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How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic

Learn How To Use Alchemy To Illuminate The Soul, Shamanically Travel To Other Dimensions, And Manifest A Mystical Life

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to get in touch with your magical powers

Learn what Magic is and how to use it

Learn the basics of Alchemy (High Magic) to transform yourself into the your best version.

Learn the art of manifestation to create your own reality.

Learn the basics of shamanism to Spirit Travel into different dimensions and commune with Otherworldly Beings

Learn the basics of the energy portals inside you

Learn about using the power of 'limnal' times and places to see beyond the veil of this reality.

Learn about your magical tools and how to use them

Learn a little bit about your magical powers to give you access to the higher dimensions of communication and perception.

Reclaim your magical sovereignty.

Lean how to trust your intuition

Lean my secret key to instant manifestation, that has never been given out before!


***Hot & New - Created June 2020***
***Updated November 2020***

Magic is real. If you connect to the magical realm of 'fantasy', I can help you remember that it is a real dimension of reality. If you connect to Faeries, Dragons, Unicorns, Sorcery, Wizardry and Witchcraft, then this course can bring this world into 'synergy' your life.

This course is designed to help you connect to the dimension of magic and empower you to make your own personal relationship with your own inner Wizard or Witch, or however you choose to refer to yourself..Warlock, Sorcerer, Priestess etc.

You will learn the art of Alchemy, or High Magic, which is to use the Secret Fire to transform the lead of your shadow into the gold of your illuminated self. This leads to completion of the Great Work which is the equivalent of Enlightenment your birthright.

You will learn to be your own Shaman, to Spirit Travel into navigating ancient maps of the multiple dimensions of reality. We cover the many keys of liminality to cross over the threshold into other realities. We were once a shamanic people. It is time to reclaim our shamanic roots, and become one with our inter-dimensional nature.

You will learn the art of using your magical powers through focused intent and visualisation to manifest your dreams into reality. The only limit is your imagination. You deserve to have the life you really want. Magic makes all of this possible. I will give you the keys, some of these secrets, for example my revelation on how to open up to the possibility of instant manifestation, I am giving out for the first time, so you will not find this anywhere else. Please use this wisely, with great power comes great responsibility.

Learn the ways that have been hidden from humanity for too long. It is our time now...

It is time to reclaim your magical birthright...

It is time for you to be your own Wizard or Witch!...

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Cover Art by Rachel Da Silva: Instagram: peachmelt


How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic
How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic
How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic
How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic




What Is Magic?

Creating Magical Space

Pyramid Power

Using Ritual

Your Magical Tools

Cleansing Magical Tools

Charging Magical Tools

Your Magic Wand

Gold Wizard Hats

Your Crystal Ball

Your Magic Cauldron

The Sword And The Stone

Using Energy Portals

The Chakras

The Power Of Love

The Celtic Chakras

Source Energy

Earth Energy

Torus/Aura (Electro-Magnetic Field)

High Magic: Alchemy

What is Alchemy?

The 7 Principles of Alchemy

The Secret Fire

Seal Of Solomon Meditation

The Art Of Manifestation

Lunar Cycles

Spells And Incantations

Mind, Matter And Manifestation

Master Your Mind Meditation


Using emotion


The Jack Method Of Manifestation


Liminality and Shamanic Spirit Travel

What is Shamanism?

Altered States



8 Fire Festivals

Sacred Sites (Power Spots)

Sunrise (Dawn)

Sunset Dusk

Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel

The Secret Treasure

Magical Powers




Congratulations: The Great Work Is Complete.


Joanne6 April 2021

I love the content and the teaching style. However some of the videos are difficult to listen to because of the high pitch background noise of the jungle.

Victoria16 February 2021

Excellent material, very engaging and well learned instructor with great energy and enthusiasm. I am easily bored by online courses but this has kept my attention. I am also an energy worker and shamanic healer of Celtic /Faery origins so this is super interesting for me and I can really feel the energy and activations in the meditations. My merkebah took me to a life in a Russian Forest where I’m pretty sure I was eaten by wolves! Makes sense as this fit with the trigger I was going into. Thank you for healing me to access this insight!


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