Understanding Yourself

Using major theories of personality to create a happy and satisfying life

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Personal Transformation
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Jan 2013
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What you will learn

Perspectives on what it takes to live a satisfying, well-balanced, and happy life

Key elements of major personality theories that relate to your well-being


Simply put, your personality is the choices you make. All major theories of personality identify what it takes to make choices that will create a happy and satisfying life, but each does it from a different perspective. These videos have been culled from ones used in a Personality course that I taught for nearly 30 years, and describe those theoretical approaches to understanding the choices you make. Find the one that grabs you, and put it to use improving your life, your work, and your relationships.

For those who'd like to take a more rigorous look at the science of personality, the first few sections of the course explain how research in personality is done and some of the issues that come up when doing that research.


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Personality in Perspective -- What it is and How it's Done

The Basic Premise
Experimental Research
Correlational Research
Statistical Significance
Lump Together, Or Tease Apart
The Big Five (or Whatever)
Factor Analysis (part 1)
Factor Analysis (part 2)
Factor Analysis Illustrated

Got 'Personality'? Not Everybody Thinks So

Walter Mischel Complains
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut But, Sometimes, Not So Much
Back Atcha, Walter

So Many Choices -- Internal Psychological Dynamics (part 1)

An Overview of Sigmund Freud's "Psychoanalysis"
I Got Needs, and I Got Choices
Fear Is The Big Bugaboo
Irrational Behaviors Resolve Conflicts
Fantasy is Nice (But it Isn't a Cheeseburger)
Habits Fill the Emptiness Inside (part 1)
Habits Fill the Emptiness Inside (part 2)
Your Stuff'll Come Up Anyway
Sharpsteen's Motto

What? More Choices?! -- Internal Psychological Dynamics (part 2)

Every Good Drama Involves Conflict
Motives And Instincts (as Jung Sees Them)
Making Decisions
Character (part 1)
Character (part 2)
Balance, Grasshopper
Why Is There Imbalance?
Getting Balanced
Sigmund And The Other Carl
Three Selves
An Overview of Kelly's Personal Construct Theory
Personal Construct Theory

Recent Big Themes in Personality

A Trait Is As Good As A Bunion To A Gene
The $64,000 Question
It Ain't Much. Or is it?
How Evolution Works
The Contexts Of Mating
Short, Long, Man, Woman
Attachment Theory
Attachment Styles


September 18, 2020
Very interesting... I would prefer text notes at the end of each 'chapter'. My learning style needs a quick run-through of the facts to enable my brain to assimilate the facts.
September 7, 2016
I am leaving a current rating of 2 stars for now, and this I consider generous. As a student taking this course in 2016, it is unreasonable that I should be paying for a textbook from 2010. I would be more accepting of this cost if either the book did not belong to the professor teaching the class, meaning I'm essentially double-paying a portion of tuition, if it were more recent, or if it were of a higher quality. The use of clip art and low quality sound clips ends up being quite jarring in the middle of taking notes, and does little to actually contribute to the points that are being illustrated. If some of these points improve with the rest of the lectures, I may amend this rating, but I highly doubt such will be the case. Edit: Upon completion of the course, there were improvement over some of the minor complaints I listed, but the larger issues of age of textbook and paying both for tuition and the videos when only one of them was teaching me means that I will not be increasing this rating.
December 25, 2014
The subject matter covered by this course was varied and interesting, but the delivery was poor. Particularly distracting were the use of "soundboard" audio clips at certain points. These clips were of poor audio quality, the volume inconsistent with the main lecture (making them rather jarring) and entirely unnecessary. The tone of the presenter was also quite monotonous, and the "slides" used way too much clipart.



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