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Accounting Basics - learn through English and Tamil

Build Strong Basics of accounting with ease. The perfect launchpad for beginners, students , professionals and bankers

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Master Basics of accountancy which is very important at higher secondary school level and for any exams in and after graduation in accounts and finance stream

Strengthen the Basics in the subject Accounting

Learning through bilingual language makes the foundation even stronger

Learners gain both theoretical and practical workouts problems and get live classroom experience


The course aims at equipping the learners with the basics of accountancy in an effective way.  The explanations of the topics in the subject are made to understand easily and interestingly. The course is aimed to be useful for students, professionals, bankers or anyone who wish to start their career, involving the subject of Accountancy.

  • Diagrammatic representation of theories provided in required concepts, impactful lectures with illustrative problems relating to concepts, highlights to ease the learning in every slide.

  • The learners who wish for a good start and a great career will find the course very attractive in all aspects in reaching their goal of success.

  • The lectures include basic accounting concepts like accounting principles, concepts, conventions, book-keeping, transactions, account categories, a double-entry system, and so on. The topics in the course covered are the journal, ledger, Profit and Loss account, Trading account, trial balance, BRS, till the preparation of the Balance Sheet. The videos help in the assimilation of concepts, elaborated with appropriate examples and illustrations.

  • To evaluate one's own understanding of the lectures in the videos, various "Test your knowledge" questions, "Try these" problems, quizzes and tests have also been provided on each topic.

  • The contents are explained lucidly in English and Tamil language. The perfect launchpad for Accountancy, for Students and Professionals.

  • The course is well designed to ease the learners understanding,  concepts explained with practical illustrations coupled with animated slides and live classroom sessions. Updates are done monthly to make learners learn further.  As the concepts are explained in both languages, Tamil and English, the course provides a high understanding for sure success.

  • A better understanding of concepts paves way for a better career. Aim high and achieve high. "We can do wonders when the basics are strong".

Wishing the learners all Success and a Happy Learning.


Accounting Basics - learn through English and Tamil
Accounting Basics - learn through English and Tamil
Accounting Basics - learn through English and Tamil
Accounting Basics - learn through English and Tamil


Introduction to Accounting


Important Accounting Terminologies

Accounting Terminologies

Quiz time

Basic Concepts and Conventions

Basic Concepts and Conventions

Quiz time

Bases of Accounting, Accounting cycle and Book keeping

Bases of Accounting, Accounting cycle and Book keeping

Source Document

Source Document

Double entry system of book keeping (1/2)

Double entry system and Accounting equation approach

Test time

Double entry system of book keeping (2/2)

Traditional Approach and Golden rule

Quiz time




Suganya26 July 2021

This course is very useful and helpful for all age group to understand the basics of accountancy and the terms used. Perfect teaching style and clean pronunciation to make everyone understand. I really like the fact that Tamil words are used enabling non English viewers to understand. Quiz at the end makes it more interesting to learn and score. Thank you for this course.

Kameshwaran19 July 2021

Was a great crash course for beginners and to refresh accounting basics and principles of accounting and ledgers. Author has done a great job in preparing a detailed material and explaining this in simple terms ... Great work

Guru14 July 2021

Helpful video for beginners and clearly illustrated. Both English and Tamil language is used which will be helpful for beginner level students.

Meenakshi13 July 2021

Its awesome course to know about accountancy. It is helping me to learn more new things about accountancy. Thank you mam.

Shreya13 July 2021

The course was well designed to meet my expectations..very useful indeed for all who want to know about accountancy


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