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SASS from Beginner to Expert

Using SASS you will create CSS 10x times faster. I'll teach you how to maintain a code on a whole new level using SASS

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

install SASS

write clean and easy to maintain code in SASS

import SASS files

make CSS files compressed automatically

use SASS's language syntax

create a professional clean project

create responsive web design using SASS


If you want to write clean and easy to maintain code or you do not know what SASS is, then you are in the right place. 

After my course you will write your CSS faster - your code will be clean and easy to maintain. 

SASS allows you to: 

  1. reduce the time needed for creating and maintaining a CSS code

  2. quickly create clean responsive web design

  3. divide your project into logical modules without losing website loading speed

  4. have many logical files in development and generate automatically one compressed CSS file

  5. create variables (you can save and reuse values that are used in many places)

  6. create mixins (write reusable code only once)

  7. do nesting (which makes your code easier to organize)

  8. choose colors for website on a whole new level

  9. and much more

SASS is very similar to CSS so you do not need to worry about learning it from scratch. 

SASS is expanding CSS by additional cool features that you will get to know during my course. 

After my course you will know how to:     

  1. install SASS

  2. write clean and easy to maintain code

  3. make output CSS file automatically compressed

  4. use SASS's language syntax

  5. create a professional clean project

  6. create responsive web design using SASS

I guarantee you that after completing this course you won't want to go back to write normal CSS code. Why? Because it won't be as fast and effective as by using SASS. 

Over 250,000 students bought my courses and all of them are happy. 
I give you 100% satisfaction - if you do not like my course you can request a full refund up to 30 days. Remember that if you have any questions regarding topics covered in the course please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to help!   

Please check free lessons before buying! See for yourself the great quality of the course and enjoy it! 

So JOIN NOW and save your precious time. Learn SASS faster with my course.


SASS from Beginner to Expert
SASS from Beginner to Expert
SASS from Beginner to Expert
SASS from Beginner to Expert



What is SASS? What you will know after this course?



Ideal editor for working with SASS

Installation and configuration of SASS

Manually compilation of SASS

Solution for problems with SSL when installing SASS

Code Managament

What are source maps and why they are so cool?

How to compress your CSS files on fly?

How to manage your code to be cleaner?


What are variables and how to properly name them?

How to make drop-down menu using nested-styles?

What are mixins and how to solve problem with vendor prefixes?


What are placeholders and when to use them?

Our own functions and built-in functions

Conditional Statements on practical example using function

Summary quiz

Real life examples

Why Math in Sass is so cool?

Professional Responsive Web Design with SASS

How to use variable value as a text for selector (Interpolation)

Generating small boxes selectors with mixins and interpolation


Loop @for



What's next?


Johann3 November 2019

Das Englisch ist schwierig zu verstehen, da der Akzent des Coachs schon sehr stark ist. Manchmal fehlen ihm die richtigen Worte um etwas direkt zu beschreiben. Somit werden viele Sachen umschrieben und dadurch der Inhalt in die Länge gezogen.

Madhuri10 October 2019

The content and the teaching style is very good. I had a bit of trouble following the accent. Overall, I found the course very useful!

Kotal30 March 2019

you can Improve your course by adding an extra section as a project section in which you can create a website with the help of Sass

Ivan6 November 2018

Very insecure about the things he's talking about. Doesn't get straight to the point. A lot of time is spent on small talk. Not to say that the instructor does not know what he is talking about, far from it. But this course is agonizing to follow.

Yashas17 October 2018

Need more continuous, confident speech, could try to maybe write down the contents before hand and read them on the mic.

Ayush22 August 2018

For Someone with a good understanding of CSS the content is very relevant and easy to understand, each point has been explained extensively and hence was easy to grasp. The only drawback was the flow of the course was a bit slow and video length could be shorter.

Atiqah18 May 2018

Good intro to SASS for a beginner but the course won't bring you to "Expert" as per the name. It covered the basics but doesn't really provide more in-depth or complex applications. You can see from the curriculum list, there's only two lectures for "Advanced". I found the presenter's delivery hard to follow as he repeats and stumbles a lot throughout lectures so I would have to repeat the videos to fully grasp what he's trying to get across. I didn't learn anything new than what I did from the SASS documentation.

Puran25 April 2018

Voice is good, overall good experience to view this video, just little note kindly use latest IDs (Code Editor)

Jacoob140619 December 2017

The course is very understandable and practical, it shows the power of SASS in a very good attitude. I do recommend.

Brian2 August 2017

Arkadiusz makes this course very easy to understand with his profound knowledge of the content. It covers Sass from all the angles that will anyone to dive right in and start making cleaner and faster code.

Akram16 October 2016

very clear and has a happy voice. nice job. I liked this course followed this without being tired. Thanks.

Andrew31 December 2015

I have purchased quite a few courses from Arkadiusz. They are all very good. Arkadiusz focuses on what you need to know and keeps his lessons simple and to the point. He has a very extensive set of knowledge from many years of web development and that comes through in the lessons.

Karsten2 July 2015

I’ve been working with SASS for a while, but of course Arkadiusz covers some SASS-topics, I didn’t even heard about in advance, I learnt a lot. So, after completing the course, I’m pretty sure, that my css-files will profit greatly from my new knowledge :) Thanks to Arkadiusz for this pretty layouted course!


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