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AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 2: Now Understand Agile

AGILE: Gain The Knowledge And The Understanding Of The Foundation Of Agile.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Learn what Agile really means.

Learn the definition of Agile as documented by Subject Matter Experts.

Learn how and why Agile is different from traditional Waterfall product development.

Learn the history of how and where Agile started.

Learn about the development of the Agile Manifesto.

Learn about the 4 Value Pillars as documented in the Agile Manifesto.

Learn about the 12 principles from the Agile Manifesto.

Learn about how to apply the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto when devloping a product.

Learn about the many frameworks available to help an organization achieve "Agility".

Learn where Agile fits best in product devlopment.

Learn where traditional Waterfall fits best in product development (yes it still works).

Learn how the problem solving process phases fit into an Agile Framework.


Course Description

At the turn of the century, a new wave began to move through the product delivery Arena. This wave that began as a ripple in 1986, and then entered the arena information technology in 1993, has now become a tidal wave, Sweeping through our businesses. It is known simply by the term "Agile".

Our major focus within this course is to look at the delivery of products, especially in the arena of Information Technology. In I.T., the agile philosophy is making a world of difference in areas such as commercial off-the-shelf software implementation,software-as-a-service implementation,platform-as-a-service implementation, and infrastructure-as-a-service implementation. Especially, major differences are being seen in the area of custom software development. It does not matter whether you "rent", "buy", or "build" software, agile will increase the chances of success greatly.

Success in the area of product development is growing faster and faster on an annual basis. In the introduction section of our course, you will see statistics and examples from very credible sources that show these amazing successes.

This course will open your eyes to what agile really is. There are many definitions, interpretations, and misconceptions as to what Agile is all about. This course will give you the foundation that you require if knowledge in this area is essential where you are in your business. So sit back and enjoy what you are about to experience.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • what Agile really is,

  • who uses Agile,

  • history of where Agile started,

  • the Agile Manifesto,

  • where Agile should be used,

  • where Agile should not be used,

  • key organizational requirements for success with Agile,

  • what will cause Agile to fail in your organization,

  • and finally, how to deliver Agile in your organization.

Sit back and enjoy what you are about to discover. It will change your life!


AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 2: Now Understand Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 2: Now Understand Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 2: Now Understand Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 2: Now Understand Agile


What Is Agile? Part 2: Introduction

Course Introduction


What Is Agile? Part 2: The Definition Of Agile.

Where Agile Starts.

Agile In One Word.

It Is All About Change.

Are You Embracing Change?

Why Agile Is Necessary.

A Fixed Target In Times Of Uncertainty.

How To Deal With Uncertainty.

Where It All Began.

Agile Is ..........

The Two Professors!

Information Technology Comes On-Board.

The Agile Manifesto!

The Foundation: The Agile Manifesto!

The "Value Pillars" Of The Agile Manifesto.

The Agile Manifesto Principle 1

The Agile Manifesto: Principle 2.

The Agile Manifesto: Principle 3

The Agile Manifesto: Principle 4

The Agile Manifesto: Principle 5

The Agile Manifesto Principle 6.

The Agile Manifesto; Principle 7.

The Agile Manifesto: Principle 8

The Agile Manifesto Principle 8

The Agile Manifesto Principle 9

The Agile Manifesto Principle 10

The Agile Manifesto Principle 11

The Agile Manifesto Principle 12.

Frameworks That Help Achieve Organization Agility

Agile Planning and Software Engineering Frameworks

Agile Management Frameworks

How Agile Really Works.

Where Waterfall Work Best.

Where Agile Works Best.

The Traditional Way To Develop A Product.

The Agile Way To Develop A Product.

The Summary

The Wrap-Up!

The Agile Summary!


Alessandro28 August 2020

It is truly inspiring, straightforward and easy to follow also for someone who doesn't have any knowledge of it. It provides useful sources, direct experiences and helps you to discern from who say to be agile but is not and who say to be agile and it is. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand why Agile philosophy in some contexts can generate great value in product development by reducing cost and risk of failure.

Chandra30 July 2020

This course is very informative and on target. I thoroughly understood what is agile. Looking forward for the next course from Ed. Thank you


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