Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

An Eight-Step Guide to Upgrade Your Writing Style, Give Yourself a Professional Edge, and Stand out From the Crowd

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Nov 2016

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What you will learn

In this course you will learn to hone your style and craft in the fundamentals of effective writing.

PRACTICE effective word usage and economy

IMPLEMENT proactive sentence structure

UTILIZE effective word order and sentence flow

CREATE strong intros, conclusions, paragraph order, and variety

STRATEGIZE your purpose and unity with maximum effect

CONVINCE your reader through strong logic and presentation

UNDERSTAND what attitudes will give you an edge in your writing

PRACTICE effective habits that will help you create the writing quality you desire


You Can Benefit from my Experience in Days Without the Years of Struggle. 

Course with overall 4+ Star Rating

Ever feel like you can't get ahead because your writing doesn't stand out? Want to start seeing changes in your writing today, but don't know what to do? I know how it feels to work hard, and still not see results, because I don't have the right tools to succeed. This course will give you specific tools to start seeing results today.

**Instructor with almost 30,000 students, seven courses on Udemy, and hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews

**4500+ students enrolled in the course

An Eight-Step Guide to Upgrade Your Writing Style, Give Yourself a Professional Edge, and Stand out From the Crowd

From my own writing and life experience overcoming these challenges, this course offers real strategies to help you see true results in your writing immediately. Competitors offer similar courses at higher prices, but my chief goal is to see you succeed, because I know how it feels to struggle, and I want to help you know how it feels to succeed while offering you great value and real experience. 

This course offers actionable guidelines from every level of the writing process in a humorous and compassionate manner by someone who has years of real experience teaching writing and knowing how to make writing understandable for people like you. You can benefit from my experience without the years of struggle. I have included what I have learned in this course. 

Average Student Review--5 Stars

2600+ Students and growing

One of the best selling writing courses on Udemy

Taught by a university professor and team lead with over 13 years experience teaching writing to thousands of students one on one and getting proven results

Strapped for cash? **One of the Best Values for a comprehensive writing course on Udemy!

What makes this course better for you than other courses: 

1. Many courses don't include visuals and exercises right alongside the lectures on different stages in the writing process. This course always does, and I explain each slide, visual, or exercise.

2. This course is one of the best values on Udemy where quality meets value. Since prices have risen, this course offers a great deal for the price you are paying compared to competitor courses without compromising on the course or content quality. The reviews speak for themselves.

3. Compassionate teacher who cares about your success--I have struggled in my own writing, and I have learned through experience what works and what doesn't. I present personal anecdotes, stories, tricks, and experiences to help you benefit from my experience without the struggle. 

Here is what students in the course had to say. The proof is in the results students get and share in reviews:

"Straight forward - No nonsense"

"Excellent nuts and bolts for anyone interested in crafting a message that connects their audience with the intended meaning. Each section has not only video but slide examples! Thank you for building this course." Bob Marx--Udemy Student

"Clear and precise!"

"This teacher has a very clear way of communicating the lessons she wants us to learn and all in all, this will be a very helpful course for my writing - no doubt! So I will, most definitely, recommend this course for any and all that would like to improve upon their writing skills. +1" Geir Rødde--Udemy Student

"A course for everybody - Superbly put together!"  Whojr01--Udemy Student

"Amazing! Great course! . . .  Very interesting structured course and a lot of tricks and tips for writers.Thank you for this opportunity to write much better!"  Elena Kostadinova--Udemy Student

"Rachel: Many thanks for creating wonderful courses! I am amateur learner. I took your two courses. I found your courses useful in two ways. First, your courses provided insights "why" I had been writing in a particular way. Second, I got some teaching tips. I am teacher by profession. Impressed with your teaching passion. Keep creating good courses."  Dr. Ajit Kumar--Udemy Student

"This is an great course, especially for a novice writer like myself. I learned so much about structure, word usage, organization, etc. The course is taught by an excellent teacher. I can't thank you enough!"  Sandra Eastman--Udemy Student

"I will be a better writer as a result of this course. Thank you . . . David Gulp--Udemy Student

"This is the perfect course for anyone who has to do any type of writing . . . it was very much worth my time."  Larry Sweet--Udemy Student

What This Course Does

                      Weak writing will not sell. Clean writing sells. This course will help you write with style to create immediate results, and increase chances of a sale. 

      Learn to make your writing streamlined, stylish, and sexy. Make it stand out from the crowd. By taking this course and applying the lectures, the results from your writing will be 

  • more sales

  • competitive quality

  • higher visibility

  • increased credibility

  • achieved writing goals

  • engaged readers.

                      If you apply this fundamental, thorough, and professionally engineered writing system, your writing will get the attention you desire. 

                      Join the 2600+ students benefitting from over 50 lectures and 5 hours of in-depth instruction, examples, and exercises. 

                        This course is designed and taught by a university writing professor and published writer with extensive university training in writing and twelve years experience coaching thousands of students like you on the fundamentals and habits of effective writing style with powerful results and consistently high teaching evaluations. 

  Where do I start?  

                              One of the biggest frustrations writers from all levels and genres face in improving their writing is "where do I start?" 

                              Do you feel like your writing style needs something more to stand out and be effective, but you're not sure what? Are you a new writer that needs more tools to hone your craft effectively? Or are you an experienced writer looking for ways to improve, get your reader's attention, and sell your writing? 

What Is Unique About This Course

        Tips without habits for execution will not accomplish results. That is why habits and attitudes are of equal importance. This course covers the fundamentals of effective writing style from the ground up, and it covers important habits and attitudes of effective writing. 

        In just a few days, you can also practice habits and attitudes that will help you get the most out of these tips. You will see lasting success at beating your competition. 

  Similar courses out there sell for $300, $400, $500, and $1000, and this course uses an academically researched approached based on a pedagogical (teaching) approach called "Bloom's Taxonomy." This course is based on a carefully built system that produces results, and you get greater value for the price of this course with high quality instruction and results.   

  Also, unlike a book on the topic, this course is personalized and interactive, which produces real results as you follow the exercises and suggestions on a real piece of writing. You also have access to the instructor via Udemy email and questions are always welcome. I love to help. I love questions! 

  Who Can Benefit From This Course 

  This course is designed for those learning the writing craft, needing a thorough review on writing style, or wanting to tighten their prose.  

  • bloggers

  • business writers

  • people who write for profit

  • journalists

  • creative writers

  • academic writers

  • students

  • new writers

  • lifetime learners

  • copywriters

  How This Course Is Designed 

                                                                      The course is broken down into four sections, each section containing two strategies to help you improve your writing style, approach, and habits. These strategies will help you improve the clarity, flow, presentation, and results you create in your writing. The ultimate outcome and goal is writing that stands out and sells. 

                      You will learn eight strategies, each with several techniques. Each technique contains a slideshow and a synchronized video lecture that elaborates on each slideshow. Each technique includes the following: 

  1. The technique in a nutshell.

  2. An explanation that elaborates on and clarifies each technique and best practices.

  3. Examples to explain the technique in practice. 

  4. Exercises and/or quizzes at the end of each overall strategy to test your knowledge, reinforce the material, and allow you to put the techniques into practice right away.

                            By the end of the course you will know how to do the following: 

  Words and Sentences 

  • Build better clarity, flow, and conciseness in sentences through better word economy.

  • Improve tone and structure through activated sentences. 

  Structures and Paragraphs 

  • Increase the effect of each sentence through optimized word order.

  • Grab your reader's attention and keep it throughout the piece.

  Purpose and Presentation 

  • Set clear goals and build unity in a writing piece to convince your reader.

  • Build credibility, back ideas with strong logic, and achieve desired results for writing that sells. 

  Attitudes and Habits 

  • Practice effective attitudes that will maximize results and improve your efficiency. And it will make the process a lot funner!

  • Create healthy writing habits that will increase productivity, improve results, and increase your chances of success.

                                                                                      Each category includes a skill set to help you sharpen your style and craft. Enroll in this course now to get started on writing with quality that sells. 

  Please note that some of the videos call the course Writing That Sells: Techniques That Will Transform Writing, but the name of the course is now Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery to more accurately reflect for the student the content of this course. Nothing else in the course has otherwise changed other than new bonuses added from time to time.

Don't put off changing your life. Sign up for this course today, and you can start achieve writing mastery almost immediately!


Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery
Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery
Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery
Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery


Introduction--Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

Introduction--Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

Words and Sentences, Strategies 1 and 2

Words: Repetition (Strategy 1, Technique 1)

Words: Cliches (Strategy 1, Technique 2)

Words: Vague Words (Strategy 1, Technique 3)

Words: Adverbs (Strategy 1, Technique 4)

Words: Adjectives (Strategy 1, Technique 5)

Words: Qualifiers (Strategy 1, Technique 6)

Words: "Ing" verbs (Strategy 1, Technique 7)

Words: Bracket Technique (Strategy 1, Technique 8)

Words Exercises (Strategy 1)

Sentences: Active Voice (Strategy 2, Technique 1)

Sentences: Action Verbs (Strategy 2, Technique 2)

Sentences: Passive Verbs (Strategy 2, Technique 3)

Sentences Exercises (Strategy 2)

Structures and Paragraphs, Strategies 3 and 4

Structures: Sentence Length (Strategy 3, Technique 1)

Structures: Sentence Flow (Strategy 3, Technique 2)

Structures: Emphatic Words (Strategy 3, Technique 3)

Structures: Punctuation and Pace (Strategy 3, Technique 4)

Structures Exercises (Strategy 3)

Paragraphs: Introductions (Strategy 4, Technique 1)

Paragraphs: Conclusions (Strategy 4, Technique 2)

Paragraphs: Signposts for Organization (Strategy 4, Technique 3)

Paragraphs: Paragraph Lengths (Strategy 4, Technique 4)

Paragraphs Exercise (Strategy 4)

Purpose and Presentation, Strategies 5 and 6

Purpose: Purpose in Fiction (Strategy 5, Technique 1)

Purpose: Purpose in Nonfiction (Strategy 5, Technique 2)

Quiz on Purpose (Strategy 5)

Presentation: Mood Clarifiers (Strategy 6, Technique 1)

Presentation: Showing Human Characteristics (Strategy 6, Technique 2)

Presentation: Unities (Strategy 6, Technique 3)

Presentation: Rhetorical Situation (Strategy 6, Technique 4)

Presentation: Rhetorical Appeals--Ethos, Pathos, Logos (Strategy 6, Technique 5)

Presentation: Tone (Strategy 6, Technique 6)

Presentation Exercises (Mood Clarifiers, Unities, Rhetorical Situation)

Quiz on Purpose (Human Characteristics, Rhetorical Appeals, and Tone)

Attitudes and Habits, Strategies 7 and 8

Attitudes: Don't Over Explain (Strategy 7, Technique 1)

Attitudes: Break Down Large Tasks (Strategy 7, Technique 2)

Attitudes: Be Brutal With Your Words (Strategy 7, Technique 3)

Attitudes: Think Small (Strategy 7, Technique 4)

Attitudes: Know Your Voice (Strategy 7, Technique 5)

Attitudes: Write for Yourself (Strategy 7, Technique 6)

Attitudes: Write What You Care About (Strategy 7, Technique 7)

Attitudes: Trust Your Curiosity (Strategy 7, Technique 8)

Attitudes: Trust Your Process (Strategy 7, Technique 9)

Attitudes: Silence the Internal Critic (Strategy 7, Technique 10)

Quiz on Attitudes (Strategy 7)

Habits: Free Writing for Writer's Block (Strategy 8, Technique 1)

Habits: Be Prepared (Strategy 8, Technique 2)

Habits: Discover Through Writing (Strategy 8, Technique 3)

Habits: Reading (Strategy 8, Technique 4)

Habits: Save Ideas and Scraps (Strategy 8, Technique 5)

Habits: Build Community (Strategy 8, Technique 6)

Habits Exercise: Strategy 8

Conclusion: Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

Conclusion: Become a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up

Bonus Videos: How To Do Free Writing Part One

Bonus Videos: How To Do Free Writing Part Two

Free--Entire Course Slideshow--Become a Professional Writer


Bonus Videos: Choosing Priorities: Rocks in a Jar




David9 April 2020

the instructor is not really talking to the audience but just reading off facts. Not a very interesting course.

Laura23 January 2020

I did get lost among the strategies and techniques. An introductory slide showing the strategy topic and techniques therein might help if others experienced the same problem. I would have appreciated a few more "let's fix this problem with this sentence / paragraph / document" together samples. Instructor was great.

Francois2 December 2019

As a beginner, I found this course enlightening, practical and motivational. I like the idea of being able to go back and refer to earlier strategies. Generally, super-helpful!

Christina30 August 2019

The course was helpful, especially for beginners. It helps a person build some structure in their writing. Overall, I do think some of the methods or tips in the course will be nice to have and utilize in my future writings.

Edwina3 December 2018

So far, it has been a review of what I learned in high school. I really expected more "in depth" information. The instructor is not clear in her speech and runs her sentences together. I tried to follow the text, but it had so many mistakes that I finally gave it up.

Khalid18 November 2018

This course is not for all level student. The course should contain a video for grammar and punctuation usage. So, the beginner/intermediate student could refresh their memory.

Ange18 November 2018

thanks for your course, my style has improved. I see better how to structure my stories, thank you (x3)! I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their style. 10/10 (La France) :) She knows what she says,

William4 October 2018

This is my second course with Rachel, she is a great instructor. I always tend to learn more with her writing course then with some others. The only thing that distracted me was her apparent reading the note verbatim from her script. Everything else was just fantastic.

Don25 September 2018

It has been pointed out that my writing needed to be improved. I have the desire to be more impactful in my writing as well as come across more professional.

Gustav21 June 2018

This course covers several common problems both beginning and more experienced writers face. The instructor also offers solutions to those problems. However, it's hard to become immersed with the course; the instructor often speaks too fast for you to be able to follow, and the course also often feels too scripted.

Anonymized1 March 2018

This course is awesome and I advise any new applicants to take time and really go through the course as it provide you with alot of knowledge.

Marcia5 February 2018

Great Course. Topics delivered in bite-size lessons that progressively built on each other. Handouts to support lectures.

Charles11 January 2018

At this point she is helping me to build a better more simple writing style that will be cleaner as I present my writings to clients.

Mark19 November 2017

Teacher explains the strategy more concrete and easy to understand the method of basic writing style. Thank

Sharon19 February 2017

Presenter is reading more than speaking and speaks very fast. So far the suggestions have been very basic and should be common sense for most anyone who writes or wants to write.


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