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Windows Server 2016 - Practical Guide for Beginners

Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, GPO, RAID, NTFS, PowerShell, HP Microserver, tips for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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May 2019

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What you will learn

Install Windows Server 2016 at home for free

Understand Active Directory terms

Deploy AD DS

Join a computer to a domain

Install DNS and DHCP roles

Limit access using GPO

Check a real server in action

Learn about RAID and how to deploy it

Write your first script in PowerShell

Advanced topics: NPS and Radius


Are you looking for a quick and  easy-to-follow  practical guide for Microsoft Windows Server 2016? Do you want to start learning and installing basic Windows Server roles and features? You've come to the right place. 

No boring topics here, an excellent practical guide for beginners with real-world examples.

You get more than 5 hours of high quality videos, covering the following topics:

  • How to install Windows Server 2016 using VirtualBox
  • Overview of Active Directory and basic terms
  • Deploy Active Directory Domain Services
  • Install DNS and DHCP
  • Check a real server in action - HP Microserver Gen10
  • Configure system settings using a GPO policy
  • Share files and folders
  • Learn about RAID
  • Provide remote access using RDP and TightVNC
  • Create your first script in PowerShell
  • More advanced topics: NPS and Radius for a Cisco firewall and switch

Join now to learn all the basics about Windows Server 2016. See a real server in action: HP Microserver Gen10. Learn how to troubleshoot issues you might face - when things go wrong, we keep recording!

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Windows Server 2016 - Practical Guide for Beginners
Windows Server 2016 - Practical Guide for Beginners
Windows Server 2016 - Practical Guide for Beginners
Windows Server 2016 - Practical Guide for Beginners




What Will I Learn?

Play with Windows Server 2016 for Free at Home!

Some Tips to Help you Land a Perfect job in IT

Overview of Active Directory

What to Expect in This Section

Domains, Trees, Forests, and Organizational Units

Advantages of Implementing Active Directory

Joining a Computer to a Domain

What's new in Windows Server 2016

Roles and Features

What to Expect in This Section

What we can Install in Windows Server 2016

How to Build a lab at Home - Tips

Introduction to VirtualBox

Tweaking VirtualBox

A new Cool Feature of Windows Server 2016

Installing Windows Server 2016 and adding Active Directory

Installing Windows Server 2016

Installing Windows 10

Basic Configuration of Windows Server 2016

Let's add AD now!

Server Manager and AD Users and Computers

Let's join Windows 10 to the Domain

Shares, Permissions, and Remote Access

What to Expect in This Section

Shares and Permissions - Overview

Shares and Permissions - Lab

How to map a Network Drive

Remote Access Tools - RDP, VNC...

RDP in Action

Installing TightVNC on the Server

Protocols you Need to Know

What to Expect in This Section

The OSI Model

Domain Name System (DNS)

How DHCP works

IP Addresses


Virtual Private Network

Virtualization - SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS

Group Policy Objects, DHCP, and other roles

What to Expect in This Section

What is Group Policy Object (GPO)

GPO in Action

Adding the DHCP Role

Other Roles you can go for


What to Expect in This Section

Ports you Need to Know

HP Microserver Gen10

Unboxing of HP MicroServer Gen10

What is RAID

RAID in HP Microserver

Monitoring and Integration

What to Expect in This Section

Overview of Monitoring Systems

Installing and Configuring PRTG


Introduction to PowerShell

More Advanced Topics: Radius and NPS

More Advanced Topics: Radius and NPS - part 2


Port Numbers and Port Forwarding

Forwarding Ports for RDP




Pravin23 July 2020

Just follow the course without doubting the presenter. Reading a bit of basics(only 1%) will help you fly through the entire course. Pretty Awesome presenter with a NOTHING-TO-HIDE-APPROACH. Excellent for beginners!

Gabriela5 June 2020

A great course. I definitely recommend it! The lecturer in a very clear and interesting way tells from the basics the principles of operation and capabilities of Windows Server 2016. He also shows from the basics how to create your own laboratory to be able to learn everything in practice.

Than22 April 2020

Hello everyone! This course is really good for the beginners. This course can help you to obtain real experience for server. However I finished the (NE) window server at local training center, it's not covered for me. So I would like to recommend you to attend.

Rene21 January 2019

I enjoyed this course. What I liked is that Marious keeps recording even when there is a problem. :-) It's good to see actual trouble shooting. There is a lot of tips and tricks that he teaches. I enjoyed the cmd line ones. Overall, I think someone that is new to Windows Server 2016 will get a lot out of this course.

Juris14 November 2018

Straight forward to the point. I had no previous server experience and by following the course I was able to install Windows server 2016 and assign AD DS, DNS, DHCP roles and join a computer to a domain. Also gained knowledge about user group polices and permissions. Quick and easy way to start practicing with Windows server 2016. Some knowledge of virtualization is helpful to follow the course as this is not covered in detail, but it is not subject of this course so no complains about it. I would like to have more exercises about other server roles, I mean step by step guide to assign and configure. Thank you for this practical tutorial, very helpful.

Valery31 October 2018

The delivery of this course by Marious is superb! All explanations are given, using knowledgeable, confident, unobtrusive voice. All to the point, just the information that I need. Videos are very good quality and I can download (!) them to my desktop, using a Firefox plugin, for watching offline. Many thanks!

ADELEKE18 October 2018

This is a brilliant resource. The Instructor is brilliant at explaining stuffs. He makes Windows Server generally interesting and attractive to want to learn.

Oswwaldo6 September 2018

Videos are of good quality, and the instructor uses real world applications. The production of the videos looks very professional. Great series!

Gabriel17 July 2018

Marious has once again taken a subject and provided the media for me to learn such a challenging topic. I had no experience with Server 2016 before this course and after watching the course I felt more confident to implement my own server. His topics were right on target and revealed procedures I can directly take to work with. This course has allowed me to develop a migration plan for our company to the 2016 Server platform and will be used as a reference. Thanks again to Marious for providing very valuable content on Server 2016!

Maciej22 May 2018

Great course. Super helpful if you're preparing for an exam. I enjoyed it a lot. The pace is swift and the information is practical. I enjoy courses from this tutor.

Lawrence20 May 2018

Excellent practical guide for beginners. As with all Marious' courses, it is clear, concise and easy to follow.

Tjakke23 February 2018

For beginners this course is definitely recommended. Nice and clear explanation. Hopefully there will be a continuation for the experienced user


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