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YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube

Grow your brand & get more customers with real-world YouTube video marketing techniques: YouTube Ads, funnels, SEO+

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Grow your own business & brand with YouTube

Learn real-world marketing funnels that can be set up with YouTube

Increase your revenue & get more customers with YouTube

Optimize your YouTube channel to get more views and conversions

Create YouTube Ad campaigns to promote your brand & products

Retarget you website visitors with YouTube ads

Place your video ads on competitor's YouTube channels or specific videos

Make better videos with bonus video production lessons


You are here because you want to use YouTube to grow your business or brand, right?

With modern Video Marketing techniques, you can find new customers, boost your conversions, and ultimately increase your revenue.

In this YouTube Marketing course, you will learn everything to get started!

Whether you run your own business, are helping someone else's businesses, or want to learn an in-demand skill that can help you get hired, this is the perfect Youtube course for you!

What will you learn in this YouTube course?

  • How video marketing works on YouTube

  • 6 ways to create a marketing funnel with YouTube

  • Optimize your YouTube channel and videos for views & conversions

  • Learn the types of videos you should create for your audience

  • Create YouTube ads to promote your brand

  • Retarget your own website visitors with your YouTube ads

  • Place your YouTube ads on your competitor's channels & videos

  • Starting your own YouTube channel

  • How to do YouTube keyword research

  • Grow your channel with YouTube analytics

  • How to make better videos

  • so much more!

Why should you take this YouTube Marketing course?

Phil Ebiner, instructor of this course, has been using YouTube to grow his own small business. Since less than 5 years, he's grown it to a 7-figure business, using YouTube as a primary method to get new customers.

From Phil - In this course, I'll show you all of my exact strategies to grow my YouTube channel and business. There are no secrets I don't share with you. You will learn all of my techniques in this course.

Premium Support

Unlike some other online courses, or trying to learn these techniques on your own through blog articles or even YouTube videos, we're here to help. If you get stuck or have questions, you'll get answers.

You will get personalized attention and support as a student of this course!

Our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund you your money - no questions asked! We want to make sure you're completely satisfied with the course. That's why we're happy to offer you this money-back guarantee. 

See you in class!




YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube
YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube
YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube
YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube



Welcome to the Course

Why You Need to Be on YouTube

YouTube Marketing Funnels

YouTube Funnel Idea 1 - The Direct Sale

YouTube Funnel Idea 2 - The Soft Sale

YouTube Funnel Idea 3 - The Email Marketing Funnel

YouTube Funnel Idea 4 - The Subscriber Funnel

YouTube Funnel Idea 5 - YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube Funnel Idea 6 - Promoting Your Videos

Case Study: Phil's Landing Pages

Optimize Your Videos for Views & Conversions | Video Marketing

Get More Views with Better SEO

What Types of Videos Should You Create?

Why Do Subscribers Matter?

Get More Subscribers with a Gleam.io Giveaway

Where Should You Put Links?

Make Sure You Have Calls to Action

Internal Linking - What's That?

Get More Video Resources & Tips

YouTube Ads

Types of Ads on YouTube

Chart: YouTube Ad Types

The Quick and Easy Way to Create YouTube Ads/Promotions

Advanced YouTube Ads - Part 1 - Set Up Your Ad Campaign

Advanced YouTube Ads - Part 2 - Choose Who Sees Your Ad including Retargeting

Advanced YouTube Ads - Part 3 - Choose Where Your Ad Shows Up

Advanced YouTube Ads - Part 4 - Design your Ad

Starting a YouTube Channel

Introduction to the YouTube Basics Lessons

Start Your YouTube Channel

Design and Add Channel Art

Add Your Channel Description

Customize Your Channel Layout

Increase YouTube Subscriptions by 400%

Add a YouTube Channel Trailer

Verify Your Channel and More Important Settings

Upload Defaults, Featured Content, and Branding

Uploading a Video: titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Tags

YouTube Keyword Research

Adding YouTube Cards and End Screens

YouTube Analytics

YouTube SEO: Watch Time vs. View Count

The Community Tab

Going Live on YouTube

Free Music Library on YouTube

Spy on Your Competitors with Social Blade

TubeBuddy Tutorial: Optimize Your YouTube Experience

Make Better Videos

It's All About Video Quality

What You Need to Make a Great Video

What Type of Video Should You Make?

How to Come Up with Great Video Ideas

Planning Your Video

Does Equipment Matter?

Camera Recommendations

Microphone Recommendations

Lighting Recommendations

Editing Application Recommendations

How to Expose Your video

How to Compose Your video

Filming Yourself

Getting the Right Shot

Choosing a Background

Phil's Home Office Video Setup


Thank You & What's Next?

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Aman2 July 2020

The tone of the Teacher is on the same scale so it ends up loosing my focus from what he is trying to show and teach it could be done better changing the delivery method and giving examples of the topics by mentioning people or companies using Youtube marketing to promote their products or videos

Rick24 June 2020

It's organized and detailed information that is relevant to what I'm trying to do with my Youtube channel and Phil's delivery is also good.

MINA20 June 2020

You have covered all things about YouTube Marketing in this course and you proved that you are extremely Professional. Thank you.

Anupal11 June 2020

Useful information presented in a practically beneficial way. I think my rating may go up to 5-stars after a few months of applying the techniques personally.

AbdElRahman17 April 2020

Phil, As i'm studying marketing in 2 different universities, this is as good as face to face classes which is great! Also you were super professional, using bullet points instructions that helped me A LOT to understand everything easier, now because of you i started to market for a lot of content creators, I've got a better vision of understanding YouTube and video-making. Thanks a million for your great efforts.

Edward3 December 2019

I feel as if the knowledge content being taught is good and valuable. However I think that a lot of information is being covered a little quickly. As a result, while the information is good, it feels rushed, and the nuance of slowly presenting a "for dummies" clear explanation of many things is being lost. In a number of instances this has left me with questions about certain aspects of what was being covered, but not mentioned, that would have been covered if the focus was more on being thorough. These thoughts are intended to be constructive, and not critical.

Daniel30 November 2019

I upgraded my 1 star review to a 3 1/2 star review. The first part of this course was not what I expected and I was not happy with it. Next complaint is it was hard watching Phil on the screen at times. The facial hair is a bit irritating to stare at. It is distracting. Lastly, I was finally pleased to have learned at least 2 small things from this course. So, because I was able to learn something from this particular course, I upgraded my original review. Overall, I am still a Phil fan and he does simplify things. I already took one of his other courses before this one and I loved it tremendously. Thanks Phil.

Thomas27 October 2019

Really helped lay the foundation for what I want to accomplish. The only complaint had nothing to do with the course. It dealt with the idea that YouTube limits some of the most practical ways to build your business with requirements that you already be successful, such as 1000 Subscribers before you can link to a dedicated web site.

Craig7 July 2019

Too basic for a masterclass. I requested refund and was denied the same day I purchased. The reason given was it was purchased outside the 30 day return policy. This isn't even possible.

Johnny11 June 2019

Great overview course for starting a YouTube channel. I would recommend view each lesson as I discovered things I missed during my own research before purchasing this course. The tip about ?sub_confirmation=1 blew my mind! Thanks again! :P

Birgit1 May 2019

Great course! I like it, the same as your Photography and Videography Masterclass. Thanks for sharing! Cheers from Austria

Camella20 April 2019

I have a youtube account but I never knew there were so many features to it. This course is very detailed on how to create a youtube account plus gives you tips on how to set up your account and how to get ideas for your content. I found Phil's content engaging and informative. It was well worth the money I spent.

Ben26 February 2019

Phil does a great job with the course delivery. The videos are very professional and he speaks clear. It's easy to understand and follow him. It's no wonder he has such a high enrollment rate. Great job Phil!

Ilias14 February 2019

I feel more confident using this course, that I I believe I have a better chance on starting a YouTube Channel

Amit16 January 2019

This guy is just making money on udemy.... NO real information.. Just bookish knowledge about marketing funnels.. nothing new....... think twice before buying this course


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