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Weebly SEO | Weebly Website Search Engine Optimisation

Weebly Website SEO & How To Rank Your Weebly Site In Google, Yahoo & Bing

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Feb 2020

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What you will learn

How to optimise a Weebly website for Google,Yahoo & Bing

How to create a high authority webbly website

How to attract new website visitors to their weebly website for free

How to promote a product or service via Weebly SEO


How To Rank Number One On Google simply by Learning Weebly SEO in Under 2 Hours!

Having a well designed Weebly website is useless if none is actually seeing it! How much would it impact your business if your customers were able to find your products or services on major search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing when they were looking for it? The likelihood is, it would bring you in a ton of traffic, leads and sales consistently and all of this for free! Give me an hour and a half of your undivided time and dedication and I will help you to achieve just that!

Weebly SEO is not something that can be ignored. If you have a Weebly website that promotes anything that you actually want people to see, you simply must understand the fundamentals to Weebly SEO. During this course I literally take you around the back end of my own personal website and show you the tips, strategies and secrets that I have personally used to help thousands of website owners achieve 1st page rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing. I have also charged bing name companies thousands of pounds to implement these strategies for them and you can gain access to it for less than a fraction of that cost.

This course will help you to:

  • Increase direct sales to your website

  • Drive more leads to your business

  • Spend less time & money on marketing whilst still driving up sales

You will discover the secret sauce to being found for the types of words and phrases that your potential customers and website visitors are typing into the search engines every single day. I will also show you how you can find what key phrases your target customers are using in the search engines and how you can appear when they do perform these queries.

Regardless of whether or not your Weebly website appears in search results for important phrases; your potential customers will still type those phrases in looking to spend money. You want to ensure that it is your website they are stumbling across on when they are looking on sites such as Google.

Whether you are a local accountant, hair dresser or wedding planner and want to show up in Google when somebody near you is looking for your services or if you are selling a product online, one of the best and most effective ways to attract eyeballs to your website and generate sales over and over again is to perform Weebly SEO on your website & within this course I show you exactly how you can transform your dormant Weebly website into a thriving community of visitors just waiting to depart with their cash and invest in your product or service.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of digital marketing and honestly, you are just a few clicks away from completely transforming your business. There are really just a few concepts that you are missing that could potentially completely transform how your website is currently performing. If you are not satisfied with how well your Weebly website is performing in search engines or just how well it is doing in general, you really only need a few simple tweaks and adjustments to start hitting and even exceeding your goals

Don't be one of the handful of people who pass up the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the search engines because if you do not take up this course, one of your competitors might! This would give them the advantage over you. As I have mentioned, Weebly SEO is not really that difficult to do, there are but just a few concepts that you really need to grasp in order for you to start claiming the top ranking positions in Google when your potential customers are looking for a product or services that you offer. I want to reveal to you what those specific concepts are.

Within this course you will discover:

  • How to properly configure your Weebly site (I would normally charge £350 for this service alone as a professional SEO consultant) 

  • How to research the most appropriate keywords for your website ( I would charge £40 for this) 

  • How to submit your website to major search engines (I would charge £30 for this)

  • How to create an authority Weebly website that Google and other major search engines trust (worth £1,000+)

You will discover how to do all of this and much more for less than a fraction of the price and with just over an hour of your time investment. I look forward to helping you transform your Weebly website so make sure you enrol in this course today and do not miss out!


Weebly SEO | Weebly Website Search Engine Optimisation
Weebly SEO | Weebly Website Search Engine Optimisation
Weebly SEO | Weebly Website Search Engine Optimisation
Weebly SEO | Weebly Website Search Engine Optimisation


An introduction to Weebly SEO

What is Weebly SEO?

Why is Weebly SEO important?

3 Main Focuses for Weebly SEO

Let's See How Well You Understand These Squarespace SEO Concepts

Weebly SEO Core concepts Quiz

Weebly SEO & Keywords

Weebly SEO Google Keywords Tool

Weebly SEO & LSI keywords

Using Main & LSI Keywords for Weebly SEO

Weebly SEO For Webpages

Optimising your weebly pages

Weebly SEO Content Optimisation

Weebly Technical SEO

Weebly SEO Optimisation options

Blogging For Weebly SEO

Why your Weebly website needs a blog

SEO Settings for Weebly blog

Weebly SEO Guest Blogging

Weebly eCommerce SEO

Weebly eCommerce SEO

Submitting Your Weebly Website to the Major Search Engines

Submitting Your Weebly Website to the Major Search Engines

Weebly Domain Authority Strategy

Weebly Domain Authority

Local Weebly SEO

Weebly Local SEO

Weebly SEO Bonus

Weebly SEO Bonus


Dipanshu5 February 2021

The course cuts straight to the point. With Dey showing everything in real time everything that he is teaching, it is very easy to understand and also works as a tutorial. Thank you Dey, your course has helped me a lot.

Lee3 September 2020

The content was great and very useful. I have already had an increase in traffic to my website with some of the changes.

Tom6 July 2020

This is simple and very informative. I'm working on optimizing my client's website and this has been really superb stuff to use. This course is well done and professional and would recommend it for a SOE step through. I especially like how Sam is pointing how to stay up to date and how we can build a plan to grow our presence. He also has a YouTube channel (Sam Day) where he's giving more tips for us. It has been a awesome resource and he also points you to other resources so you can get the best education possible. Awesome work and thank you Sam for getting me started I feel thousand times more confident in optimizing my client's website.

Adam3 July 2020

A good way to spend 1.5 hours getting some fundamentals. I learned to have missed a lot of SEO buckets to fill in on my Weebly site or am doing them incorrectly.

Kristen12 May 2020

Very useful! I have learned a lot in this course that I can use to finish my online store. I had no knowledge of SEO prior to this course. I will definitely look for more courses through Sam Dey.

Thomas30 April 2020

As a novice and just learning about SEO, this course was very informative. I have greater confidence that I can now make my website more visible in search engines. The information was easy to understand and well laid out.

Hend30 August 2019

It is good so far, except I had a hard time following the youtube instructions to get the free google keyword service. I had to look it up on my own. I found it here: https://ahrefs.com/blog/google-keyword-planner/

Jack6 March 2019

I've really enjoyed Dey's tips for SEO for Weebly websites. He's done a good job going into basic SEO tips 'n tricks and has great actionable steps for putting those tips into the website. I'm still learning SEO of restaurants, and this has been an excellent start.


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