What is Koinonia?

A biblical vision for multicultural community

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Biblical usage and definition of the word "koinonia"

How to apply the biblical concept of "koinonia" within your current community

What "koinonia" has to do with being multicultural

How Pioneers has used "koinonia" as an inspiring biblical ideal to cultivate as an international mission agency


Koinonia is a biblical term that has symbolic significance for Pioneers, specifically as it relates to our vision for and understanding of being a multicultural fellowship. But what do we mean by koinonia? And, more importantly, what does the Bible say about this important, but often little-understood concept?

This course is an interactive learning experience that virtually guides a community to inductively discover key aspects of the biblical term and to apply those key aspects within your specific community, as well as in the context of our international mission fellowship.

The course is designed to take 90 minutes for a community to walk through, though you can always pick and choose whichever elements are most helpful for your community.  (Download the "Facilitator Planning Guide" in Video 3 for more ideas on how this course can serve your needs)

Learning Objectives

By God's grace those who complete this course will:

  1. Examine the broad usage of koinonia in the Bible

    1. Look at a broad range of Scripture passages using the term koinonia

  2. Create a comprehensive definition of the biblical term

    1. Wrestle with the term koinonia's relationship with inequalities in Scripture

  3. Understand how Pioneers uses the term koinonia as the biblical ideal for our multicultural fellowship

  4. Evaluate your current community in light of your definition of koinonia

  5. Hear examples of how other Pioneers members are seeking to cultivate koinonia in similar contexts

  6. Prayerfully choose at least one specific area where you can more deeply cultivate koinonia in your community

    1. Create an action plan to take next steps and stay accountable to growing in this specific area


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Course preview
Watch First- How to use this course
Note for facilitators

What is koinonia? Biblical overview

Contextual meaning and usage in the Bible
Learning Activity - Koinonia in the Bible
Learning Activity - Koinonia by the numbers
BONUS: Immerse yourself in a biblical story of koinonia

What does it mean? Defining koinonia

Koinonia and inequalities
Koinonia in Pioneers as a multicultural mission agency
BONUS: Koinonia in a multicultural community

Applying koinonia in your context

Moving towards application
Learning Activity - Story-based evaluation
PODCAST: Teams seeking multicultural koinonia
PODCAST: Mobilisation gateways seeking multicultural koinonia
PODCAST: Leaders seeking multicultural koinonia
Learning Activity - Spirit-led SWOT analysis
Teams: next steps in koinonia
Mobilisation Gateways: next steps in koinonia
Leaders: next steps in koinonia


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May 10, 2022
Really excellent material. Half experienced at the Regional Gathering and as stated at the beginning, a far superior way to engage with the course (in community with others). Revisiting as an individual has still been a rich process and very helpful as we think more intentionally about this for our own work. Thank you!
September 1, 2021
This is an excellent course filled with great content, helpful applications and rich stories. Thank you!



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