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10 Facebook Marketing Hacks That Work In 2020

Discover proven & tested tricks to get better results on Facebook today!

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

10 proven & tested Facebook Marketing hacks that work in 2018

How to harness the power of geo-targeting to reach a specific audience segment

How to take your ads to the next level with Facebook ads

Multi-level location based targeting options

15 images resources to get million of high-quality & converting images for free

The No. #1 tool to find top performing content in your niche market with BuzzSumo

Why identifying when your fans are online will increase your fan page performance

How to use calls-to-action on your fan page

Why duplicating your ads will give you better campaign results

The #1 trick I learned from a viral website owner

… and much more!


Do you want to make the most out of your Facebook marketing budget in 2020? Great, because in this course, I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now!

You’ll learn proven & tested strategies to improve your marketing and get better results on Facebook almost overnight.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn Proven Tricks From A Professional Facebook Ad Agency

  • Get more website visitors

  • Increase your reach & conversions

  • Boost your engagement

Contents & Overview

This course will introduce you to 10 Facebook marketing tools, strategies and techniques that you can deploy instantly.

First, we’ll cover how to harness the power of geo-targeting to reach a specific audience segment organically, while improving your ad performance with a 100% free tool called Facebook Page Insights.

Next, you’ll discover how to use different location-based targeting options and 15 free image resources to get high-quality stock photos for your campaigns for free.

Then, I’ll show you how to use BuzzSumo to find the best content in your niche market with just a few clicks.

Moreover, we’ll cover how to identify when your fans are online to improve your fan page performance and why deploying calls-to-action button on your fan page timeline cover is important.

Last but not least, I’ll introduce you to the concept of duplicating ads and disclose the #1 trick I learned from a viral website owner who grew his website to millions of page views every month with Facebook ads!


10 Facebook Marketing Hacks That Work In 2020
10 Facebook Marketing Hacks That Work In 2020
10 Facebook Marketing Hacks That Work In 2020
10 Facebook Marketing Hacks That Work In 2020


10 Proven & Tested Facebook Marketing Hacks

Meet & Greet

Hack #1 - The Power Of Geo-targeting Your Posts

Hack #2 - How To Improve Your Ad Performance With FB Audience Insights

Hack #3 - The Right Way To Use Location Targeting

Hack #4 - 15 Free Image Resources For High CTRs

BONUS - Image Resources

Hack #5 - How To Find High-Quality Content In Less Than 5 Minutes

Hack #6 - Why Knowing When Your Fans Are Online Will Increase Your Reach

Hack #7 - How To Use Calls-To-Action On Your Fan Page

Hack #8 - Why Duplicating Your Ads Is A Game Changer

Hack #9 - The Best Way To Spend $1 On Facebook

Hack #10 - A Sneaky Little Trick I Learned From A Viral Website Owner


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Mónica24 June 2020

Totally WORTH IT! I take with me lots of useful information that I didn't know about Facebook and that will really help me to continue growing in my professional career

Chris1 May 2020

This course has not been updated since 2016. While using the Boost Post option in at least 3 occasions. The boost option is NOT recommended by any Digital Marketing professional due to its customization & control issues. Expected more.

Moutaz25 March 2020

it's taking me deeper than i thought in social media marketing i hope it keeps lessons at that level

Fahad19 August 2019

A short and descriptive course with useful examples. Needs to be updated with current new facebook ads practices

Stuart30 July 2019

Quite a few very useful insights and resources. I was impressed with how concise and helpful the course was. Also, this guy's voice is like a mix of ASMR and classical music.

Alejandro30 July 2019

Buenas recomendaciones, ya conocía varias, pero la opción de promocionar posts en función de su anterior rendimiento no lo había pensado.

Luis29 May 2018

Too much basic for people working in Social Media in 2018, a little few things I didn't know but the explication of this things we too common. To engage and make sells in facebook you have to work a lot more than only use this information, nothing in segmenting facebooks ads.

Ioannis3 December 2017

I really found this course useful and I would like to have even more Hacks. I think the instructor does a very good job.

Hedayet4 August 2017

Really good Facebook ads basic training. i would like to start advance one in future thanks for making this free for us.

Patricia27 April 2017

Very useful content and resources that will save time and money while increasing your chance of running a successful Facebook campaign

Wesly19 September 2016

IMHO, 'hacks' generally considered to be what isnt in the textbook or in this case the Facebook documentation. So actually less than 5 of the 'hacks' are hacks

Jose7 September 2016

Short and Straight to the Point! Take this course, it will help you boosting your Facebook Audiences...

Laura29 July 2016

I learned 2 things that I didn't know existed on FB until now. I can put this knowledge into practice.

Mohamed25 June 2016

i only watched 2 hacks till now and will watch more and all i can say the first 2 hacks is amazing so 100% the 8 left is very useful also

Lenny24 May 2016

While the information is good, there is just not enough for a complete course, at least compared to other courses I have watched on Udemy.


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