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Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Learn how to edit video fast and efficient in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Learn interface and workspaces of Premiere Pro.

Tools for fast and efficient video editing in Premiere Pro.

How to color correct and color grade your video.

How to add music, sound effects and how to mix your audio.

How to export your final video.


Make better video for your YouTube-channel!

In this course I'll show you my knowledge and experience of using Adobe Premiere Pro for making YouTube-videos.

What will you learn?

  1. How to organise your editing work;

  2. What shortcuts and tips to use for fast editing;

  3. Edit videos step-by-step using different effects, text layers and keyframing.

A lot of different courses show you everything that you can use in Premiere Pro. I have another view on this. I show you only these tools that work for you.

Which tools will I show you in this class?

  • Folder and Interface Structure

  • Useful shortcuts, making and saving Presets

  • Multi-Cam editing, Nesting clips

  • Text Layers

  • Keyframing

  • How to record audio straight into Premiere

  • Color Correction

  • Audio Mixing

  • Exporting your final video

I'm Evgeny Maximov. I'm individual photographer and videographer from Russia. I started to edit videos for YouTube in 2014. And for now I edited around 900 videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Most of them for my YouTube-channel, other part for other artists.

Watch this class, share your passion and don't forget to be creative!


Do I need to use Mac?

No, you can use Windows too. I started to use MacBook 3 months ago, so almost all of my time I spent editing on Windows-machine. One thing that you need to know about different shortcuts, but you can easily do same action using Ctrl/Alt-buttons.

Do I need to install additional plugins and effects for this course?

No, all tools that I show in this course are already installed in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you use last version of the app, you're completely ready for learning.


Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners
Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners
Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners
Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners




Preparing Before Editing

Tips for making better videos

Folder Structure

Interface of Premiere Pro

Applying Important Setting Before Editing

Editing A-Roll and B-Roll

Editing A-Roll #1 - Making sequence, using shortcuts

Editing A-Roll #2 - Multi-Cam Editing, nesting a clip and using simple effects

Editing B-Roll - Effects with Text Layers

Tools for making better videos

Keyframing and using Presets

Record audio straight into Premiere Pro

Color Grading

Audio Mixing

Exporting your final video

Conclusion and revising different tips

Conclusion and revising different tips


Арматур8 July 2021

This course is short but full of different cool tools and hints. It's not default course about PP when lector show you every window and every button that you won't use at all. This course is concentrate but in my opinion some explanations are not correct and a little overcomplicated.

Vladimir7 July 2021

As a beginner, I was very lucky to find this course, there are many useful tips that I will apply in practice, thank you!


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