70-761 Querying Data With Transact-SQL Practice Test

Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016, 70-761 Practice Test

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70-761 Querying Data With Transact-SQL Practice Test
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Nov 2019
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Course Instructor: Riya Patel
Course Title: 70-761 Querying Data With Transact-SQL Practice Test

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Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016, 70-761 Practice Test

Unlock Your Potential with the Ultimate Practice Test!

Are you preparing for the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL? Our meticulously crafted practice test is designed to put you at the forefront of your SQL Server 2016 knowledge and skills. With this course, you're not just memorizing concepts; you're honing the expertise to tackle real-world data challenges.

Why Choose This Practice Test?

✅ Comprehensive Coverage: This course covers every topic outlined in the official Microsoft certification syllabus for exam 70-761, ensuring you're thoroughly prepared.

✅ Fresh Questions Monthly: We keep our question bank up-to-date with new questions added every month to reflect the latest trends and updates in SQL Server.

✅ Practical Focus: Our practice test is built around real-world scenarios, giving you hands-on experience that translates directly into problem-solving capabilities for your professional career.

✅ 3 Full Practice Tests: Benefit from three complete sets of practice tests to assess and reinforce your knowledge across different domains of the certification.

Key Topics Covered in This Course:

  • SELECT Queries: Master the art of querying data efficiently with advanced SELECT statements.
  • Joins: Learn the intricacies of JOIN operations to combine records from multiple tables effectively.
  • Filtering Data: Gain proficiency in filtering data with WHERE clauses and subqueries.
  • SET Operations: Understand how to manipulate and compare sets of data for complex analysis.
  • Aggregation Functions: Discover how to summarize and group your data with powerful aggregate functions.
  • Modifying Data: Learn how to perform INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations safely and efficiently.
  • APPLY Operator: Explore the APPLY operator for leveraging table-valued functions in queries.
  • JSON, XML: Dive into processing JSON and XML data types within SQL Server.
  • Temporal Tables: Understand the concepts of temporal data and how to work with it in SQL Server.
  • Stored Procedures: Write, optimize, and troubleshoot stored procedures for encapsulating business logic.
  • Views: Learn to create and manage views to provide secure, simplified access to underlying table data.
  • User-defined Functions (UDFs): Create your own functions for reusable code snippets in SQL Server.
  • Error Handling: Write robust code by implementing error handling within your scripts.
  • Data Types: Familiarize yourself with the various data types and how they can be used to optimize performance.

By enrolling in this practice test course, you're not just taking a step towards passing the 70-761 exam; you're investing in your career as a data professional. Whether you're aiming for personal growth or enhancing your resume, this course is your key to unlocking new opportunities and demonstrating your SQL Server expertise.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Start your journey towards mastery with our 70-761 Querying Data With Transact-SQL Practice Test today! ğŸŽ“âœ¨


September 9, 2020
1. Wrong answers, for example when I 'reviewed' my results for the 1st exam, the explanation provided contradicted the explanation given. Another person had asked about that same question and requested it be corrected, the instructor did not even reply to their comment under QA section. 2. Wrong usage of language-weak grammar makes it hard to follow, combined with long winding sentences that are not accounted for in the time allocated for the exam. 3. Lots of typos, and questions that miss important details, which the answer assume where presented. 4. The questions do not test understanding but literal memorization of least important aspects, such as how to account for milliseconds in a datetime field.--the writer does not know how to test. 5. Repetitive, no concentrated, nor thoughtful. I'm disappointed with Udemy for not having quality control.
August 3, 2020
In depth questions, answers, and explanations. This is definitely the kind of study material I need to help me pass the exam; however, the explanations don't always match up to the highlighted correct answer. Nevertheless, going back over the question and explanation, it's easy to tell if you got the question correct. I'd give it 5 stars if those questions were fixed properly.
August 22, 2019
Only took the 1st practice test. So far it's ok. Caught 5 questions on test 1 that marked as incorrect, but should be correct. Some of the syntaxes are off which can make a big difference in the answer you choose, so be careful and don't read too much into the syntax. You will need to use basic logic and understanding of T-SQL.
July 18, 2019
Before giving actual exam practice is necessary. The course is very brilliantly design and many of the questions are there is exam. I like the course and recommend everyone to use this course for your exam preparation. Thank you for such a great course instructor.



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