Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class

Learn Simple Techniques for Beginners to use when learning how to paint with Acrylics

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Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class
1 hour
Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Simple Beginner Techniques to Paint with acrylics on a wood panel

Learn how to mix paints and create custom colours

Learn an inexpensive and simple way to transfer and image

Learn how to create a simple sunset sky


Welcome to the Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class!

This class is is perfect for Beginners wanting to learn some simple techniques for painting with Acrylic paints. We will work through each part of the painting step by step so that you can work at your own pace and avoid becoming overwhelmed!

This class comes with a Supply List outlining all the supplies used to create the Sample piece. Each supply is linked to where you can find the supplies to help save time sourcing your supplies if you don't have a local Art Store. You will find the Supply List Link with the Introduction and the Supplies Needed Videos.

In this class you will learn:

1 -How to Prep your Panel for Painting.

2 -How to paint a simple Sunset sky.

3 -How to mix your own custom colour for both the mountains and the bushes.

4 -Adding snow and highlights to the mountains.

5 -How to paint the water with a simple technique for the light reflection on the water.

6 -Simple technique for painting the Bushes and the Trees

7 -Tips for stencilling the Deer

8 -A simple and inexpensive technique to transfer and image

NOTE: Handpainted items will never look identical. My sample and demo painting during the class will have differences in both the blended colours and how the paints mix with each other. There are so many different factors involved. Learn to love those differences and enjoy the unique creative process!



Westcoast Acrylic Landscape Introduction
Supplies Needed
Basecoating the Wood Panel
Painting the Sky
Painting the Mountains
Adding Snow to the Mountains
Adding the Sun and Treeline
Painting the Water
Adding the Deer
Painting the Bushes
Adding the Trees in the Foreground
Adding the Birds and Final Touches
Westcoast Acrylic Landscape Class Thank You


Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class - Screenshot_01Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class - Screenshot_02Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class - Screenshot_03Westcoast Acrylic Landscape for Beginners Class - Screenshot_04



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