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AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 1: Understand "Real" Agile

AGILE: Begin Your Journey To Understanding What Agile Really Is!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

The beginnings of the foundation for agile software development.

What Agile Is Not.

What does the Global job/career market look like.

Industry Credibility for Agile..

The difference between traditional software development and agile software development.


At the turn of the century, a new wave began to move through the product delivery Arena. This wave that began as a ripple in 1986, and then entered the arena information technology in 1993, has now become a tidal wave, sweeping through our businesses. It is known simply by the term "Agile".

Our major focus within this course is to look at the delivery of products, especially in the arena of Information Technology. In this arena we call I.T., the agile philosophy is making a world of difference in areas such as commercial off-the-shelf software implementation, software-as-a-service implementation, platform-as-a-service implementation, and infrastructure-as-a-service implementation. Especially, major differences are being seen in the area of custom software development. It does not matter whether you "rent", "buy", or "build" software, agile will increase the chances of success greatly.

However, let us take a step back here with some explanation of what has driven me to prepare these courses. As I journey from company to company, and organization to organization, I continually hear the statement " we are agile!". When asked by what is meant within that particular organization by the term agile, I hear many different definitions and interpretations of what the word "Agile" really means.

What is troubling with all of this, is that many of these organizations are failing in their attempts to deliver products developed in as they say it, "agile". In my journeys, I continually hear the words, "agile does not work for us". When I ask why it doesn't work, I hear the statement "we tried it and it was no different then what we traditionally have done. When I ask, "explain to me what you mean by agile, and how you have implemented it within your organization", I am astounded by what I hear. It is in no way agile but some combination and permutation of a traditional approach, usually waterfall with one or two techniques that are used in Agile thrown in the mix.

Therefore, with that said, our intent with this first course is to clarify what this Arena called Agile is really about. What does it really mean? We want to ensure that everyone is working from a level platform.

In Part 1, we take a bit of a different approach. We begin the 2 part series on what Agile is, by explaining to you what it is not. This will be eye-opening to a large number of you who take the time to go through it all.

As you progress through the courses that we present, the importance of this first course is that it begins to lay the foundation for success in agile which comes from a true understanding of what Agile really is.

Key Concepts Covered Here:

  • Industry credibility.

  • Organizations that use Agile.

  • Jobs available with Agile

  • What Agile is not.

  • continued to Part 2

Sit back and enjoy what you are about to discover. It will change your life!



AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 1: Understand "Real" Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 1: Understand "Real" Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 1: Understand "Real" Agile
AGILE: What Is "Real" Agile? Part 1: Understand "Real" Agile


The Beginning

Where It All Began.

Introduction To The Key

Professor Introduction

Course Content Introduction

Industry Credibility

Applying Context To Agile

What Industry Governance Tells Us

Agile Today

Who Uses Agile

Agile Jobs/Positions Today

Supply vs. Demand

Agile What Is It?

What People Are Saying Agile Is

What Agile Is Not

What Is Agile? Part 1 Summary

Agile vs. Waterfall


Andres10 August 2021

I feel great at this point because I agreed that fundamentls are the base to build real agile orgs and communities

Sanchita2 August 2021

Didnt get much details on Agile and was more of historic info, speaker was quite experienced hence expectations were more.

Susan8 November 2020

Started a bit slowly to be honest. I almost missed the bits a I need to focus on. In the end very pleased I stuck with it.

Irwin30 August 2020

Great course and intro the the area of Agile. I now need to get into the detail which would seem to be in Part 2. Excellent!

Edward20 August 2020

Ed is obviously a great communicater and comes across very well. This course laid out the groundwork now for me to progress into Course 2. I know that I am now ready to do that "deep-dive" into what agile really is. Thank you Professor Ed for a great course that has whet my appetite for more.

Kommisetty.15 August 2020

Great course. The contents explained are very basic, but they delivered with right impact. Mr. Ed Rubuliak's way of delivery is excellent. Thank you sir.

Ernesto11 August 2020

It's great to hear about the vast experience of the professor in the technology industry. I think I have a lot to learn with him.

SIDHARTH6 August 2020

This is a nice course and very fundamental. If we do not know the fundaments, we would never learn the bigger things. Thank you Mr Ed.


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