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Youtube Audience Growth - Youtube SEO & Youtube Marketing - Youtube Video Creation Strategies

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Ensure that their Video production system is optimised for Youtube

Upload a video to Youtube in the right way to take advantage of Youtube's SEO algorithm

Configure all the key settings on the Video Edit page to ensure that the video has the best chance of being found on Youtube

Use Annotations, Cards and Close Captioning to enhance the experience for the viewer and enhance the likilhood that the viewer will follow through on the desired call to action

Establish clear goals for their Youtube Channel which will then be reinforced by the information provided by this Course


Youtube Marketing: Is Your Youtube Channel Struggling?

Making Videos but Getting Few Views?

Do You Want to Grow Your Channel, Your Subscribers and ultimately, your Email List?

Perhaps there is a reason WHY you are not doing as well as you should?

Perhaps, all this time, you have not been OPTIMISING your Youtube Videos?

Discover what you have been doing wrong and find out how easy it is to put it right!

This is the Course I wish I had taken when I first started on Youtube in July 2010!

Before I uploaded over 200 Videos to Youtube!

If you have a Youtube Channel - You HAVE to TAKE this Course!


  • The importance of having a GOAL for your Youtube Channel

  • The right way to PRODUCE your Video


  • The KEY SETTINGS which must be RIGHT before Your Publish

  • How to get the most out of ANNOTATIONSCARDS and CLOSE CAPTIONS

Start Using Youtube as an EXPERT marketer as part of your overall Social Media Marketing Strategy! Stop missing out on views from over 1 BILLION active Youtube Users!

Improve your Videos, Get More Views! Get More Subscribers!

Set and Achieve your primary GOAL for your Youtube Channel

Step by Step discover the process I use to OPTIMISE my Videos for Youtube.  

Just a few extra minutes getting everything right will result in more views and subscribers in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Once you know what to do its easy!  Find out by enrolling in this course today

This Course is launching as a Free Course but this will not be the case for ever so grab it while you can!

Enroll Today!  See you Inside!


Youtube SEO & Youtube Marketing
Youtube SEO & Youtube Marketing
Youtube SEO & Youtube Marketing
Youtube SEO & Youtube Marketing


Find Out If This Course Is For You!

Welcome to this Course!

Youtube Video Optimisation Quiz? How Will You Score?

Do You Have a Goal for Your Channel?

What is the Goal for Your Youtube Channel?

How to Create the Perfect Optimised Youtube Video

The Key Steps to Producing Your Youtube Video

Further Essential Steps to Optimising Your Video Production

Uploading Your Video to Youtube - Follow This System!

Optimising Your Video Description

Optimising Your Video Description in Youtube and Other Key Settings

Making Use of Your Audio to Create a Transcript and Other Benefits

Adding Close Captions to Your Video

Adding Annotations to Your Videos

Using Youtube Cards to Grow Your Email List

Practical Exercise: Optimise One Of Your Own Videos For Youtube

Summary and Wrap Up

Bonus Hack: An Easy Way to Get All Your Youtube Video URLs So You Can Edit Them

Bonus : Video Optimisation Checklist

Summary and Wrap Up


Graham18 March 2019

I didn't realise how much I didn't know about YouTube. The tips and tricks in this course helped fill in some useful gaps to optimise my videos.

William11 December 2018

John is one of the very few instructors with whom I have taken most of the courses offered. I have even subscribed to his monthly website. If your interested in learning the ins and outs John is one of the better instructors. John is easy to follow throughout the course. You are shown how to do things in the simplest process. He is confident enough in his abilities that you get an insight to the pitfalls and the opportunity to learn from his mistakes.

Beau9 June 2017

Excellent course. I learned many new ways to make my videos better, such as the importance of closed captioning.

Aniki27 February 2017

This course is very helpful and goes in depth on how you should go about a YouTube channel. Thank you!

Muhammad11 January 2017

It is great experience on Youtube by having this course. John describe and explain everything in a easy and convincing manner and share multiple useful tips to grow my YT channel. Thank you John for offering such a great course. Worth the money.

Kpadonou10 January 2017

I almost give you 2 or 3 STARTS in the first lessons (I was seeing any demonstration but only talking.) but something told me to continue and see. When I continue I starting learning things that I have wanted to learn and things that I have never heard of but good to know. I would suggest you zoom more and more the pages for it is not easy to see some of the things you are talking about but it is right in front of us. Thank you for this course.

Bilal10 December 2016

The content of the Course was very good but too much explanation and less practical work. I still got the results and find this course useful.

Joy10 May 2016

RIght away, I have gotten great info that I didn't know that will help to grow my channel. I love how he focuses on what the goal of your youtube channel should be!


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