Yoga & Fitness - all in one - 20 day plan

Stillness in Motion | Get in shape in a smart way | Power yoga ! Yin Yoga | Vinyasa flow | Bodyweight training | Fitness

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May 2021

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What you will learn

How to practice and train in a wholesome, healthy and smart way

How to become strong, flexible and fit - in just one practice - no equipment needed

20 day plan with 9 Modules - each with their own Theme

In depth look at form & technique in all poses and movements

Modifications and variations of all exercises (be mindful of how everything feels)

Build solid strength for your core, upper and lower body

Give your body (and mind) well-deserved tension relief through every section

Increase your balance externally and internally

Build a toolbox for a wholesome practice

Get inspired and dedicated - keep practicing also after this program


Welcome to a unique combination of yoga and bodyweight training! 

This is a 20 day plan : Practice 3 times per week and make sure you rest in between!

Learn how to remain calm in any pose - and get in shape in a smart way.

Build a strong practice based on elements from the Fitness world and the Yoga world combined.

While honoring your body, lets look at some great benefits of this practice:

  • Increase your body awareness and presence

  • Increase the awareness of your breath through any pose and movement

  • Increase the strength and stability in your muscles in your whole body

  • Increase the strength in your core (inner and outer layers) through some fun static and dynamic exercises

  • Build great form and technique, know what you do and why

  • Increase your balance and sense of space through balancing poses and dancing flows

  • Challenge yourself! The classes are for all levels - beginners to advanced - modifications offered for all

  • Increase your cardio level through the fitness lessons

  • Increase your mobility and flexibility through the stretching and Yin poses

  • Receive great tension relief, for your body and for your mind

  • And so much more...

Welcome to a healthy and holistic practice, WITHOUT equipment!

Each module consists of introduction, warm-up, the main part and then stretching / tension relief.

Each section will be ended by words from my own practice - what I love and what inspires me.

Are YOU dedicated to following this plan? Then I can promise you that you will get a good toolbox and a lot of knowledge to enhance your own practice!

The vision is to create space for you, to unfold in your own unique practice. The focus on safety first is always present. Recovering from 13 years of chronic pain in the lower back, all my experience of working with this is brought into these programs.

The fusion of Yoga & Fitness is based on how these two elements can work together in harmony and play on each other's strengths. Welcome to a joyful and challenging program and get in shape in a smart way!

Be mindful - Regarding pregnancy or even previous injuries: No deep twists are recommended through this practice! Choose modified versions if needed. For the advanced sections, it is recommended to watch the videos first, and then decide which variation to go for.


Yoga & Fitness - all in one - 20 day plan
Yoga & Fitness - all in one - 20 day plan
Yoga & Fitness - all in one - 20 day plan
Yoga & Fitness - all in one - 20 day plan



Intro to the Stillness in Motion program

Plan for the course

Stillness in Motion (words of inspiration)

Namaste (words of inspiration)

The philosophy and ideas behind this practice

Static strength & Core (Module 1)

Introduction to section

Form and technique

Warm-up for static strength and core

Downward facing dog

Side-plank variations

Hollow body hold

Pike lifts

Slide on your socks

The Squat

Intro to Chaturanga

Stretching and tension relief

Your practice

Breathing & Meditation on Chaos

Dynamic strength, mobility & technique (Module 2)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for dynamic strength and mobility

Flow with sun salutation

Fitness: Slow motion

Fitness workout 1-2-3-4

Stretching and tension relief



Flow and functional training (Module 3)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for functional training

Closed-hip asanas

Open-hip asanas

Flowing sequence

Yandara flow

Fitness warm-up

Push-up variation

Burpees fun!

Stretching & tension relief

The Dance

Burn! (Module 4)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for cardio section

3 rounds of Core

Every 3 minute x 3

3 rounds of fun combo

Stretching and tension relief

Half way through - well done so far!


Arm-balances (Module 5)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for arm-balances

Crow pose

Chaturanga repeat


Flow to Crow

Stretching and tension relief


Training and Yin yoga (Module 6)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for functional training

4 rounds of fitness for quality

Yin: Hip openers

Yin: backbends

Yin: Forward folds

Stretching and tension relief



Inversions (Module 7)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for inversions

Wide-leg fold

Introduction to headstand

Introduction to handstand

Inversions flow

Stretching and tension relief


Twists & Wild thing (Module 8)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for various movements

Side-plank twist


Wild thing

Lets flow!

Stretching and tension relief

Yoga : Be the Art!

Balance & tying it all together (Module 9)

Introduction to section

Warm-up for balances and training

2 rounds of strength and cardio

Balance combination

Stretching and tension relief

Summary Stillness in Motion program


BONUS section

Flying pigeon

Amrap Burpees

Breathing & Meditation on Chaos


Carina28 May 2021

Amazing! I really enjoyed the course. Calm and easy to understand. Easy to engage in and stay focused. Thank you. I loved it!

Tommy16 May 2021

This course contains a very good combination of movements, fitness and inner peace. Very good quality videos with a excellent, warm, clear, engaged and skilled yogi. This course has an overall fantastic value for money and the purchase is one time fee with access for life.

Tor15 May 2021

Exceptional! Slow and calm explanations. I really felt I could be present in all the poses and movements. I loved this course!

Tove15 May 2021

Fabulous program. Great instructions from a fantastic instructor who will get you in touch whith yourself. All stress from outside is gone and one can enjoy a good yoga session. I liked the program?

Ann15 May 2021

I love how this course combine yoga and fitness. I like your clear guidance, calm and soothing voice. This was great!


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