Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills

From basic to advanced network analysis using Wireshark! Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux: Passwords, Security, Protocol

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Oct 2020
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What you will learn

Learn how to troubleshoot networks using Wireshark.

Capture VoIP, OSPF, HTTP, Telnet and many other protocols using Wireshark.

Learn how to use Wireshark for Ethical hacking.

Improve your job prospects by adding Wireshark to your resume.

Understand and interpret network protocols.

Hack Network Protocols using Kali Linux


Learn Wireshark practically. Wireshark pcapng files provided so you can practice while you learn! There is so much to learn in this course:

- Capture Telnet, FTP, TFTP, HTTP passwords.

- Replay VoIP conversations.

- Capture routing protocol (OSPF) authentication passwords.

- Troubleshoot network issues.

- Free software.

- Free downloadable pcapng files.

- Answer quiz questions.

The course is very practical. You can practice while you learn!

Learn how to analyze and interpret network protocols and leverage Wireshark for what it was originally intended: Deep Packet Inspection and network analysis.

I also show you have to hack network protocols using Kali Linux! Hack network protocols like DTP, VTP, STP and DHCP using Ethical hacking tools included in Kali Linux.

Updates: Now includes Python scripting to automatically capture packets from the network using tshark. Lean how to automate your captures and learn how to hack the network using Python and Wireshark.

Protocols we capture and discuss in this course include:

- Telnet




- VoIP






-  VTP



Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills - Screenshot_01Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills - Screenshot_02Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills - Screenshot_03Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills - Screenshot_04
Wireshark Installation: Windows
Wireshark Installation: Mac OS
Wireshark Basics
The best way to learn!
Capture frames / packets / segments
Why are no packets captured?
Port SPAN / Mirroring
OSI Model
Make a choice
OSI Model - Part 1 - OSI Model Introduction
OSI Model - Part 2 - OSI Model Layers
OSI Model - Part 3 - Split of concentration
OSI Model - Part 4 - Layer 7 Application Layer
OSI Model - Part 5 - Layer 6 Presentation Layer
OSI Model - Part 6 - Layer 5 Session Layer
OSI Model - Part 7 - Top layers versus lower layers
OSI Model - Part 8 - Transport Layer
OSI Model - Part 9 - Network Layer
OSI Model - Part 10 - Data Link Layer
OSI Model - Part 11 - Physical Layer
OSI Model - Part 12 - Host Communication
OSI Model - Part 13 - Encapsulation
OSI Model - Part 14 - TCPIP versus OSI Model
Wireshark Filters
Wireshark Display filters
Practical Demonstration of Wireshark Display filters
Two types of filters
Wireshark Capture Filters
Wireshark Filters: IP address / protocols
Wireshark: Hacking Passwords
Telnet Password & Data Captures
TFTP Password & Data Capture
FTP Password & Data Capture
HTTP Data Capture
Cisco router HTTP Password Capture
Hacking VoIP
Replay Voice over IP calls (Virtual IP Phones)
Capture and replay voice calls (Virtual & Physical IP Phones)
Protocol Analysis: Can you troubleshoot the network?
DTP Lab: Quiz
DTP Lab: Answers
CDP, LLDP Lab: Quiz
CDP, LLDP Lab: Answers
OSPF Lab: Quiz
OSPF Lab: Answers Part 1
OSPF Lab: Answers Part 2
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 1: Question
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 1: Answers
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 2: Question
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 2: Answers
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 3: Question
OSPF Troubleshooting Lab 3: Answers
EIGRP Lab: Questions
EIGRP Lab: Answers
EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab 1: Question
EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab 1: Answers
EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab 2: Question
EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab 2: Answers
BGP Lab: Question
BGP Lab: Answers
BGP Troubleshooting Lab: Question
BGP Troubleshooting Lab: Answers
Wireshark Tips and Tricks
Quick Wireshark Filters
Wireshark Profiles
Wireshark Conversation Filters
Wireshark Statistics
Wireshark Protocol Hierarchy
Wireshark Conversations and IO Graph
Wireshark Flow Graph
tshark and Termshark
Overview and tshark install and packet capture
Python Wireshark scripting
tshark and Pyshark installation
Basic Pyshark testing
Pyshark script
Python Wireshark Password Captures
Lab overview and setup
iPython and interactive OSPF script
OSPF Password Python script
FTP Password Capture Python script
Telnet Password Capture Python Script
Kali Linux: Installation
Import Kali Linux (Windows 10 / VirtualBox)
Kali Linux: Network Attack Demonstrations
Network Overview
DTP Attack Demo
VTP Attack Demo Part 1
VTP Attack Demo Part 2
Spanning Tree Attack Demo
Demo: Mitigation of attacks
Kali Linux: DHCP attacks and Man-in-the-middle attack
Overview of lab
DHCP Starvation attack
Rogue DHCP Server; MITM attack, Wireshark password sniffing
Wireshark Quiz Questions
Don't worry!
Wireshark Quiz 1
Wireshark Quiz 1 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 2
Wireshark Quiz 2 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 3
Wireshark Quiz 3 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 4
Wireshark Quiz 4 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 5
Wireshark Quiz 5 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 6
Wireshark Quiz 6 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 7
Wireshark Quiz 7 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 8
Wireshark Quiz 8 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 9
Wireshark Quiz 9 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 10
Wireshark Quiz 10 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 11
Wireshark Quiz 11 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 12
Wireshark Quiz 12 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 13
Wireshark Quiz 13 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 14
Wireshark Quiz 14 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 15
Wireshark Quiz 15 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 16
Wireshark Quiz 16 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 17
Wireshark Quiz 17 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 18
Wireshark Quiz 18 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 19
Wireshark Quiz 19 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 20
Wireshark Quiz 20 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 21
Wireshark Quiz 21 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 22
Wireshark Quiz 22 Answers
Wireshark Quiz 23
Wireshark Quiz 23 Answers
VTP Theory and demonstrations
Make a choice
VTP Overview
VTP Overview Part 2
VTP Modes
VTP Versions
VTP on real 3750 switch
VTP - Demo: Erase switch config
VTP Pruning
VTP Defaults
VTP Warnings!
VTP Demo: Overview & Switch 1 config
VTP Demo: Autonegotiation S2
VTP Demo: VTP Client
VTP Demo: Client overrides server
VTP Network Meltdown! VLANs removed from database!
VTP Demo: Network Back Again and Transparent Mode
VTP: Physical swtiches auto learn VTP domain
Spanning Tree theory and demonstrations
Spanning Tree Overview
Versions of Spanning Tree
Why is Spanning Tree Required?
BPDUs and Bridge IDs
Demo: STP Root
Root Ports and Designated Ports
Extended Bridge ID
Path Cost Part 1
Path Cost Part 2
Path Cost Part 3
PVST versus RPVST Port States
RPVST and PVST Interoperability and 802.1w and 802.1s Overview
802.1w and 802.1s Overview
Demo: 802.1w
802.1w Link Types
802.1w Proposals
802.1s / MSTP
Spanning Tree Comparison Summary
Port SPAN (Mirroring) theory and demonstrations
SPAN Introduction
SPAN network overview
Tests before SPAN
Configure SPAN
SPAN Ingress Options
SPAN Options
SPAN - Multiple Sessions
BGP theory and demonstrations
BGP and the CCNA
BGP Overview
BGP Looking Glass
GNS3 BGP Part 1
GNS3 BGP Part 2
GNS3 BGP Part 3
GNS3 BGP Part 4
GNS3 BGP Part 5
GNS3 BGP Part 6
GNS3 BGP Part 7
GNS3 BGP Part 8
GNS3 BGP Part 9
GNS3 BGP Part 10
Dynamic Trunk Protocol - DTP
DTP Theory
DTP GNS3 Demo Part 1
DTP GNS3 Demo Part 2
DTP GNS3 Demo Part 3
CCNA Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) Quiz: Can you answer the ccna quiz question
CDP Overview
CDP Introduction
CDP Demo
GNS3 Campus 1: CDP and LLDP (ICND1)
CDP Demo: Basic discovery
CDP Demo: Disable globally and per interface
CDP Demo: Command Options
LLDP Demo: Discover Linux Servers
Port Security
Port Security Overview
Port Security and security mechanisms
MAC addresses Port Security: Static, Dynamic, Sticky
Port Security Demo Part 1
Port Security Demo Part 2
Port Security Demo: Sticky
Port Security Error disable and auto recovery
21 November 2021
A great course, it covers the subject in a very accessible way, leaving no doubt as to its understanding.
18 November 2021
Like all of David's courses, this one is fantastic. He is one of the best course creators on Udemy. I highly recommend this.
14 November 2021
Great course and I am absolutely recommending this to my friends, learned a lot during this course. The concepts were very well explained with clear examples. The instructor also replied in a fast and clear way. Terrific course
10 November 2021
The instructor appears to be concise and direct with his knowledge, in the beginning. I will be able to give more accurate feedback at the end of the course.
7 November 2021
Instructor is excellent, speaks clearly and in a way that's easy to understand. Besides using wireshark there is a ton of extra information regarding network protocols. My only criticism is the quiz questions in sections 7 and 15. He gives us screenshots from wireshark and asks to identify the protocol, but any and all indentifiable characteristics are blurred out. Unless you are a seasoned wireshark user there is no way you'd know the answers. Answers are provided but with no explanation... just an image of the packet with the blur removed. Not very helpful.
25 October 2021
So far I love it. It is my kind of way to learn things, detailed and also getting a little into details that are not just what to click and what happens when scenarios.
23 October 2021
I was not prepared for the linux peace, I basically had to install a VM with ubuntu to follow but I wanted to use mostly on windows environment.
22 October 2021
The course was pretty interesting if you are looking for CCNA topics, but isnt really guided to Wireshark
8 October 2021
Great course! David is an excellent instructor who motivates you to excel. I would recommend this course to anyone
5 October 2021
Great presentation and with very clear instructions! The course is well structured, with lots of examples shots taken from the Wireshark. I believe this will help the students in understanding all the features found in Wireshark, and what they can do to make network analysis much easier.
1 October 2021
very good explenations and easy to follow the pcap file didn't work on my wireshark. internet file was a little different but still able to follow
30 September 2021
Good basics of server client communication. Explaining how OSI model fits into the capture. Showing how to export image to desktop.
2 September 2021
David is one the best teachers I have on Udemy. Constantly learning from him. Wish him all the success now, and in the future.
31 August 2021
The teaching could have been a bit more simpler- sometimesthe amount of information is overwhelmingand confusing, otherwise good materials
25 August 2021
This course is very good & informative. the best course i had taken in Udemy. Instructor is very super. recommend strongly.


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