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Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Learn exactly how to become a wedding photographer, start a photo business of your own, and shoot better wedding photos.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Become a successful wedding photographer

Start a wedding photography business and build a brand

Price and create photography packages that sell

Create a wedding photography website and portfolio

Get your first client

Shoot amazing wedding photos from pre-ceremony getting ready to the last dance

Know how to pose and interact with couples and big groups

Make money as a wedding photographer

Edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop to make them look better

Shoot engagement photos

Build the perfect equipment kit with cameras, lenses, lights, and extras

Grow your business and be a happy photographer


You're here because you want to become a wedding photographer, right?

Great idea, my friend. 

Average wedding photographers make over $3,000 per wedding. Great photographers can make $10,000+ per wedding. And money isn't the only reason to be a wedding photographer. It is an important job that helps capture a beautiful day and preserve memories for a lifetime.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

My name is Phil, and I'm co-teaching this course with my good friend Will Carnahan, a professional wedding photographer. I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular photography courses - with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones from this course:

Amazing course- I love the fact that it covers every aspect of wedding photography. - Gergana Tzoncheva

The instructor gives a clear explanation on the topic that is good sound advice and I have learned quite a few things that will make life easier for me on my next shoot. - Peter Dee

I'm obsessed with weddings (after having my own), but this is bringing a new view to it -- from the photographer's perspective of the day. Very good tips and I appreciate the examples with the camera data. Thank - Aubrey Kvasnicka

Our Promise to You

We'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

I want to make this the best course on wedding photography. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

Get Ready to Jump into the World of Wedding Photography

If you're interested in using your photo skills to make people happy (and make money), this is a great course for you!

Here are just some of the things you'll be learning in this course:

  • Setting up your wedding photography business
  • Creating a brand, website, and portfolio
  • Putting together wedding photography packages and pricing them to make sales
  • Getting your first clients
  • Putting together an awesome equipment kit for shooting weddings
  • Knowing exactly what goes on during a typical wedding day and how to navigate it
  • Shooting beautiful photos of every moment (with a walk-through of two entire weddings)
  • Posing and interacting with couples (with a live demonstration of 5 basic poses)
  • Editing photos to make them look amazing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Succeeding with your business and being a happy photographer
  • Using aerial photography in your wedding photography with DJI drones (coming soon)
  • much, much, more!

Please check out the entire course lesson plan below.

We promise that if you follow all of our lessons and exercises, you'll have a wedding photography business up and running by the end of the course.

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography



What's this course all about?

Join the Official Student Photography Group

Why should you become a wedding photographer?

Who is the instructor (Will Carnahan)?

5 Tips for Better Wedding Photos

How to Pose and Interact with a Couple (Live Session)

DOWNLOAD: 100+ Posing Ideas

Wedding Pose Downloadable Guide - 7 Poses, 35 Shots, Endless Possibilities

How will you succeed in this course?

Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Business

Section Introduction

What type of wedding photographer are you?

How to build your starter camera kit. What equipment do you need?

What camera brand is the best?

Where should you buy camera equipment?

How to pick a name for your wedding photography company

Top Tips for Launching a Website

Action Item: Pick a Company Name & Build Your Website

Action Item Demonstration - Buy a Domain Name

How to build your wedding packages

Pricing to make Sales & Success

How to get your very first clients

The importance of contracts

The philosophy of a happy wedding photographer

Section Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Wedding Day Overview

Section Introduction

Taking care of business on the wedding day

What will you be photographing on the wedding day?

Action Item: List Out the Key Moments of your Next Wedding

Section Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Get More Photography Resources & Tips

How to Photograph a Wedding

Section Intro

Wedding Day Equipment Check

Wedding Day Considerations - Day vs. Night, Indoor vs. Outdoor

Do you need an assistant or second shooter?

How much should you pay a second shooter?

Action Item: Find a 2nd Shooter

Scheduling the Wedding Day (First Looks, Family Photos, Couple Shots, etc)

Achieving Your Look

How to Shoot: Pre-Ceremony Details

How to Shoot: Bride and Bridal Party Preparation

How to Shoot: Groom and Groomsmen Preparation

Thoughts About Shooting Details

How to Shoot: Walking Down the Aisle

How to Shoot: Ceremony Coverage

How to Shoot: Ceremony Readers and Officiants

How to Shoot: Vows, Ring Exchange, and the Kiss

How to Shoot: Walking Out of the Ceremony and Post-Ceremony Activities

How to Shoot: Family, Group, and Wedding Party Photos

How to Shoot: Posed Couple Shots

Action Item: Save your Favorite Poses

Action Item Demonstration: Finding Inspirational Photos on Pinterest

How to Shoot: Reception Grand Entrance

How to Shoot: Reception Details

How to Shoot: Speeches and Toasts

How to Shoot: Cake Cutting

How to Shoot: The First Dances

How to Shoot: Bouquet and Garter Toss

How to Shoot: The Dance / Party Scene

Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Aerial Photography for Weddings

Editing Wedding Photos - Post-Production Workflow

Section Intro

Which Photo Editing Application Should You Use?

Photo Editing Workflow in Lightroom

Exporting Photos from Lightroom

Photo Editing Workflow in Photoshop

Creating an Online Gallery: Zenfolio Overview

Using Lightroom Presets

Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Succeeding with Wedding Photography - Taking it to the next level!

Section Intro

Being Happy - Tips from a Wedding Photographer

Making It a Business and Sticking with It

Building Out Your Portfolio

Getting Testimonials - Yelp, Wedding Wire, The Knot

Using Social Media & Networks to Expand Your Business

Dealing with Saturated Markets

Competing with Family Photographers (Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive!)

Working with Other Vendors for Success

Section Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Bonus: Shooting Engagement Photos

Section Intro

What equipment do you need for an engagement shoot?

How much to charge for engagement photos

Picking the perfect location for engagement photos

Tips for posing and interacting with the couple

Review of Engagement Photos

Section Recap - What did we learn in this section?

Course Conclusion

Thank You and What's Next

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Nomi8 October 2020

Professional and informative. I recently shot a friends quarantine wedding, and I’ve already learned tons of stuff I wish I’d known and I’ve only watched the first video.

Dean3 September 2020

I'm hoping to possibly become a wedding photographer in the future and this course gives an excellent step by step guide on how to successfully become a wedding photographer. Will and Phil have structured the course brilliantly from how to start your business, equipment needed, how to deal with couples, posing guides, explaining different kinds of shoots throughout the day, and editing. This is a perfect course for anyone hoping to learn the ins and outs of becoming a wedding photographer.

Mihai26 August 2020

I was expecting a real time action, like doing videos in the time he will be shutting a wedding, beside that good tips and makes you understand what you need to know about shooting a wedding.

Inge22 July 2020

I have taken engagement photos before, and I love to play using the sun and trees. Watching the video of the pose and interact with a couple, I just felt relieved because I thought that I made a mistake using the sun. You get people who will tell you that it is over exposure if the sun is too bright behind the couple. Thank you for setting my mind at peace. Love the course. Halfway with the course - and loving it. I am coming to the conclusion that I can do weddings. Thank you!!!

Shah14 July 2020

Excellent beginners course with tons of information to get you started. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and instructions were great. I recommend this course.

Natallia25 January 2020

This course is so clear and professional. I am really into wedding photography and family photos now. I am very thankful for that course, feels that my life changing in better way by taking this course. It is definitely what need to know for shooting weddings in this course. I am really love it and it is i will highly recommend to others who is into it. One more time thank you so much !

Jaitraya18 January 2020

Great advice. It was very detailed and i finished this course in 1 day and a half. You're amazing, can't wait to learn more from you guys.

Christina15 January 2020

Really enjoying this course very informative and fun. Presentation is great and well done, keeps you engaged with the course

Debbie2 December 2019

Yes its been great to see photographers tricks, thanks i have enjoyed this so far and learning plenty to put into practice.

Johnny8 September 2019

Good job guys! Very good explanation. I only hope you guys explained deeper about lenses if how they can be used. Other than that, it would be a big 5 star for me.

Dom7 September 2019

Panorama assez vaste et complet sur le sujet des compétences à acquérir pour devenir un photographe de mariage ! J'espérais plus de détails sur les réglages et les prises de vue ( sur la technique photo) mais cours très intéressant ...

Louis26 August 2019

Good information to help get started. Some things to think about, and things that you need to start doing. I'm sure I will go back to this class time and time again for a refresher. Thanks Guys!!

shanal24 July 2019

yes, it was a great course with a lot of knowledge , and information. Did help me to know things into details.

Lasso17 July 2019

well and nice speech, but till now nothing important, it might be because I have already some knowledge about I've already seen in this video... After the video and the whole episodes fully promotion from his own school and other stuffs, I can finally see a little bit of what I'm looking in this curse, I'm glad I only have paid 10 bucks because, 95% of this videos you can find easily in youtube, I hace seen some shots mistakes like a group picture whit a 2.8 aperture!!! really? more than 8 person whit 2.8? it is important to say that whit such a case, we need to shoot at least at f4-6, in some case a to high shutter speed whit a very high ISO in a fully sunny day, why? honestly some information in this video are very worth, but as I said, this stuff you can find i youtube, and the rest ist just a beginner tips video and marketing to sell more stuff!

Lenore6 July 2019

I half expected boring lectures with words an average person typically doesn't use in daily conversation when talking about a photo they snapped. Knowing that the instructor is engaging and really knowledgeable is the best part of the course.


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