Amazon PPC Masterclass - The Ultimate PPC Guide

Learn Everything You Need To Create Profitable PPC Campaigns and Generate More Amazon Sales

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Build Amazon PPC Campaigns that generate sales and boost your product ranking

Optimise campaigns so they cost less and increase your overall profit

Utilise professional proven ppc methods that actually work

How To Create multiple types of successful Amazon PPC campaigns

Research and discover powerful keywords for the best campaign results


Are you struggling with Amazon's Sponsored Products ads but don't know where to start? Do your existing PPC campaigns get high aCos and/or low sales volume?  Then this course is designed for you!

I will show you the biggest mistakes I see when using Amazon's Sponsored Products and teach you how to properly set up and optimise and create your campaigns.

After years of testing and spending literally tens of thousands of dollars I've discovered highly profitable Amazon PPC campaigns that have gone on to generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales and PROFIT.

I know the secrets here in this course can drastically improve the results and profit from your Amazon advertising campaigns but don’t take my word for it!

Here are just a few student reviews from this course…

★★★★★ - Danil Novikov - " Great Course"

★★★★★ - Kwan Suh - " Amazing course, Easy and straight forward"

★★★★★ - Ramses Malihan - " Very detailed, Thank you"

★★★★★ - Jordan . G  - "Precise and clear - Great examples"

★★★★★ - Daniel Esquivel - "short, sweet, to the point, with some good strategies for cost effectiveness.

If you're a beginner who hasn't set up Amazon Sponsored Products Ads or an experienced seller who is looking to lower PPC costs and increase profit, with my help as a true Amazon seller and PPC professional we can change that!

Join my many thousands of students worldwide and enrol into my course today!


Amazon PPC Masterclass - The Ultimate PPC Guide
Amazon PPC Masterclass - The Ultimate PPC Guide
Amazon PPC Masterclass - The Ultimate PPC Guide
Amazon PPC Masterclass - The Ultimate PPC Guide


Amazon PPC Masterclass


Understanding ACOS & Net Profit Margins

Finding The Best Keywords For Your Campaign

Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Explained

Creating a Manual Campaign

Creating a Automatic Campaign

Creating a Product Targeting Campaign

Foreign Word Campaign

Misspelled Campaign

Low Bid Broad Match Campaign

Download Your Search Term Report

Travel For Free Using PPC Campaigns


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