Advanced Communication Skills- Blended Language

Advanced Communication Skills, Confidence, Body Language, Personal Branding, Effective Writing skills, Articulation

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Personal Transformation
18 hours
Apr 2023
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What you will learn

Practical learning extract from the real life examples will help you to apply and adapt

Massively enhance your assertiveness

How to use your communication skills effectively to captivate your leadership and clients

Very detailed and in depth sessions on each topic with examples

An holistic program that provides you leadership skills, strong verbal & non-verbal communication

Manage your verbal and non-verbal message

Boost your confidence & self-esteem


The quality of your communication skills determines the quality of your success. Hence, It is essential to master this skill. Now, the question arises is it a learnable skill or does it come naturally by the speakers.

Ofcource communication skills is a learnable skill unlike any other skill & you can master it with the strategies, tricks & tips we have covered in our program.

You can become an impeccable speaker, communicator & enhance your professional growth with just some amount of efforts.

This course comprises of all the major and micro points required for a professional to develop and to move forward as a leader. This program helps you to learn how you can move and use your communication skills gradually into practice benefiting yourself at Workfront and automatically you would see people getting magnetically getting towards you as you start applying the learnings given in this program in your real life. We strongly believe that you will change your life to 360 degree if you have the zeal to learn, grow and you are serious towards your goals.

What are you waiting for??? get in the session now, enroll now & see how you are going to change your career & life. Enroll yourself in the communication Excellence program & I will see on the other side.


Introduction to the course

Advanced Communication Program
Why you should learn "Advanced Communication Program"?

Basics of communication skills


Effective verbal communication

Impromptu speaking
Professional speaking
Active Listening Skills

Non Verbal Profession communication Skills

Body Language-Practical
Body Language - eBook
Critical email conventions
Business writing

Professional Communication Hacks

Interpersonal Skills
Assertive Communication
Indianism in communication
Daily steps to speak confidently in English
Anger Management

Advanced Communication Skills

Stakeholders Communication
Developing Business Communication skills
Presentation Skills Mastery
Leadership Development
Story Telling - PPF formula
How to approach strangers
Personal Branding
Professional Etiquette & Mannerism


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December 17, 2023
While it seems to be a compelling and exhaustive training with lots of information, I found it frustrating that the course description did not mention most of the lectures were in Hindi. Had I known the course was not 100% in English I would not have bought it. Hence the rating. I do not speak Hindi so I wasted my money.



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