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Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot

Amazon Affiliate Website with Automatic Content creation, Wordpress, Youtube Marketing, SEO and Keyword Research

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Apr 2021

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SEO Audit + Keywords Analystics + Competitors Research
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What you will learn

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - with Automatic Content Creation - So you don't have to!

How to build Amazon Affiliate niche sites that earn commissions every month from free search engine traffic

How to Choose your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niche

How to select Affiliate Programmes, including Amazon Associates

Keyword Research and the essentials of SEO

How to create your Niche Amazon Affiliates Wordpress Website - Step by Step

How to create engaging Automatic Content Campaigns - so you don't have to create content

How to connect you Amazon Associates Account to your Website content

How to create Product Reviews for more Affiliate Sales

The Dos and Don'ts of Web Link Cloaking

The Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid!

Organic Traffic Strategies to drive more free organic traffic to your niche Amazon Affiliates Website

How to use Video and Youtube Marketing to drive organic traffic and sales

How to rank on Page 1 of Google using the power of Medium


Affiliate Marketing: Build a Amazon Affiliate Niche Website on Autopilot

What if I could show you how to build an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website that runs on Automatic?

What if I could show you how to build Amazon Affiliate niche sites that earn commissions every month from free search engine traffic?

You could have a dozen sites and never create a single piece of content!

All completely legitimately! A real "passive" income

This is the secret sauce to this course - but there is so much more too!

This does not mean that you don't have to do any work!

But you will not be restricted to just Amazon Associates as any of your niche websites could be used for any affiliate programme you choose!


This course is based on the instructor's experience selling on Amazon. We don't have any association or endorsement by Amazon.


Work Smarter not Harder is the motto here!

In this Course you will discover:

  • How to select Niches and Affiliate Programmes

  • Keyword Research and SEO

  • Setting up your Wordpress Niche Amazon Affiliate Website

  • How to create Automatic Content Campaigns!!

  • How to connect to the Amazon Associates Programme

  • Your own Content Creation Strategy - Product Reviews

  • Sales Tracking

  • Link Cloaking

  • Amazon Link management

  • Organic Traffic Strategies

  • Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to avoid.

  • Youtube and Video traffic strategies

  • How to rank on Page 1 of Google with Medium dot com

I will show you step by step how to create a Niche Wordpress Website which you can use for any affiliate programme, including Amazon Associates:

  • Selecting your Website Niche includes:

  • Getting Started with Wordpress and Hosting

  • Setting Up Affiliate Accounts

  • Wordpress Plugins

  • Store Categories

  • Adding Content to Categories

  • Creating the Navigation System

  • Create Customised Store Headers

  • Set Up Content Layout for Home Page

  • Customise Side Bars

  • Google Search Console

  • Install Google Analytics

  • Social Media Integration

  • Essential Site Pages - including Disclaimer

This course contains all the key elements you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing!

Six and a half hours of video lessons and 84 downloadable resources!

This course benefits from Udemy's 30 Day money back guarantee.  Beyond that I am committed to helping all my students succeed with my courses and that includes you.

Why Take This Course?

This course teaches you a system.  Create a niche website, set up automatic content campaigns, connect them to related Amazon Associates links to products in Amazon.  Then drive more free organic traffic to your website from sources such as Youtube and Facebook for even more opportunities to sell.

This course does not cover or rely on paid Ads - which can be expensive and often impractical when you are starting out.
This course is scalable.  Once you learn to create one niche site system, you can create as many as you like - it takes time and hard work though.

Invest in yourself - invest in your future!

Enroll today and I look forward to working with you in the course!

Best regards



Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot
Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot
Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot
Affiliate Marketing: Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot


Introduction and Welcome to the Course


Why Affiliate Marketing?

What Makes People Buy

The Affiliate Marketing Road Map

Finding The Right Niche and Affiliate Marketing Programmes for You

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Difference Between Niche and Authority Sites

Niches and How to Find Them

Affiliate Programmes and Where to Find Them

Four Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Affiliate Marketing Metrics - Select The Right Products For You

Keyword Research - Four Rules of Keyword Research

Keyword Research Part 1 Relevance and Traffic

Keyword Research Part 2 - Market Competition

Keyword Research Part 3 - Commerciality

Keyword Research 4 Rules Recap

Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Competitor Research with Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Frequently Asked Questions

Assessing Keyword Difficulty For Free

SEO Tools - You Might Find Helpful

Building Your Website - Step by Step

How to Organise Your Site Structure

Building Your Website Part 1 - Course Overview

Building Your Website Part 2 - Course Overview

Building Your Website Part 3 - Course Overview

Setting Up Web Site Categories

Customising Header Images

Customising Sidebar Content

Crucial Pages Your Site Must Have

Critical Pages Your Site Must Have

Affiliate Disclaimer on Posts

Creating Content Campaigns

How To Attract The Right Audience

Researching Buyer Intent Keywords for Free

WP Automatic Settings - These need to be configured.

Setting Up WP Automatic Campaigns

Using Google Keyword Planner for Campaign Targeting

Buying Intent Keywords Case Study

How to Set Up Matching Amazon Sidebar Ads

Online Store Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Christmas Store

Case Study 2 - Christmas Store No 2

Case Study 3 - John's Recipe Store

Case Study 4 - Robert's Coffee, Tea and Snacks Store

Case Study 5 - Healthy Fitness Store

Creating Website Content

Creating Website Content

How to write Single Product Reviews

How to Write Roundup Product Reviews

Affiliate Sales Tracking and Link Management

Affiliate Sales Tracking and Link Management

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Link Cloaking Strategies

Link Cloaking Strategies

Creating a Pretty Link

Do NOT Cloak Amazon Affiliate Links

Managing Amazon Affiliate Links

Creating an Amazon Affiliate Link with Thirsty Affiliates

Configuring Thirsty Affiliates Global Settings for the Amazon Importer Function

Importing Products with Amazon Importer

Amazon Associates Mistakes to Avoid

Affiliate Mistake No 1

Affiliate Mistake No 2

Affiliate Mistake No 3

Affiliate Mistake No 4

Affiliate Mistake No 5

Affiliate Mistake No 6

Affiliate Mistake No 7

Affiliate Mistake No 8

Strategies to Make Affiliate Sales

More Affiliate Sales: Tutorials

The Importance of a Resources Page


Broadcast Email

Social Media Marketing



Organic Traffic Strategies - Video

Free vs Paid Traffic

Do You Need a Website?

The Importance of Building Your Audience

Start Your Youtube Channel Today

How to Create Videos Automatically

Organic Traffic Strategies - Medium

Organic Traffic - Medium.com

Organic Traffic Medium Case Study

Summary and Wrap Up

Summary and Wrap Up


Jiteshkumar15 June 2021


Melwin10 June 2021

Mr. John you Just nailed me by explaining the key components of affiliate Marketing apart from my expectations

Augusta6 June 2021

The instructor did an excellent job explaining various ways to become a success as an affiliate marketer. Some strategies he shared were new to me. Again, great course!

Bruce6 May 2021

Its early days, but the information seems complete and through. John explains every step in detail. I am very much looking forward to put my new found knowledge into practice. Thanks, John!

Carmen5 May 2021

the trainer explain sein very clearly, what affiliate marketing is all about and how ist is goiing to work. Well done!!

Jan3 May 2021

I like the overall content, I got the option to review the course after the first lesson, so I´m excited to see what happens in the next episodes, but what I can tell already, that the voice is comfortable and stressless, makes it pretty easy to follow up, good work! May update this comment (if possible) after finishing the whole thing...

Trung8 April 2021

I am not a newbie but I've learnt a lot from this course. I accidentally left a 4-star review without any comments in a hurry. So this is my correct rating + comments.


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