Amazon Web Services - Understanding the VPC

Virtual Private Cloud - AWS

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

A better understanding on how a VPC works

Creating workloads in a VPC

Creating and working with Custom VPC


This course is a short course to help students understand the following

  • Basic Concepts on Networking - IP addresses , CIDR blocks , Routing

  • How to work with the default VPC

  • Creating EC2 Instances in the default VPC

  • Creating a Custom VPC

  • Working with Security Groups and Network Access Control Lists

  • Defining Private and Public Subnets

  • What is Network Address Translation

  • Defining a NAT instance and NAT gateway

  • What are Bastion Hosts

  • VPC Flow Logs

  • VPC Peering

  • VPC Endpoints


Amazon Web Services - Understanding the VPC
Amazon Web Services - Understanding the VPC
Amazon Web Services - Understanding the VPC
Amazon Web Services - Understanding the VPC



Course Expectations

AWS Free Tier Account

Basic Infrastructure Design

Global Infrastructure

Virtual Private Cloud and Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS - IP Addressing


AWS - VPC Routing

VPC and Subnets

Availability Zones

Components of a VPC

Default VPC

Elastic Compute Cloud

Building an EC2 Instances

EC2 Key Pairs

Connecting to an EC2 Instance

Working with an EC2 Instance

Building a Windows Based Instance

Instance Types

Upgrading the Instance Type

Elastic Network Interface


Security Groups

Security Groups - Demo

Network Access Control Lists

Network Access Control Lists - Demo

EC2 Communication in a VPC

VPC Flow Logs

More on the VPC

Creating a custom VPC

Private and Public Subnets

Adding a private subnet to a VPC

Bastion Hosts

Bastion Hosts - Demo

Network Address Translation

NAT Instance - Demo

NAT gateway - Demo

VPC Peering

VPC peering - Demo

VPC Endpoints


Quiz on VPC Concepts


Bonus Lecture


Michael18 July 2020

I like the way that Alan takes his time with the courses. If you understand the rudimentary or basic level understanding of any complex thing that you want to learn the rest will be easy. Alan does just that. He doesn't rush through the material and gives a thorough understanding of the content. He has a strong accent and try really hard to make sure he is understood. I might even go as far as being grateful for the accent as i believe this is what makes him go slower and take his time. Most instructors who speak really well have a tendency to rush and "Gloss over key" details and speak really quickly. this makes you have to slow down the speed which makes the content even longer. Alan speaks slowly and if you already understand a concept you can speed straight through. Alan your Value is in your Slow method this might be the only thing that sets you apart from other instructors such as Dolfined or Stephen Marrick. Your slow nature is your value it helps us learn concepts and process the content as you speak. If you rush your lectures just to get the content out you will lose significant value. Stay slow my friend.

Senuch4 May 2020

Was a great experience, his way of teaching and making sure only the required information is communicated was superb.

Elango7 April 2020

Before this course I had a very fair idea and nightmare about VPC , subnets etc. But after this course, I got a very good understanding of VPC and its components. Highly recommended course for folks especially who want to pursue into cloud networking in AWS.

Niranjan17 March 2020

A great course to understand VPCs in short time. It would be great if the same demo setup used for private and public subnets was used for VPC peering and VPC endpoint. Also it will help to explain when to use NAT Gateway and VPC endpoint. Overall very good course ! I am planning to go for other courses from this instructor.

Francisco7 January 2020

Gracias los contenidos son buenos y la explicación también. Sólo se echa de menos tener cursos como éste pero en Español por ejemplo. Facilitaría mucho el aprendizaje para quienes no tienen la habilidad de hablar o entender el inglés.

Florentcazalaa18 November 2019

Very good training - does exactly what it says, and even better. Teacher is very interesting/clear. well done.

Amit8 September 2019

Short and Crisp and Up to the Point .The way the instructor teaches as if he know what students want awsome

Alberto3 April 2019

I enjoyed a lot this course, it's supercharged with well-explained knowledges. My expectations was exceeded. Thank you.

Aston28 March 2019

I like how the instructor takes his time to explain in detail each portion. As well as break it down into multiple sessions for each section. Along with explaining the concept first with visuals, and then performing a demo of the concept.

Chris1 February 2019

Level 100 material. Simplified. Covers lots of basic material I expect any architect (or developer) to already know. Only last few chapters in Section 4 were of value

James17 January 2019

This course was excellent. Direct, concise and to the point.:) Will be looking at more courses from this instructor.

Vishal12 January 2019

Excellent course !! I am new to AWS and this course helped me a lot in organizing and deploying my own backend services. Thanks.

Neji26 November 2018

The trainer does a very good job in breaking down VPC from the basics to major use cases. Good course overall!

Tiago7 November 2018

Conhecimento profundo sobre VPC's e Boa habilidade de trasmissão e conhecimento. Parabéns. Recomendo.

Olusola15 September 2018

Wao this is one of the best instructor have seen on Udemy. Great understanding of the course and in-depth teaching style.


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