Yoga Foundation Philosophy and Practice

Learn what yoga really is and how it can help you in your day to day life

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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

You will learn what yoga really is and how it can help you in your day to day

Yoga Philosophy, learn where yoga comes from

Yoga Asanas, detailed explanation of yoga poses and their benefits for body and mind

Easy breathing and relaxation techniques to use everyday

Light-hearted approach, learn with a smile!

Yoga for everyday life, tips, ideas and inspiration to add yoga to your day


This course is for you if you are curious:

  • Do you want to know what yoga really is?
  • Do you want to learn the poses but also enhance the connection with yourself and the world?
  • Have you practiced yoga for a while and you feel there is more to yoga than poses?
  • Do you want to feel energized, happy and shine your light?

Then this course will help you!

You will learn the yoga postures (asanas) for the body but, more importantly, the yoga philosophy for the mind, so to create union between the two.

Together we will also look at how to use your breathing to deeply connect to your body, to cleanse and energize and we will practice simple but effective meditation techniques that you can add to your day to day to shift negative self-beliefs and unwanted habits.

 We do all this with a smile! We will use a fun and light-hearted approach than keeps you interested and kindles the joy for life. 

We hope it will reach your heart and that you will enjoy it. This course is for beginners but also for anyone who would like to learn more about what yoga really is and covers:

  • Yoga poses and Alignment
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation Techniques 
  • Relaxation Techniques


Yoga Foundation Philosophy and Practice
Yoga Foundation Philosophy and Practice
Yoga Foundation Philosophy and Practice
Yoga Foundation Philosophy and Practice




The theory and the practice

Theory Lesson 1: Meaning of Yoga, Yoga Schools and brief history of Yoga

Theory Lesson 1 Second part

Asana Lesson 1: Breathe and Posture + Sun Salutation

Theory Lesson 2: Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali

Asana Lesson 2: Forward and Back Bends, health and flexibility of spine

Theory Lesson 3: Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali - Yama and Nyama

Asana Lesson 3: Twists for spine and digestion

Theory Lesson 4: Hatha yoga

Asana Lesson 4: Standing postures and Balancing

Theory Lesson 5: Prana and 5 Pranas, Pranayama

Asana Lesson 5: Inversions and arm balances

Theory Lesson 6: Other practices: Mudras, Bandhas, Kryas

Asana Lesson 6: Recap and daily practice


Mary16 August 2018

I love the way you are taking ancient philosophies and applying them to everyday!!!! I also love the reinforcement of loving your body and asking permission

Jaaman11 January 2018

Excellent, focused on our breathing and connection to the universe. The poses and exercises were well-balanced and flash meditation will help a lot at breaks from work.


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