Yoga Therapy for Programmers

Best Yoga Routines for well being especially for those who are sitting all day at work

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Yoga Therapy for Programmers
2 hours
Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Best exercises for proper posture

Reduce the pain and stiffness after working day

Relax your mind and body, let go negative thoughts and emotions

Get quick recovery and boost positive vibes

Boost the energy level and productivity

Make your body flexible and develop mobility

Decrease stress and anxiety

Increase focus and concentration


This course is a combination of Yoga and Physical therapy. The idea of this course is to help people ( especialy those who are working all day in a seating position, programmers, office workers) to adjust the posture and develop mobility, reduce the pain after\during working day, to relax the mind and emotions. After every class you will feel peace and calm inside, warm energy flow, flexible mind and body, you will be ready to continue your work with high productivity. The classes of this course will become your morning and evening routines.

This is complete week program and it will help you to learn main exercises for maintaining good health. There are 6 therapeutic classes and 1 class for deep relaxation (yoga Nidra).

Course level - Beginner (beginner + ) , with easy options.

Classes are simple and made for everybody. Even if you have injures, back pain, herniated disc or other physical problems this course (99%) can be good rehab program for you .

Advices for better practice

  • Before starting the practice make sure there is nothing that can bother your class ( your self time).

  • Practice with empty stomach

  • Ventilate the room before and open your nostrils for better breath

  • During practice keep your attention on body feelings, don’t push too hard, enjoy the process, if you need a rest-take it, pause the video if you want to repeat exercise , adjust the poses with equipment and make the exercises comfortable and effective for you.

  • Breath properly , let your breath be soft and deep, without long holds, your breath and physical movements should be in one harmonic flow

  • After practice if you prefer to stay in shavasana (last lying position) more feel free to turn on some beautiful music (link in the course) and continue your relaxation in Shavasana.

  • Practice constantly and don’t afraid to make mistakes (incorrect exercises) , mistake is the best key to success.

Wish you peace and success.





Desk Yoga

Desk Yoga

For Lower back

Lower Back

Wall Yoga

Wall Yoga

Lying yoga

Lying Yoga for relaxation

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Asana Practice

Asana Practice

Yoga Music

Music for Yoga


June 28, 2022
Such a relaxing and healthy therapy! Going to suggest to my colleagues! Thank you for your efforts and energy!
June 27, 2022
Very good and course highly recommend, especially for people who are spending a lot of time in front op PC.
June 27, 2022
As programmer I had really bad back pain before starting this course, but now with this exercises I feel so much better and I will keep going on. Thank you Harut



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