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WebSockets Mastery - Beginner to Advanced

Learn about WebSockets in JavaScript. Creating WebSocket client models, and running websocket servers!

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WebSockets Mastery - Beginner to Advanced


2 hours


Jan 2020

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What you will learn

What are WebSockets

When to use WebSockets

How to work with WebSockets

Creating production applications with WebSockets

Internal working of WebSockets


WebSockets is a low latency duplex communication running on TCP between a client-server model which allows easy communication and programming of real-time applications like online games and chat. In this course, we'll learn all about WebSockets, what they are and how they work! You'll know:

  • What WebSockets are

  • How they work internally

  • How to create production code with them

  • Various modes of WebSocket working

  • Creating WebSocket servers

  • Creating WebSocket clients

  • Managing a WebSocket codebase

  • Creating real apps using WebSockets

This course won't require any deep knowledge whatsoever. Everything would be taught from the basics, from development environment setup to coding websockets professionally, we got you!

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Setting up development environment - Part 1

Setting up development environment - Part 2


What are WebSockets?

Setting up WebSocket Server

Setting up WebSocket Server callback

Setting up client for WebSocket server

Implementing message event handler

Demonstration of client-server working WebSocket

Implementing echo back server

Kickstart to projects

Creating an app - part 1

Creating an app - part 2

Broadcasting to all connected connections

readyState in WebSocket

Switching to single server


verifyClient alternative

Group Chat

New Project

Group Chat - Part 1

Group Chat - Part 2

Group Chat - Part 3

Group Chat - Part 4

Group Chat - Part 5

Group Chat - Part 6

Group Chat - Part 7

Group Chat - Part 8

Group Chat - Part 9

Group Chat - Part 10


AgaKosc16 February 2021

Code for the last part was not given so I can't work though it. Sometimes things was presented to quickly.

R2 October 2020

This has to be the only tutorial on the web about "REAL" websockets, all tutorials on udemy and on the internet uses socket.io like a sheep. Professionals don't use socket.io, they design their own backend from scratch using pure code. Node.js is useless to me, but I needed to understand how the front end will communicate with the backend using websockets, my backend will be c/c++ using a websocket library. The instructor did an excellent job for providing the details on how to get a REAL websocket connection up and running without using socket.io (THANK GOODNESS!!!). Although it was extremely hard to follow what the instructor was saying, I couldn't understand more than half of the time and rewinding what the instructor was saying, but he provided the code on the screen and showed step by step how things are working. The best part of this course is that the instructor also showed how to make a full blown chat app using REAL websockets without socket.io at the last chapter!!!!!! Another nice part of this course is the instructor got into details on how to authenticate clients from servers. I read comments from other reviewers who gave a bad rating for which the instructor didn't provide the github link for making the chat app. I found the link from the comments, kinda surprised why the instructor still doesn't provide the link. Although it's not needed, you can pause the video and just copy type down from the tutorial course.

Diego19 August 2020

The step-by-step method used into the topic, represents the best way to learn by me. I just learned a lot of practices and newer technics for the job. Thanks so much!

Pavel12 January 2020

There are a couple of CONS for me (most of them regarding the third section): - When a new (Group Chat) project had been started, no information was provided where to get the project itself (a link to github might have been useful), nor any hints on how to integrate the Chat into what we did on during previous videos. - A set of sources / github branches would have been very useful to follow, not just plain videos.


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