Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance

Start your journey to self-love and acceptance using Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Breathwork and more in this guided course

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Meditation and Yoga to encourage self-love and acceptance

Creating your own personal mantra

Yoga for self-acceptance

Breathing techniques

Meditation for self-love

Journalling prompts

Self-esteem assessment

Activities to encourage self-love


Join yoga and meditation teacher Alice in this journey of self-love and learning to accept yourself exactly as you are.

In a world of constant comparison and seeing other people's 'perfect lives' on social media, it can be easy to fall into the trap of not feeling 'enough', putting ourselves down and not showing ourselves enough love. But the truth is EVERYONE is worthy of self-love and acceptance.

During this course you'll be guided through different yoga flows, meditations, breathing exercises and activities to encourage you on your journey to finding more self-love and acceptance. This course includes:

Mantra: During this course, you’ll find a personal mantra which works for you. You’ll be able to repeat this mantra throughout the day, or in the guided mantra session. Repeating self-love and acceptance mantras helps to bring us closer to ourselves and to the intention of self-love.

Yoga: There are multiple yoga classes within this course, each with a slightly different focus. Variations for different experience levels are given, so if you're new to yoga or if you're an experienced practitioner, you'll still be able to benefit from connecting to your body and breath in these classes.

Meditation: Taking time out of your day just for you to be guided through the meditations in this course is already a statement of acknowledging your worth. You are worthy of this Me Time - enjoy it!

Breathwork: Breathing exercises are a great way to connect to ourselves, focusing on our breath and using it as a tool to find calm and acceptance. You don't need any previous experience to try these exercises.

Activities: Other suggestions and activities are included within this course, to encourage more self-love and self-acceptance.

Journaling: Within each section, you’ll find journaling prompts which you can use as a basis to jot down a few notes (or pages if you like!) over the duration of the course.

If you have any questions about the course structure or content, take a look at the preview videos and feel free to get in touch with any questions! I hope you enjoy joining me on this self-love and acceptance journey.


Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance
Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance
Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance
Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance



Welcome to the course


Self-Esteem Check Up

Using Mantras for Self-Love and Acceptance

What is a mantra?

Choosing your personal mantra

Mantra mini meditation

Journal Prompts

Self-Acceptance Yoga Flow

Self-Acceptance Yoga Class

Journal Prompts

Woodland Walk Inner Self Meditation

Woodland Walk Guided Meditation

Journal Prompts

Heart Activation Breathing

Heart Activation Breathing Class

Journal Prompts

Heart Chakra Yoga Flow

Heart Chakra Yoga Class

Journal Prompts

Dating Yourself

Introduction to Dating Yourself

Date Ideas

Journal Prompts

Thoughts & Feelings Meditation

Noting Meditation

Journal Prompts

Connecting to Yourself Using Intuitive Movement

Using Music and Movement to Connect To Yourself

Intuitive Movement

Journal Prompts

Feel Good Yoga Flow

Feel Good Yoga Class

Journal Prompts

Final Reflection

Self-Esteem Check Up

Journal Prompts

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