Become Zabbix Administrator For Expert

Easy learning Mastering Zabbix with hands-on theory and practice guides

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19.5 hours


May 2020

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What you will learn

How to install Zabbix 4 in Linux System

Understand and expert on Zabbix monitoring features

Learn how to create Zabbix's Alert and trigger

Learn how to create and customize your own user setting

Learn how to add groups, hosts, and items in Zabbix to accurately monitor your environment

Learn how to monitor websites and get statistics about access time, latency, and data usage

Learn how to monitor your VMWare infrastructure in a quick and easy way with Zabbix

Use Grafana to create Monitoring dashboard

Learn how to integrate Zabbix with FreeIPA LDAP system

Learn how to improve Zabbix and MariaDB galera performance

Learn how to improve Zabbix performance using Kernel configuration

Help to become Zabbix architecture and administrator


If you're new to Zabbix Administrators, or you want to improve your skill on Zabbix administrator, then this course is perfect for you. This course is for you who are looking to put their knowledge to work with Zabbix. You will see video after video, from beginners to experts with explanations that are easy to understand. This course will provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand.

In this course, you will get an overview of Zabbix features and architecture, and guides you through installing a Zabbix server, front-end, and agent on the same system. We will set up a Zabbix database using MariaDB Galera as well. We use VMWare 6.7 environment, to build Zabbix cluster.
You will learn also how to manage Zabbix components using Ansible playbook and Python API. All the Ansible playbook and Python script could be downloaded from github.

This course has 25 sections, 158 lectures, and more then 19 hours 43 minutes duration. We use these applications to build Zabbix cluster and monitoring,

- Zabbix 4.4 and 5.0
- Mariab DB 5.5.64
- Mariadb Galera Cluster
- VMWare vCenter 6.7
- Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana 7.0
- Grafana 6.4.1
- FreeIPA
- DNSMasq

And also from this course you will learn how to monitor these applications/configuration using Zabbix,

- MariaDB and Galera cluster
- Apache web server
- Nginx web server
- HAProxy server
- Squid Proxy server
- NTP server
- PostgreSQL Database server
- JMX Java application
- SELinux config
- Storage Performance
- Systemd Performance
- Etc.

In the last section, you can download documentation file how to install Zabbix cluster.

Please ping and message me if you don't get any response from me.


Muhammad Yusuf Efendi
Zabbix Certified Professional
Cloud IT Expert


Become Zabbix Administrator For Expert
Become Zabbix Administrator For Expert
Become Zabbix Administrator For Expert
Become Zabbix Administrator For Expert


Zabbix Features and Architecture

Getting Started with Zabbix

Zabbix Core Applications

Method of Data Collection

Multi-platform Zabbix Agent

Zabbix Features and Architecture

Zabbix HA (High Availability)

Zabbix Cluster Installation

Zabbix Cluster Installation Preparation

Install MySQL Galera Cluster

Zabbix Server Installation

Change Zabbix Theme

Install Zabbix Agent on All Nodes

Install Zabbix Proxy

Active and Passive Zabbix Proxy

Configure Zabbix Proxy

Monitoring Host Through Proxy

Monitoring Zabbix Proxy State

Users, Groups, and Permissions

Create Users, User Groups, and Permissions

Disable Guest User

Setting LDAP (FreeIPA) Integration

Zabbix Alerts and Notifications

Understanding Zabbix UI Menu

Understanding Host groups, Host, Application, Item, Template

Example of Host groups, Host, Application, Item, Template

Creating Host groups, Adding Host, Assign Template

Config Global Trigger Severity

Creating Triggers

Trigger Dependencies

Creating Email Parameters

Preventing Triggers Flapping

Creating Action

Sending Alert to Flowdock or Slack

Creating Template

Remote Commands



Create Maintenance Periods

Remove Maintenance Periods

Zabbix Agents Monitoring

More Detail About Multi-platform Zabbix Agent

Zabbix Agents Installation on Linux

Zabbix Agents Installation on Windows

Passive and Active Monitoring

Value Mapping

Zabbix Simple Monitoring

Zabbix ICMP Ping Monitoring

Zabbix Service List Monitoring

Zabbix Monitor TCP Port

Zabbix Monitor UDP Port

Zabbix Monitor Website

Monitoring SNMP Devices

Monitoring ESXi Using SNMP

Monitoring VM Using SNMP

Adding New MIBs Files

Monitor Cisco Switch Using Polling SNMP

Monitoring iDrac Using Polling SNMP

Trapping SNMP

Auto Discovery Using SNMP


Change and Edit Template

Linking Templates to Hosts

Creating Simple Template, Application, and Item

Clone Template

Using Mass Update

Importing and Exporting Template

Nesting Templates

Remove Template from Host

Macros in Templates

Define Global Macros

Data Visualization and Reporting

Add Images

Create Icon Mapping

Create Simple Map

Displaying Data in Maps

Creating Screen

Configuring and sharing dashboards


Create Zabbix SLA Reports

Integrate Zabbix with Grafana

Zabbix and Grafana Dashboard

Install Grafana and Plugins

Integrating Zabbix and Grafana

Create Grafana Dashboard From Template

Monitor Grafana VM Using Zabbix-Agent

Log File Monitoring

Monitoring Single Log File

Filtering for Specifig String

Config Log Alerting

Monitoring Rotated Files/Multiple Files

Viewing Log Data

Advanced Item Monitoring

Zabbix Items Types

Manage Item Using Filtering

Item History and Ad hoc Graphs

Simple Checks

Calculated Items

Collecting Data Using UserParameter

Monitor Web Certificate Expiry

Collect Connection State Using Flexible User Parameters

Sending the Data from File Using zabbix_sender

Collecting Data Using SSH

Using zabbix_get to Retrieve Metrics Data

Zabbix Items Autoinventory

Monitoring IPMI Devices

Getting an IPMI Device

Creating Template and Setting Up IPMI Items

Monitoring Java Applications (JMX)

Install JAVA Application (Tomcat)

Setting Up Zabbix Java Gateway

Monitoring JAVA JMX Metrics

Custom and Retrieve JMX Items Using jmxterm

Monitoring OS and Applications

Monitoring Apache WebServer

Monitoring MariaDB Database and Galera Cluster

Monitoring PostgreSQL Database

Monitoring NTP Server

Monitoring Nginx WebServer

Monitoring SELinux Config

Monitoring Squid Proxy Server

Monitoring HAProxy Server

Monitoring MemCached

Monitoring Disk Performance

Monitoring VMWare vCenter

Preparing for VMWare vCenter Monitoring

Monitoring VMWare vCenter

Tuning vCenter for "config.vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics" related error

Monitoring ESXi Host

Monitoring VM

VM Auto Registration

Zabbix Auto Discovery

Configuring Network Discovery

Automation After Discovery

Low Level Discovery

Tuning Zabbix Performance dan Metrics Data

MariaDB Database Tuning

Monitoring Zabbix Queue

Config HouseKeeper

Run HouseKeeper Manually

Tuning Zabbix Frontend

Tuning Linux Kernel and TCP Connection

Using Active Items

Tuning Triggers

Tuning Trends and History Storage Time

Config Jumbo Frames

Issue : MariaDB doesn't Want to Start

Zabbix Backup and Restore

Templates Backup

MariaDB Database backup

MariaDB Restoring from Backup File

VMWare VM (Virtual Machine) Backup

Zabbix API

Simple Curl Command

Install Python Zabbix Module and Example

Zabbix Installation Documentation

Installation Documentation Files


UweSchmidt12 November 2020

Language a bit difficult to understand and a lot of "boilerplate" but the list of contents looks good...

Leonardo7 April 2020

A lot of features and functionalities of Zabbix are explained. Doing this course will give you a thorough knowledge of Zabbix and some other technologies. But unfortunately the presentation is lacking a lot. The Zabbix interfaces are so small and unreadable (even more on mobile devices) because the instructor didn't increase the font size or zoomed in. It's also hard to understand the instructor because of his pronunciation and talking speed. Advice to instructor: please zoom into these interfaces or increase the fond size and add subtitles to improve the learning experience by a lot. If you do that, this course would be one of the best on Udemy!

Germán30 December 2019

It is an updated and complete course. Varied content The instructor has clear knowledge about the Zabbix monitoring platform. Highly recommended.

Santiago23 December 2019

Los capitulos 7 y 8 solo se escuchan ronquidos de fondo. Me parece muy poco serio estar grabando el curso a voz baja porque alguien en la misma habitacion está durmiendo. Se oyen más los ronquidos que al instructor. D ela parte de como montar el entorno no me he enterado de nada


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