Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved Course

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn 25 yin yoga poses and their variations

How to professionally teach yin yoga classes

How to sequence and structure a yin yoga class

Anatomy of yin yoga

The 7 Chakras

The 12 main Meridians

Yin yoga for the elderly and pregnancy

The theory of yin and yang


Welcome to the Anjali Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course!

If you want to learn every aspect of yin yoga so that you can guide students through powerful and healing yin yoga classes then you are in the right place!

Our course is a Yoga Alliance approved continuing education course.

The Anjali Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course will cover:

  • What exactly is yin yoga

  • History, principles and benefits of yin yoga

  • Concept of yin and yang

  • Anatomy as it refers to yin yoga - including muscles and connective tissue

  • Chakras and Meridians

  • Breakdown of 25 yin yoga poses - including step by step instructions, pose variations, benefits, associated Chakras and Meridians and contraindications

  • Sequencing

  • Two professional, guided yin yoga practices

  • Yin yoga for the elderly and pregnancy

  • Teaching tips

  • Class environment

  • Class structure

  • Safety considerations

You will also receive wonderful resources with this course including two student workbooks with over 35 pages of information to assist your learning and a fully illustrated, 25 page yin yoga pose guide with pose instructions, benefits, contraindications, variations and Chakras and Meridians, you will also receive a chakra cleanse meditation script to use in your classes and two professional yin yoga sequences to get you classes started.

All of our resources are exclusive to Anjali Yoga!

This course will provide you with all of the skills, tools and knowledge you need to confidently and safely teach yin yoga classes.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course



Introduction and Meet Your Teacher

Download Your Workbook - One

What is Yin Yoga

Benefits of Yin Yoga

The principles of Yin Yoga

The history of Yin Yoga

Concept of Yin and Yang

Anatomy of Yin Yoga

Muscle Anatomy

Connective Tissue

Yin Yoga on Cold Muscles



Module Two - Teaching Yin Yoga

Download Your Workbook - Two

Teaching Yin Yoga Classes Overview

Ankle Stretch


Butterfly Pose

Caterpillar Pose

Cat Pulling Its Tail

Child's Pose

Dangling Pose

Dragon Pose

Dragonfly Pose

Frog Pose

Half Butterfly

Happy Baby

Melting Heart Pose

Saddle Pose

Seal Pose

Shoelace Pose

Snail Pose

Squat Pose

Supine Twist

Swan Pose

Toe Squat Pose

Upper Body Poses

Yin Yoga for a Healthy Back - Full Guided Practice

Chakra Cleansing Yin Yoga Practice - Meditation Included

Chakra Meditation - Individual plus PDF

Yin Yoga During Pregnancy

Yin Yoga for the Elderly


Yin Yoga Class Structure

Teaching Tips

Class Environment

Safety Considerations for Your Yin Yoga Classes



YungShun1 July 2021

Frankly speaking, it's not bad. But not worth its price. All resources can be found for free on Internet. Even some youtubers made their instruction videos in more details with better quality. For example, this list in Chinese, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgzxdlIcydXA18f5zvUPTmpfNu4wdSwGM. Just watch them for free.

Nassima24 June 2021

I love this course! Very straight forward, a good complement to other yoga teacher trainings that I did.

Caroline23 June 2021

Great resources attached to this course easy quided instructions, clearly prononced sequences and a really nice learning experience.

Ramona23 June 2021

As all Jessica's courses , this is a complete and clear journey through Yin Yoga, that I reccommend to any future teacher. Thank you, it was beautiful!

Aubrie16 June 2021

Very well presented and thorough. I've taught Yin for years as a yoga instructor, but have been wanting to professionally offer it with more depth of understanding for my students. This course definitely delivered, and I feel confident in leading my students through classes based on this course!

Laura15 June 2021

At this point I’m in the middle of module one and I have to say I really like it so far. Information is cut into easily digestible pieces, the workbook is beautifully designed and also well structured. Everything seems really thought through and also the presentation is carrying the atmosphere of yin yoga, the voice over is very pleasant and I enjoy following through the course.It’s basically exactly what I’ve been asking for and I’m utterly grateful I’ve been led to this particular course.

Tina13 June 2021

This was such a wonderful course. I received my RYT200 at the beginning of the year, and plan on teaching the more gentle yoga styles, including Ying. Even though I've practiced Yin Yoga for years, as well as reading countless books on the subject, if you plan to teach Yin Yoga, this course is truly invaluable. It is very engaging, and I feel confident in putting together my first Yin Yoga class.

Romina12 June 2021

This course is wonderful, The videos and the resources are so pretty and useful, and the teacher's voice is so relaxing. I love it.

Ilona10 June 2021

A wonderful course that has completely allayed my anxiety about teaching yin. I now feel completely prepared and have Anjali's excellent resources to back up my teaching. Thank you!

Julie8 June 2021

Yin yoga really relax my body and I like the feeling after the class, its very calming, but I also feel the benefits. I know its not traditinal style of yoga, but for me works the best, thank you.

Flavia3 June 2021

Il corso è davvero ben strutturato. Insegna tutte le posizioni e le relative varianti cosa che mi interessa molto.

Clio1 June 2021

I love everything about this course. The course work is amazing and the graphics make it every easy to follow through and understand the content. I highly recommend!

Tilja30 May 2021

Loved this course! Very comprehensive, concise and easy to follow. The anatomy part was well explained, and the resources provided are awesome, very professional. The teacher has a lovely, relaxing voice. Recommended 100%!

Laura29 May 2021

This is a wonderful Yin Yoga Teacher Training course. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in becoming a Yin Yoga teacher. With clear and concise guidance, this course will give you the confidence to teach Yin Yoga.

Tonia26 May 2021

This is the second course I have done that is created by Jessica. I hope that she continues to make these yoga courses as they are absolutely amazing


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