ACCA FM (F9) A Complete Course on Financial Management

Financial Management - From Basics to Expert

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, the successful candidate should be able to: 1. Understand the role and purpose of the financial management function; 2. Appraise and discuss the impact of the external factors in a business’ market on financial management; 3. Debate and implement working capital management techniques; 4. Perform effective investment appraisal; 5. Identify and assess alternative sources of business finance; 6. Apply risk management techniques in business; 7. Understand principles of business and asset valuations


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· Students from ACCA FM (F9) CIMA F2, CIMA F3, BBA, MBA

· Accounting and Finance Professionals.

· Individuals and Business owners who want to understand the financial managements from basics to advance level.


The course begins with the very basics and then takes you to more detailed topics such as working capital management, investment appraisal in simple and complex scenarios, equity and debt instruments such as, shares, bonds, derivatives and other financial instruments.

Very smoothly the course takes you to advanced topics such as cost of capital, business valuations, foreign currency risks and exchange rate risk.

It is a complete guide kit for those who want to learn corporate finance or financial management. There are more than thirty-two hours of video lectures, including the explanation of theoretical concepts and examples and questions.

Average duration of each lecture is approximately twenty minutes in order to explain the topic and do few questions / examples to show the application of knowledge.


This course is focused on teaching Financial Management to students and professionals.

It covers all the academic and theoretical topics of financial management which are actively used in the real life such as

1. Working Capital Management.

2. Capital Budgeting – Calculating NPV, IRR with Taxation and Inflation Impact

3. Specific Investment Decisions such as Lease or Buy

4. Capital Structure – Equity and Debt and Gearing

5. Cost of Capital

6. Business Valuation

7. Foreign Exchange Risk

8. Interest Rate Risk

At the end of the course you can confidently claim to have comprehensive knowledge of Financial Management.


This course is created to help students pass their ACCA FM (F9) exam with high marks in the very first attempt. The list of topics (chapters) and their sequence is from BPP Learning Media which is considered as one of the world’s best publishers of accounting books.

However, students with other qualifications such as CIMA, CA, CAT, BBA or MBA can also get great value since the topics of Fundamentals of Financial Accounting remain same in all qualifications and degrees.

The course includes video tutorials for full syllabus coverage of ACCA FM (F9) as well as videos for practice questions with solutions and explanation by the tutor. As part of the learning materials students will also find course notes and chapter presentations in PDF format.

The aim of this training is to develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles, concepts and regulations relating to financial accounting and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques.

This training will help you to enhance your knowledge about accounting and build your career in any big companies by using these skills and knowledge. However, this international certificate can help youth to find proper jobs.


I am a qualified accounting and finance professional with over twenty years of professional experience. I have been teaching accounting and finance courses for over fifteen years and have taught more than twenty thousand delegates including students, young accountants, chief accountant and finance managers.


ACCA FM (F9) A Complete Course on Financial Management
ACCA FM (F9) A Complete Course on Financial Management
ACCA FM (F9) A Complete Course on Financial Management
ACCA FM (F9) A Complete Course on Financial Management


1 Financial management and financial objectives

Chapter 1 - Part 1 - Financial Management and Fin Objectives

Chapter 1 - Part 2 - Financial Management and Fin Objectives

3 Financial markets, money markets and institutions

Chapter 3 - Part 1 - Financial Markets and Money Markets - Introduction


4 Working capital

Chapter 4 - Part 1 - Working Capital Management - Introduction

Chapter 4 - Part 2 - Working Capital Management - Receivables

Chapter 4 - Part 3 - Working Capital Management - Factoring and Payables

Chapter 4 - Part 4 - Working Capital Management - Overtrading, Over Capitalizati

5 Managing working capital

Chapter 5 - Part 1 - Managing Working Capital - Inventories

Chapter 5 - Part 2 - Managing Working Capital - Inventories 2

6 Working capital finance

Chapter 6 - Part 1 - Working Capital Finance - Intro and Cash Flow Forecast

Chapter 6 - Part 2 - Working Capital Finance - Cash Flow Forecast

Chapter 6 - Part 3 - Working Capital Finance - Miller Orr Model and Chapter Summ

7 Investment decisions

Chapter 7 - Part 1 - Investment Decisions - Introduction

Chapter 7 - Part 2 - Investment Decisions - Relevant Cash Flows

8 Investment appraisal using DCF methods

Compounding and Discounting

Discounted Cash Flow - DCF and Net Present Value (NPV)

What is NPV

Annuity and Perpetuity

Investment Appraisal - DCF Part 4

Investment Appraisal - Annuities

Investment Appraisal - Perpetuities and NPV

Investment Appraisal - IRR

Investment Appraisal - NVP - IRR and Chapter Closing

Allowing for Inflation and Taxation

Allowing for Inflation and Taxation - Infalation

Allowing for Inflation and Taxation - Taxation

Allowing for Inflation and Taxation - Working Capital

Case Study

Case Study

Long Question with Solution - BPP Kit - NPV with Inflation and Taxation

10 Project appraisal and risk

Chapter 10 - Part 1 - Project Appraisal and Risk

Chapter 10 - Part 2 - Project Appraisal and Risk - Certaintly Equivalents

Chapter 10 - Part 3 - Probability Analysis in Project Appraisal and Discounted P

11 Specific investment decisions

Chapter 11 - Part 1 - Specific Investment Decisions - Lease or Buy

Chapter 11 - Part 2 - Specific Investment Decisions - Asset Replacement Decision

Chapter 11 - Part 3 - Specific Investment Decisions - Eq. Annual Benefits and Ca

12 Sources of finance

Chapter 12 - Part 1 - Sources of Finance - Introduction

Chapter 12 - Part 2 - Sources of Finance - Bonds, Convertibles and Private Equit

Chapter 12 - Part 3 - Sources of Finance - Stock Market Listing

Chapter 12 - Part 4 - Sources of Finance - Islamic Financing

13 Dividend policy

Chapter 13 - Part 1 - Dividend Policy - Introduction

Chapter 13 - Part 2 - Dividend Policy - Final

14 Gearing and capital structure

Chapter 14 - Part 1- Capital structure and Gearning - Introuction

Chapter 14 - Part 2- Capital structure and Gearning -How Much Debt is Appropriat

Chapter 14 - Part 3- Capital structure and Gearning - Effect of Debt on EPS

Chapter 14 - Part 4- Capital structure and Gearning - Other Investor Ratios

15 The cost of capital

Chapter 15 - Part 1 - Cost of Capital - Introduction

Chapter 15 - Part 2 - Cost of Capital - Overview and Dividend Valuation Model

Chapter 15 - Part 3 - Cost of Capital - CAPM

Chapter 15 - Part 4 - Cost of Capital - Dividend Valuation Model Questions and E

Chapter 15 - Part 5 - Cost of Capital - Cost of Debt and WACC

Case Study

16 Capital structure

Chapter 16 - Part 1 - Capital Structure - Introduction and Theories

Chapter 16 - Part 2 - Capital Structure - CAPM Limitations and Intro to Beta Val

17 Business valuations

Part 1 - Business Valuation - Introduction

Part 2 - Business Valuation - Asset Based Valuation

Part 3 - Business Valuation - Earnings (Income) Based Approach

19 - Foreign Exchenge Risk

Part 1 - Foreign Exchange Risk - Inroduction

Part 2 - Foreign Exchange Risk - Types of Risk

Part 3 - Foreign Exchange Risk - Money Market Hedging

Part 4 - Foreign Exchange Risk - Futures, Options and Swaps

20 - Interest Rate Risk

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Svetlana13 April 2021

Thank you, I passed, great explanation. Would be great to delete all others not relevant discussion from course.

Deepak5 October 2020

Great explanation. The tutor makes complex concepts easy to understand with simple examples. Very useful while studying text book. Makes it more clear.

Anu2 April 2020

the course is good, very clear explanation. however some topics are explained way too many times and unnecessary details. and some topics are entirely skipped.


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