Zapier Email Parser How Integrate with any system via Email

Use Email to Integrate with any System. It is a Quick and Cost-saving way to speed up the implementation.

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Feb 2018

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What you will learn

How to use Zapier Email Parser + Zapier to integrate with any system

Create workflows based on simple notifications emails (like amazon purchases)

Open your mind for automation possibilities

Learn real examples step by step


You don't need to hire an expensive developer to create a custom integration for your company

You don't need to replace your current system because it is not supported by Zapier.

You don't need to beg your software supplier to provide integrations.

If your software is able to send emails, you can connect with any system in minutes.

This course is for you if you want to learn how to setup email integration using Zapier + Zapier Email Parser. It is a quick, cost effective and a reliable way to setup integrations between systems.

If your current legacy system cannot communicate with any system, don't worry. 

Configure or implement a simple email sending functionality and you can integrate with more than 1.000 apps available by Zapier.

In this course you will learn how to setup step by step email integrations, and also will see real examples to inspire you. 

All lessons are step by step so you can setup from scratch by your own without the need to code or be a technician or developer.

Hi, I’m Mauricio, an experienced marketing automation professional and Zapier specialist determined to help SMBs increase their results and save time with amazing automations and integrations.

I created this course to help business owners, consultants, managers and everyone that wants to gain efficiency in daily and repetitive tasks and improve business and personal productivity.

In this Zapier Training you'll learn how to:

  • Use Zapier Email Parser to integrate with any system using Email.
  • Relevant aspects of Zapier Email Parser functionalities to start creating your own integrations
  • Be inspired by real Zapier email parser automation explained in details and step by step
  • Learn how to read automatically Amazon Orders emails and fill a Google Spreadsheet in minutes (real example)
  • How to fill your CRM System with new leads using a simple email (We demonstrate using Pipedrive CRM)
  • How to deal with Salesforce edition limitation using Zapier Email Parser for integration.

Even if you are a beginner or never used Zapier before, you will learn in this Zapier training how to start with.

I'll share some practical insights of real world situations.


I started the course without any knowledge and after the course, I was with 9 zap already made. Excelent! -- MARCOS QUERINI

Mauricio! Can not wait to see your another course on Advanced Zapier Automation. Please Build some more..........

Great course! Mauricio knows his stuff and gives great examples that are useful. -- PATRICK LOGAN

Great course, very thorough and detailed. Also, I posted some questions for Mauricio who answered promptly. --Stephen Bugden


Zapier Email Parser How Integrate with any system via Email
Zapier Email Parser How Integrate with any system via Email
Zapier Email Parser How Integrate with any system via Email
Zapier Email Parser How Integrate with any system via Email


Introducing Zapier Email Parser

Welcome and What is Zapier Email Parser

Requirements for this course

Zapier Email Parser - Getting to know

Zapier Email Parser Elements

Setup your Zapier email parser account

What is Mailbox and how to setup?

How to define a Zapier Email Parser template?

Connecting Email Parser Mailbox to Zapier

Validating Zapier Email Parser is working

How to define a New Template

Types of email (Plain text or HTML)

Creating an Integration from Scratch Step by Step

Creating your first integration step by step - Amazon Purchase

Defining template based on Amazon Purchased Confirmation

Configuring Zapier to do the “Magic"

Configuring Gmail Filters and Email forward

Organizing your Zapier Email Parser

How to organize Zapier Email Parser Mailboxes

Download Template to help organizing Zapier Email Parser Mailboxes

How to manage templates?

Let’s create examples together - step by step

How to integrate with Any legacy system - Legacy Ticket System to Google Spreads

Typeform integration with Mailchimp using email

How to Create new Contact and Deal into Pipedrive from a simple Gmail's email

Salesforce integration with ActiveCampaign via email


Sagi10 September 2018

I enjoyed the course very much, the Email Parser seems like a very nice solution that can help connect a lot of apps with it. I enjoyed the explanations and liked the many examples given. I recommend this course


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