Working Help Desk Tickets (Real World Examples) for Entry Lv

Real World Examples, real tickets, real solutions, real experience.

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What you will learn

Learning a Jira Ticketing System

Noting Tickets and Communicate with Users/Customers

How to resolve Trouble Tickets and company policy rules

Gain knowledge from 35+ tickets resolved

Confidence booster knowledge

Become Help Desk Professional


This is a practical Help Desk Training course. All lessons are using a real ticketing system with real tickets.

If you are new to Tech Support this course is perfect for you. It's super easy to follow and understand.

First video is a bit longer in order to carefully introduce you to a ticketing system, how to work tickets, how to communicate with users, and what to do when issues are resolved. After that, every video is directly working trouble tickets.

Make no mistake, this course is directly taking you to ticket training and troubleshooting. There is no presentation on Help Desk because in my opinion they are waste of time. You need immediate and real knowledge to be successful.

Yes, I teach Help Desk in my course but I also teach people interaction; this is super important and a huge part of the job.

Working Help Desk is the first stepping stone to successful and profitable career in IT. After you work Help Desk, as little as six months experience is enough for you to get promoted. This is why it's super important to be the best Help Desk representative in order to sky rocket your career. 

My videos are are the best starting point because everything I instruct is based of real experience.


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How to use the ticketing system and resolve issues.

Introduction to Working Help Desk, Very easy to follow and understand.
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