JSF - Learn how to deploy, add security and more

A guide on how to apply security to applications, deploy in real life scenarios, and create custom UIComponents

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JSF - Learn how to deploy, add security and more
3 hours
Feb 2016
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What you will learn

Learn about Container Managed Security

Learn about Custom UIComponents

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🛠️ **Secure & Deploy Your JSF Applications with Confidence!** 🚀 **Course Title:** JSF Mastery - Deployment, Security, and Custom UIComponents **Course Headline:** Dive Deep into Advanced JSF Development - Secure, Deploy, and Innovate! --- **Unlock the Full Potential of Your JavaServer Faces Skills with This Comprehensive Course!** 🌟 **Who is this course for?** If you've mastered the basics of creating web applications using JavaServer Faces and are eager to elevate your expertise, this is the perfect course for you. We'll take your JSF skills to the next level by focusing on applying robust security measures, deploying your applications in real-world scenarios, and crafting bespoke UIComponents tailored to your needs. **Course Overview:** This online course is a deep dive into advanced JSF web development concepts, spanning approximately 4 hours of instructional video content. Led by the expert tutor Esteban Rincon, you'll navigate through the complexities of JavaServer Faces with clarity and confidence. The course is meticulously structured into three key modules: - **Security for JSF Applications:** Learn to protect your web applications from modern threats and vulnerabilities. We'll cover authentication, authorization, and how to integrate security mechanisms seamlessly into your JSF application. - **Real-World Deployment Strategies:** Understand the full lifecycle of deploying a JSF application. From preparation and testing to actual deployment across various environments, you'll gain the knowledge to ensure your applications run smoothly in production. - **Creating Custom UIComponents:** Discover how to extend the capabilities of your JSF application by designing and implementing your own custom UIComponents. This will allow you to create truly unique user experiences and stand out from the crowd. **What You'll Learn:** - **Security Best Practices:** Implement security best practices in your JSF applications, ensuring data protection and user authentication. - **Deployment Techniques:** Master the art of deploying JSF applications using various deployment models and learn how to handle common challenges. - **Custom UIComponents Development:** Learn the ins and outs of creating custom UIComponents that can enhance both functionality and user engagement. **Why Take This Course?** - **Expert Guidance:** Esteban Rincon brings years of JSF development expertise to this course, ensuring you receive valuable insights and best practices. - **Hands-On Learning:** Engage with real-world examples and practical exercises designed to reinforce your learning experience. - **Community Support:** Join a community of like-minded individuals and professionals who are also on their JSF development journey. Share experiences, ask questions, and grow together. **Enroll Now!** 📘 Take the first step towards becoming a JSF guru. Secure your spot in this comprehensive course and transform your web applications into robust, secure, and user-friendly platforms. Let's embark on this exciting journey to master JavaServer Faces together! --- **Ready to Deploy, Secure, and Innovate?** 🚀✨ Enroll in "JSF Mastery - Deployment, Security, and Custom UIComponents" today and elevate your JSF development skills! 🎓✨


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May 31, 2016
very clear instruction which isn't scripted, for me this makes learning the material easier as I can follow his thought process through creating and debugging the example applications, highly recommended!



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