Master Your Energetic Force Field To Eliminate EMF Radiation

Transform Electromagnetic Field Radiation, Negative Energies And Pollution Into Enhanced Health, Vibrancy And Radiance

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

How to protect yourself from the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation

How to protect your self from negative energy and places

How to protect yourself from bacteria, viruses, pollution etc.

Kundalina Yoga to amplify your electromagnetic field (aura)

Meditations to amplify your electromagnetic field (aura)

Technology to amplify your electromagnetic field (aura)

Learn about Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation polluting our atmosphere

Learn about the health risks of being exposed to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation

Learn about the potential link between influenza and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation

Learn abour the forgotten disease of neurastania


We live in an electrical universe, however, in the modern age we are bombarded from the invisible rainbow of Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, that our ancestors never had to deal with.

If you ever suffer from anxiety, exhaustion, depression but don't know why, it is possible you are suffering from neurasthenia, which is poisoning from EMF radiation.

Since Sigmund Freud's influence, this condition began to be seen as psychological, or psychosomatic. However, it is a very real physical response to very real electrical frequencies, within our atmosphere.

EMF radiation has been linked to diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, even cancer.

Learn what the telecommunications industry do not want you to know, and the medical community are no longer being taught...

Influenza is an electrical disease! That is the claim that we are making, and what used to be just 'influenced' from celestial and natural atmospheric electricity, since the rollout of electricity in 1890 has become an annual seasonal event.

Incredibly every influenza pandemic outbreak correlates exactly with the launch of new electrical technology which emits a new EMF frequency into our atmosphere. The launch of Radio, to Radar to Mobile Phone Telecommunications have all coincided with a pandemic...

Currently the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic coincides exactly with the rollout of 5G Telecommunications being rolled out across the planet, and the new powerful EMF frequencies along with it.

There has never been any concrete evidence that influenza is a contagious disease, in fact it never used to be considered as such..

So you don't need to live in fear from this virus anymore!...

Learn how to protect yourself from these harmful radiations, and actually transform them into positive energies!

Learn how to use cutting edge and fringe technology to transform EMFs, and negative energies from people, devices and places.

Experience powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques, to ramp up your own energetic force field to keep you vibrating high.

Experience how meditation can help you master your mind to master your physical body, as well as your emotional, mental and even spiritual well-being

Learn how to raise your vibration above lower energies, and become a vibrational match to positive people, experiences and energies.

Enhance your health to the max and feel vibrant, alive and radiant!

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Master Your Energetic Force Field To Eliminate EMF Radiation
Master Your Energetic Force Field To Eliminate EMF Radiation
Master Your Energetic Force Field To Eliminate EMF Radiation
Master Your Energetic Force Field To Eliminate EMF Radiation



Introduction To Mastering Your Energetic Force Field

The Electric Universe

The Invisible Rainbow

Infleunza Is An Electrical Disease!

EMF Radiation & Health Issues

EMF Radiation And The Natural World

Kundalini Yoga

Eagle Pose

Strengthening The Aura

Meditations to Amplify Your Field

Your Cosmic Egg

Your Chakra Rainbow Shield

Restoring The Luminous Earth Matrix

Tools To Protect Yourself From EMFs



Iron And Your Energetic Force Field

Bio-Electric Shield

Other Things To Try...

Grapefruits And Other Natural Wonders

You Attract What You Vibrate

You Attract What You Vibrate

Everything Is Vibration


Congratulations : Welcome To The New Earth


Bonus Lecture


Marg25 January 2021

The content was more suited to complete beginners. There was some interesting content however more visuals etc would have made it more interesting . The yoga presentation needed more scaffolding as it wasn't explained in a way that those not familiar with the modality could follow or interpret. The presentation could be refined and there was some very interesting content

Hari8 December 2020

good match, really good integrity with background experience and informayion, nice energy amd rapport thanks Mark xx

Phil2 December 2020

I think that with the courses that Mark Keane has presented on Udemy he has managed to weave together several important threads from different spiritual traditions into a coherent, practical system that humanity really needs at this time. In this course I found the eagle pose and the rainbow chakra meditation to be particularly useful. He could talk the hind legs off a donkey but is always upbeat and fascinating to listen to.

Phil28 November 2020

I took this course because I have found that I can feel uneasy, maybe even anxious after spending long periods on my computer so I thought this might help. On the plus side, I found the eagle pose and the meditations have a really nice effect on me. On the negative side there are a few issues. I found the first of the asanas a bit difficult and was a bit stiff the next day, no problem, but Mark advises you to keep doubling the the time holding each posture every day until you reach the maximum time. If you struggle to do an exercise, don't try to do twice as much the next day as this is guaranteed to deplete your energy and your immune system. Also, I would like to Know what Mark means when he says, and I quote, 'the so- called pandemic'? Is he saying that there is no pandemic?


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