YouTube For Business: 5 Day Challenge [YouTube Jumpstart]

Create A Perfect YouTube Channel & Upload Your 1st Video To YouTube. YouTube Best Practices For New & Veteran YouTubers!

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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

Setup An Awesome Looking YouTube Channel

Create Effective YouTube Videos

Step X Step How To Edit Your YouTube Videos

Best Practices For Tiles, Thumbnails, & Keyword Research

Rank On Page 1 For Both Google Search & YouTube

Grow Your YouTube Success & Business Success


Would you like to create a brand new YouTube channel starting with nothing?

Maybe you have a YouTube channel and looking for best practices to jumpstart your results?

[Then this course is for you!]

Designed as a 5-day challenge you can go from nothing to creating a YouTube channel and uploading your first video in 5-days. Feel free to adapt to 7-days or simply work at your own pace. Whatever pace fits you best is perfectly fine.

YouTube is a great platform to promote your product or service or you can simply make money from Ads that run before your videos on YouTube (YouTube Monetization). Basically, you can get paid to promote your business.

The course is broken down into 5 main sections with many lessons in each section:

  1. Your Channel Plan (Strategy)

  2. Create Your Channel Step X Step

  3. Filming Your Video

  4. Editing Your Video

  5. Uploading Your Video

  6. Extra: YouTube Analytics

Some of the Individual lessons include:

  • How To Rank On Page #1 For Google Search & YouTube

  • Simple Tip To Get More Subscribers

  • 7 Ways To Make Money On YouTube

  • Analyzing The Competition

  • Creating A Lead Magnet

  • Accessing Free Assets Like Images & B-Roll Video

  • Channel Setup Step X Step

  • Branding Your Channel

  • Creating Awesome Channel Banners & Logos For Free

  • Inexpensive Equipment Best Practices (Camera/Mic/Lights etc...)

  • How To Film A Video

  • Effective Editing Your Video

  • YouTube Titles

  • YouTube Keywords & Free & Paid Keyword Research Options.

  • Creating A Custom YouTube Thumbnail

  • Uploading Your Video To YouTube Best Practices For More Views

  • Analytics For Your Individual YouTube Videos

  • Analytics For Your Entire YouTube Channel

  • Six Action Steps

  • ...And Much More

Have a question? No Problem. The Instructor personally answers every single question.

At the end of the course you can share a link to your YouTube video and YouTube channel for positive feedback and encouragement from the instructor so you can continue on a successful YouTube journey!

YouTube can be a key to your business success and this course is designed to help you get there quickly no matter where you are starting from.

Next step? Just click the button to enroll and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson.

Many thanks.

-Steve B


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Intro & Hot Tips To Start Fast!

Welcome To The Course!
Your 5-Day Challenge Assignment
Top 2 Reasons People Don't Succeed On YouTube​
Super Tip #1: Page 1 Rank On Google & YouTube!
Super Tip #2: Getting More Subscribers
7 Ways To Make Money With YouTube
Not Sure What Video To Make Let Me Suggest...

Day 1: Channel Planning

Channel Plan Intro
Naming Your Channel
Get Ideas By Analyzing The Competition
Demo How To Analyze The Competition
Beware: Don't Fall Into The Comparison Trap
Understand Your Buyer Persona
Create An Effective Lead Magnet
Your Goals & Where Does YouTube Fit
Assets For Your Channel (Images/B-Roll Etc...)​

Day 2: Channel Creation

Create Channel Intro
Demo: Setting Up Your YouTube Account
Account Setup Google & YuoTube Support Tutorial Links
Channel Setup & Branding
Banner Creation + Upload To YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Banner With A Template
Custom YouTube Channel Logo/Picture Creation + Upload To The Channel
Channel Setup Defaults
YouTube Studio Tour
My YouTube Channel Review To Give You More Ideas

Day 3: Film Your YouTube Video

Filming Section Intro
YouTube Video Ideas In < 2Min (Review)
Planning Your Video
Script Or Not To Script?
Key Elements Of Every Video​
Equipment: Intro
Equipment: Camera
Equipment: Audio Mic
Equipment: Lights + How To Position Them
Equipment: Tripod
Equipment: Backdrop
My Film Studio Setup (In The Basement!)
Should You Be On Camera...Or Ok To Be Off?​
Video Presentation Tips
Recording Your Video

Day 4: Edit Your YouTube Video

Video Editing Intro
Video Editing Software (Free & Paid)
Demo: Editing Your Video Step X Step

Day 5: Upload Your YouTube Video

Uploading Intro
Video Title Best Practices
Importance Of Keywords
Keyword Search Tools
Paid Keyword Research Tools
Free: Using Google Search For Keyword Research
Free: Using Google Trends For Keyword Research
Free: Using Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research
Thumbnail Image Best Practices
Demo: Creating An Effective Thumbnail
Video Description Section
Demo: Uploading Your Video To YouTube
Viewer Comments
Assignment: Link Your Video In Q&A For Positive Feedback
How To Upload Link To Your Video For Feedback
Uploaded A Video: Now What?

Extra: YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics Intro
Individual Video YouTube Analytics
Entire Channel YouTube Analytics
Top 6 Action Steps + Optional Extra Step



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