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Yoga and meditation for grief .

Mindful grieving for body , mind and spirit.

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Students will learn how grief affects the body physically and how yoga can help with the healing process.


You can experience physical manifestations of grief (insomnia, aches, and pains, headaches, heaviness in the limbs, fatigue), mental manifestations (difficulty focusing and concentrating short term memory loss), emotional (sorrow, anguish, anxiety, depression, relief), social (a change in your support network or sense of belonging), and spiritual manifestations (loss of meaning, purpose).

Yoga invites you to move into your bodies in a deeply compassionate way, so you can begin to experience your grief in a way that is self-supportive and nurturing.

Yoga for Grief combines the ancient practice of yoga accompanied with breathing exercises and self-care to help the bereaved through their journey. Yoga for Grief creates a safe and sacred space to begin to process and explore sensations, thoughts, and emotions in both the mind and body. The physical postures of yoga (asana) will be taught to nurture the heart and relieve the physical manifestations of grief. Students will be guided through breathing techniques (pranayama) to enhance the mind-body connection, and to induce a calm state of mind. Guided meditation and relaxation will be used to encourage students to journey and explore their grief in a supportive environment. Students will be taught empowering techniques to cope with their grief, find compassion for their journey.

Self-love and positive affirmation will be infused throughout the course.


Yoga and meditation for grief .
Yoga and meditation for grief .
Yoga and meditation for grief .
Yoga and meditation for grief .



What exactly is grief and how can yoga help?

Being mindful about our grief

Sitting with our pain is one of the best ways to heal.

Yoga and grief

Yoga and grief

Grief can hurt

You can heal your heart

Your mind is often at war with Itself, using your past to keep you stuck.

Mindful meditation to sooth grief.

Restorative yoga for grief

Healing grief through yoga.

Yoga is a total mind-body workout that combines poses with deep breathing.

Restore , relax and accept.

Legs up the wall, Childs pose and final savasana.


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