Building Your Own GPS-Tracker Using Arduino

How to Build Your Own GPS-Tracker - From Theory to Practice

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Nov 2021
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What you will learn

What Satellites are

How the Global Positioning System Works

What the Arduino is and how to work with it

How an LCD Display works and programming it

How to solder


This course will teach you how to build your own GPS-Tracker using an Arduino, a GPS-Module, and an LCD-Shield. You will learn how coordinate systems work. Two dimensional and three dimensional. I will show you how these coordinate systems are applied to earth and how you can use them for navigation. Then i will show you what satellites are, where they are and what kinds of purposes they serve. After that you will learn how you can use four satellites to locate yourself on the surface on the earth. After that i will show you the Arduino basics. This goes from explaining what an Arduino is to setting up the IDE on your computer, showing you how the Syntax and Libraries work and the important pins and their functions. From that we'll move on the the LCD shield. That chapter will contain the working principle of an LCD screen, the pins of the screen and their functions, how to digitally store something as text, creating your first, own text and reading the button input of your shield. Chapter five will be about learning how your GPS module communicates, how you can connect it to the Arduino and how you can write a basic script using the gps library. In the last chapter we will be putting everything together. That means writing the final program and soldering everything together. In case you don't care about the theory and strictly want to build it, that is also possible. Theory and practice for each topic is split up in seperate lessons.


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What's Happening in this Course

What You Are About to Learn and Build
List of All the Things You Will Need

The Magic of Knowing Where You Are

How Do You Measure the World
What Are Artificial Satellites and Where Are They
Trilateration and Communication

Arduino Basics

What Is an Arduino
Setting Up Arduino IDE
Basic Syntax and Libraries
Pins and Their Functions

LCD Basics

How Does an LCD Work
Connecting Pins and Their Functions
How Is Text Digitally Stored
LCD Library and Creating Your First Text
How to Read Button Input

Working With the GPS Module

What Information Is Being Sent
How to Connect It - RX/TX
GPS Library and Writing Basic Script

Putting Everything Together

Combining our code
Soldering Everything
Putting Everything in a Case


Congratulations and Conclusion
Bonus Lesson: Creating Moving Smileys



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