Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks, automate your processes and increase processes efficiency and consistency.

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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

How to use Zapier to automate business processes and workflows

Understand Zapier functionalities and how to use it

How to organize your Zaps

How to troubleshot transactions passing through Zapier

See real Zapier automation examples like webinar registration, keep your Facebook photos save on Dropbox, add all payment transaction from Stripe to a Google Spreadsheet.


Are you tired to waste time managing information from one system to another? Double checking if all data was entered right? Dealing with the results of wrong data in your applications? Or the worse, relying repetitive tasks to employees that could be working in valuable tasks.

On the daily basis we are increasing the number of applications we use to make our business run better and more productive. Specific applications like e-commerce, marketing automation, communication, social media, CRM, ERP, project management and so much more are required to make our business faster.

The big challenge is to make this applications talk and work seamless. 

Stop wasting time now and learn how to automate your business with Zapier.

Hi, I’m Mauricio, an experienced marketing automation professional determined to help SMBs increase their results and save time with amazing automations and integrations.

I created this course to help business owners, consultants, managers and everyone that wants to automate repetitive tasks with Zapier to increase daily efficiency and get much better results.

In this Zapier Training you'll learn how to:

  • Use Zapier to automate your business and why not personal life
  • Relevant aspects of Zapier functionalities to start creating your own automations
  • Be inspired by some real Zapier automation explained in details
  • Learn how to use multi-step Zapier to automate more than 2 applications
  • How to troubleshot your automations and track any transaction
  • Zapier pricing and different plans

Even if you are a beginner or never used Zapier before, you will learn in this Zapier training how to start with.

I'll share some practical insights of real world situations.


Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency
Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency
Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency
Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency


Introducing Zapier

Zapier Training Presentation

Welcome and What is Zapier?

Signing up with Zapier

Getting to Know Zapier



Task History

Zapier Connected Accounts

Zapier Settings

Zapier Pricing

Zapier Trigger and Action

Zapier Standard and Premium Apps

Creating your first Zap

Labeling Gmail’s email and add as a task in TodoIst

New RSS Feed and Post it on Linkedin

Creating a Multi-Step Zap

What is Multi-step Zapier?

Creating a Multi-step Zapier


How to Use Zapier Filters

Validating and Troubleshooting your Zaps

How to Validate Everything is working fine?

Zapier Setup Preview (new class)

Using Task History and Filters

Power of search and AutoReplay

How to Organize your Zaps

Draft Zap - enable and disable

Managing folders

Move / Rename Zaps

Duplicating / Delete

Zapier Built in Apps

Overview (Code /Email Parser /Email /Imap /Push /Rss /Schedule /Weather /Webhook

Zapier automation - Examples of Real Integrations (Step by Step)

Track all TypeForm survey answers in Google Spreadsheet

Find rows in Google Spreadsheet

Upload Dropbox photos to Facebook

Sending Leads from Facebook LeadAds to ActiveCampaign

Sending new Gotowebinar registrants to Mailchimp

Track your Stripe sales in a Google Sheet

How to automate task creation from a message using Slack and Evernote (new)

Salesforce - Create and Update Lead information from Salesforce to ActiveCampaig

Automating Sales Process using Webhooks and Google Contacts (new class)

Expand the possibilities of Airtable with Zapier - Real Example Step by Step

BONUS MATERIAL: 100 Ideas to Improve your Daily Life with Zapier


Whaylon29 August 2019

Never worked with Zapier before and this class gave me an excellent start! It's easily explained, all the examples work, and finishes at an intermediate to advanced level. I would love to see a follow up class created with some sales funnels from FaceBook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Machiel24 July 2019

Was a good course for beginners to Zapier. It showcases everything that is needed to begin and created advance Zaps. I especially liked the 100 Examples at the end to give you more ideas.

Marcelle5 April 2019

This course is an extremely superficial video introduction to what Zapier is and does. He basically walks you through the dashboard and gives you information (including about pricing) without actually teaching you anything. You'll learn more by exploring and testing Zapier on your own, and by going through the free content available on the Zapier website. Don't waste your money on this.

Colin20 February 2019

Mauricio provided good insight on how to create and debug zaps including multi step. The number of apps in Zapier is large but the Zapier help can be confusing and unhelpful when errors occur or settings are set incorrectly.

Rick18 February 2019

Mauricio knows the subject matter very well and gets to his points quickly and concisely. He doesn't waste time chit-chatting like many instructors do. Where I suggest improvement is he sometimes clicks around too quickly without explicitly showing and saying what he's clicking on and without giving me a chance to see what's on the screen. I may have to replay the video several times to see where his mouse pointer went. I also suggest producing videos at a slightly higher volume. Otherwise, the course was very good.

Alymer24 November 2018

Great course about how you could automate your business or life w/Zapier - a few more examples would have been useful.

Marco23 January 2018

I started the course without any knowledge and after the course, I was with 9 zap already made. Excelente!

Success26 October 2017

Mauricio! Can not wait to see your another course on Advanced Zapier Automation. Please Build some more..........

vmv27 August 2017

Great course! Would love more examples on Airtable, Trello and also a module where you discuss basic automation for life or online sellers. ALSO WAITING FOR UPDATED AND MORE DETAILED MODULE ON BUILT-IN ZAPIER APPS AND EXAMPLES HOW WE USE THEM!

Stephen22 August 2017

Great course, very thorough and detailed. Also, I posted some questions for Mauricio who answered promptly.


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