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Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver

WebElement Locating Strategies For Selenium WebDriver Aspirants

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

HTML Basics

Locating Elements Using ID, Name, Class

Creating XPath

Creating CSS Selectors

Using Locaters in Selenium WebDriver Scripts

Using XPath and CSS in Selenium WebDriver Scripts


(Please Read) Note: ChroPath extension for Chrome, which is used in this course to inspect the elements, is no more available on Chrome. Please use SelectorsHub extension for the same purpose. Installing and using SelectorsHub is very similar to as that of ChroPath.

For the best video streaming quality, please adjust the resolution from 'settings' at bottom right-hand corner of video player. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network speed.

This course covers:

  • WebPage HTML Structure Basics

  • Element Locating Strategies

  • Locating Elements By ID

  • Locating Elements By Name

  • Locating Elements By Link Text

  • Locating Elements By Partial Link Text

  • Locating Elements By Class

  • Hands on Exercises on Locaters

  • XPath - Basics

  • XPath - Axes

  • CSS Selectors - Basics

  • CSS Selectors - Advance

To get the maximum benefit from the course, please take a look at following steps explaining 'How to take this course?'

Step 1:  Schedule 30-45 minutes of your time daily for 5 days a week. 'Continuity' is the key.

Step 2:  All sessions are divided in small videos of less than 20 minutes. Watch 2-3 videos daily.

Step 3:  Hands-on exercise is very important. So, immediately try out the programs discussed in the session. Try them on your won. You can download these programs from lecture resources.

Step 4: Assignments with answer keys are provided where-ever necessary. Complete the assignments before jumping on to the next sessions.

Step 5:  If you come across any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure that your queries are resolved.

Wish you all a very happy learning.

Note: All the course videos are in Quad HD. For the best video streaming quality, please adjust the resolution from 'settings' at bottom right-hand corner of video player. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network speed.


Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver
Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver
Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver
Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver


Locating Elements

HTML Basics

How to Inspect WebElements?

Find Elements By ID and Link Text

Find Elements By Name and Class

XPath Basics

ChroPath for Chrome

Create XPath Using Attributes

Create XPath Using Text

XPath for Dynamic Elements

XPath Axis

XPath Using Parent - Child Relationship

XPath Using Ancestor - Descendant Relationship

XPath Using Preceding - Following Relationship

Absolute XPath Vs Relative XPath

CSS Selectors Basics

What is CSS and CSS Selectors?

Create CSS Selectors Using Attributes

CSS Selectors for Dynamic Elements

Create CSS Selectors Using Multiple Attributes

CSS Selectors Advance

Advance CSS Selectors

Creating CSS Selectors Using Child-Node Numbering



Pulkit15 August 2020

Thank you so much for taking time and sharing this knowledge via recorded session. Personally I really enjoyed each and every session. I was continuously engaged with all the knowledge throughout the course. Thanks again for this course....Personally Recommended (5 stars from me) Best Regards, #HappyLearning #BeAble

Anand18 July 2020

Coverage is good I would give 5 if he has taken real examples, instead of asking us to assume the element is dynamic, etc

Jessica11 June 2020

Very clear and structured course, I recommend downloaded the resources since you can keep them for reference and they're super tidy.

Sanjay23 May 2020

Very good instructor. Extremely knowledgeable and clear to the point, which makes the subject interesting.

Subbarao3 May 2020

Really matched the course content as per the course title and you will be a master of creating xpath and css selectors after completing this course. Thank You Mayur !!

Sudharshan30 January 2020

This course is definitely not for beginners. You should have prior knowledge on web driver installation using chrome/firefox in order to practice what has been shown on the video. WOuld have been better if prerequisites are shown in one video. This video is suitable for people with prior knowledge on selenium and eclipse.

Sri30 January 2020

Very knowledgeable and thorough with what's needed when locating elements using Selenium WebDriver on the Chrome/Firefox. Succinct and highly valuable...Thank You!

Shipra30 January 2020

It was a really nice course for those who want to quickly learn about CSS selectors and Xpath concepts, basically who are stuck in how to find a web element.

Nefi24 January 2020

This training is really clear. I just love it! I am ready to use Xpath and CSS selectors in my new position as a QA engineer. Thanks for putting this course together.

Fidel15 January 2020

The trainer is clear enough in his explanations. I have understood everything until now. I am learning to apply for a job.

Littu24 December 2019

This course has helped me to understand different locator techniques which infact is the core of the automation process. Thank you so much!

Nilesh19 December 2019

important locator in selenium i.e. xpath and CCS selectors explain very well with practice. Amazing explanation

Prachi13 November 2019

i learn lot of new concepts that i am unfamilar before i watched this video but right now i am having the idea that how it works.

Pavan4 November 2019

These series of videos are really for those who work in Front-End Automation. Xpath and CSS Selector Concepts explained in such a way that anybody can become master in creating their own XPath and CSS Selector in real time.

Nag19 August 2019

is this good way to create xpath using div[3] like this when we had more no of child for one parent node? or is there any other way to identify more no of childs? than this


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