What is CloudSQL?

Creating the Instance

Working with Data

CloudShell and the MySQL Client

Backing Up a MySQL Cloud Database



The Data Section

What is Pub/Sub?

Pub/Sub Demo

What's Cloud Datastore?

Cloud Datastore Demo

What's BigQuery

BigQuery Demo

What is Big Table?

BigTable Demo

What is Dataproc

Dataproc Demo



Python on Google Cloud Platform

What is Cloud Datalab?

Creating a Cloud Datalab Session

What is TensorFlow?





Alejandra22 June 2020

It was good information in a short amount of time. It got me started on the path. However, it seems it's a little outdated because a lot of the options in GCP seem to have changed names, locations, and interfaces so it was a little hard to follow along and try things on my end.

Karthikeyan20 May 2020

Course is really great Great to understand of many points about and knowledge about GCP Best part of the course at end of every session is summary has provided which gives us more clarity Only thing i suggest is navigation and tolls explained and data enter inside GCP which should have more clearly especially like codes writing in console other then that great course to learn

Elna15 May 2020

It is very disappointing to get to the end of this long course and when I complete the course there is no certificate, in stead it is stuck at 60/61 components finished and I never get the certificate

Anna16 April 2020

Quite good to get very introduced to the Google cloud platform from the zero. Having experience with AWS, I understood the approach in GCP as well. The course guides a student through the each component from GCP providing its definition and small concept vision of how to use it.

Martin19 March 2020

Two pieces of code the instructor said was available was not included, minor issue. Good instruction overall.

Keith24 September 2019

Good intro, could have been a little more in depth with each topic and still been high enough level for me.

Betsy13 May 2019

This was an awesome course... I've purchased all 5 so I'm moving on to the 2nd course in your series now! Thanks, Mike!

Olaf7 April 2019

This course is useful and a nice introduction to GCP. I would definitely recommend it to people who want a fast introduction into the basics of GCP. My issue with the course is that some the evaluation of some quiz answers is obviously wrong (e.g. if Compute engine is Platform as a Service) and think there are more quiz questions that expect the exactly wrong answers. @Mike Please review your quizzes for this course.

Arthur7 April 2019

A good introduction to Google Cloud Platform for anyone moving over from an on-premise environment or other Cloud paltform

Conroy13 March 2019

I give 5 stars for it being a good intro to the topic. But to pass the exam, you need much better understanding of every single piece of info in gcp and many practice questions.

Brian4 February 2019

At this point it's hard to see how this is helpful in terms of using GCD. He's just listing off things from the site.

Sibu15 January 2019

The course is just OK. Would be much positive if the course content regarding hadoop , Spark , dataproc were give an a little bit more detailed explaination.

John17 October 2018

Yes, good match. Mainly I want to take existing websites now up on two commercial hosting services, and run them on Google Cloud instead. I'm also interested in AI and machine learning, so don't mind learning a little extra as well.

Chris7 September 2018

Containers with Kubernetes wasn't helpful. Much command line copy an paste without explanation of the concepts.

Rahul8 August 2018

Course seems to be what I was looking for. I wish to learn more. But there should be assignments so that students don't get bored.


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