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Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course

How to provide great customer support using Zendesk, a course for beginners

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2 hours


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

The basics of customer support in Zendesk

How to update and solve tickets as an agent

Everything you need know to use Zendesk as a Customer Service Representative

How to efficiently work as an Zendesk agent


Let’s learn how to solve tickets in Zendesk. You will see how to work efficiently on customer questions in the popular ticketing system. Learn everything you need to know to use Zendesk as a Customer Service Representative - for your current job or your new role!

  1. We will start with the basics such as where tickets come from and who sends them

  2. Then we'll move to Tickets, all the details about tickets and how to work with them

  3. I'll show you how and why to personalise your Zendesk for agents

  4. Once you got the hang of it we'll go on to increase your efficiency with all the functionality Zendesk has to offer.

I will demonstrate everything we discuss in a test environment. You can follow along on your own screen. And if you don’t have a Zendesk license at the moment, I will explain how to get a free trial version.

Also, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge with quizzes.

And we support building new schools: We follow the buy-one-give-one principle and donate one brick for every student that joins us!

Join hundreds of students that already learned how to use Zendesk.

Training delivered by Nils Rebehn (Certified Zendesk Admin) of Guidoo Services, a Certified Zendesk Select partner. Zendesk is a trademark or registered trademark of Zendesk, Inc.


Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course
Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course
Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course
Zendesk for Customer Service Agents Training Course



Hello and welcome

What you'll learn

Solving your first ticket



What is Zendesk

Where do tickets come from

Who creates tickets

Why are you here

Navigating Zendesk


Working with tickets

Close up on ticket comments

Zooming into ticket fields

Inspecting the customer

Answering tickets with macros

Saving tickets with the right status

Moving between tickets

Email and Webform tickets

Facebook and Twitter tickets

Chat and Phone support?

Customising your Zendesk

Review your agent profile

Set your photo and signature

Personalise your views

Create your own Macros

(Bonus) Productivity tips

Finding tickets using search

Updating 30 tickets in one go

Become faster with shortcuts

Extended functionality via Zendesk Apps

Solving tickets on the go - mobile apps

What's next

Get hired as a Customer Service Agent

Thank you & Feedback


Shubham6 October 2020

As of now, this course only teaches about how agents can solve tickets in Zendesk but as an agent, We have to provide chat and call support as well to customers who are desperately looking for a solution or answers for their questions. If instructor could cover other aspects of agent services to customers, then it would have been a complete course. However, rest of the contents in the course are useful, easy to understand and beginner friendly. I may give this course 5 star if all topics are covered.

Aurelie2 October 2020

Interesting and easy to follow. I like the teacher, even though I am French his accent is easy to understand.

Anne26 September 2020

Great for someone who knows nothing and wants to get up to speed immediately. Being able to do customization and tables so soon is awesome.

Ann22 September 2020

I enjoyed this course! It was very easy to understand and to follow along. Each section of Zendesk was thoroughly covered.

Toni21 September 2020

Great coarse to ease me in to the understanding of Zendesk with the hope that I will be able to work closer with Zendesk in my next role.

Sebastian18 June 2020

This course was a great opportunity to refresh some basic knowledge on Zendesk. I have worked before with Zendesk and similar and more complex CRM tools and this training is great to review the basis of this kind of programs.

Eartha10 June 2020

It could be better, it’s pretty much basic that I found in YouTube. But the certificate will be a great factor.

Anisha9 June 2020

A very comprehensive course for beginners. Helped me a lot to understand basic concepts about Zendesk.

Carmen1 June 2020

I really enjoyed the course. It is pretty robust with many features to enhance and add value to a business organization. I personally would like to see an extensive course in Administration. I would like to become an Administrator. A subject matter expert in Zendesk. Thank you for demonstration.

Ivana21 May 2020

Amazing course! I really enjoyed the course content. The instructor Niels is very knowledgeable and informed. I will look forward to taking more courses in the future

Marivic20 May 2020

I love it!!! I am a beginner and I understood this course. Will be looking forward to another course with him. He has a clear, calm voice that is so easy to understand. Kudos Sir and more power! Definitely worth the 5 star!

Nicolette17 May 2020

Thank you. A comprehensive overview for users new to Zendesk. Would like to see follow-up courses on the chat and phone functionalities, and perhaps one for administrators.

Jeremy13 May 2020

Great overview! It would be great if you could also have a section to address setting up and editing a Help Center, and how agents can interact with the Help Center while attending to tickets. Thanks for putting together such a valuable resource!

Cathy10 May 2020

Very helpfull! good advices! I will follow this course several time for me to well uderstand Zendesk as I want to become a customer agent.

Clayton3 May 2020

The course is direct and objective, easy to understand and quite complete. I can say that it was my best investment in an online course. I hope that in the next version, it will also be available in other languages.


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