Alcohol Ink Tips Tricks & Techniques

How to use Alcohol Inks to create many different backgrounds on many different surfaces

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Apr 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to use Alcohol Inks in different ways

Learn the different surfaces Alcohol Inks can be used on and when each surface is appropriate

Learn how to Prep certain surfaces for Alcohol Ink

Learn how to seal Alcohol Ink Art

Learn how to store Alcohol Inks


Thank you for your interest in Alcohol Ink Tips, Tricks and Techniques!

This Course is perfect for those that are new to Alcohol Inks as well as those who have dabbled with them a bit and would like to learn  more uses for them.

I have worked with Alcohol Inks often over the last 10 years and am excited to share some of my favourite ways of using them.  This course is broken up into different techniques as well as different surfaces that are suitable with certain techniques.  I will be covering 11 different Techniques throughout this course and 9 different Surfaces that can be used and when different surfaces are suitable while others are not.

I have taught many, many classes for the past 15 years at local scrapbook stores but am new to teaching online and  I'm very excited to share what I know and learn how to teach in this new format!

Throughout the course I will show you how to create different backgrounds and then show you samples created with those background just to show you a possible way it could be used. 

This Class comes with a Supply List PDF.  The PDF has each item used to demo listed as well as those used to create the samples.  The supply list is linked with where you can purchase these supplies online saving you a lot of time trying to source everything yourself.  You will find the Supply List PDF link with the Introduction Video

In this Course we will be covering:

1- Tips and Techniques for using an Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool

2- Creating Fluid Backgrounds with both Metallics and Alloys

3- How to use an Alcohol Ink Lift Pad

4- How to use Alcohol Inks on Tiles

5- Using Alcohol Pearls

6- How to create a Marble effect with Alcohol Inks

7- How to create Alcohol Ink Art on a Wood Panel


As with ALL art, results may vary!  Alcohol Inks don't always move in exactly the same way.  You can try to recreate something that you see that you love but there's only so much you can control with Alcohol Inks.  As you work with them more and more, you will become familiar with them and learn how they move and flow and how to move and manipulate them.


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Introduction to Alcohol Ink Tips Tricks and Techniques
How to use an Applicator Tool with Alcohol Inks
Creating Stripes and Plaids with Alcohol Inks
How to Create a Fluid Background with Alcohol Inks and Metallics
Creating a Fluid Background with Alcohol Inks and Alloys
Using the Alcohol Ink Lift Pad
Using Alcohol Inks on Tiles
How to use Alcohol Pearls
Using Alcohol Inks to create a Marble Effect
How to create an Art piece with Alcohol Inks on a Wood Panel
How to store Alcohol Inks
Thank-You for joining me for Alcohol Ink Tips Tricks and Techniques


December 7, 2021
As a beginner, this whets my appetite to begin with some simple techniques that are not overwhelming,



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