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Web Hacking Secrets - Going Beyond Bug Bounty

A Step Ahead Bug Bounty : Testing Web Apps In Enterprise Grade Environment

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Audit on any web app

OWASP testing methodology

Find complex bugs and security issues


Before I share my goal with this course, Let me first help you to get the big picture!

You see, All these Big Companies and  Top Brands,
Well, When these companies get's Hacked/Breached, They are sued in the court by one person or another

Now you may ask why should you care?

In a nutshell, They have to present a BOOK to the court. This book is a 100-150 page methodology report.
They show that We did all the tests given in a Global Methodology. Now if they get hacked, it's not their fault


Sadly the experts promote this concept too excessively :(
Most beginners in the industry think that this will get them a job.
OWASP Top 10 is not what anyone will ask you in an interview. Infact, It is the OWASP Testing Methodology, they are looking for!!!

I want to teach you this methodology and help you differentiate yourself from the rest.
This course will allow you the Gain the ability to do a Complete Web Application Audit and create that book!

Now before you press that Enrol Button, I want to tell you that this course is not meant for everyone.
There is a lot of work needed. This won't be a Feed Me From Spoon Experience.  Things are tough, But if you are willing to put in that Extra Concentrated Effort for a week on this course...

This is the best decision you would have made. Moreover, There is no way you can go wrong with Udemy's Money Back Guarantee.

Let's dive in this journey from zero to hero on web app testing.
~ Mandeep Singh


Web Hacking Secrets - Going Beyond Bug Bounty
Web Hacking Secrets - Going Beyond Bug Bounty
Web Hacking Secrets - Going Beyond Bug Bounty
Web Hacking Secrets - Going Beyond Bug Bounty


Welcome To This Course


Information Gathering

Conduct Search Engine Discovery Reconnaissance for Information Leakage

Fingerprint Web Server

Review Web Server Meta Files

Review Web Page Comments And Meta Tags

Fingerprint Web App Framework

Configuration and Deployment Management Testing

HTTP Methods

Identity Management Testing

Testing for Weak or Unenforced Username Policy

Authentication Testing

Password Attack

Bypass Authentication Schema

Authorization Testing


Path Traversal

Session Management Testing

Session Fixation

Testing for Cross Site Request Forgery

Input Validation Testing

Testing for Cross Site Scripting

Testing for SQL Injection

Testing for SQL Injection -Continue

Testing for Command Injection

Testing for LDAP Injection

HTTP Verb Tampering

Testing for XXE

HTTP Parameter Pollution

Client Side Testing



Andrew1 February 2021

A great course covering a great range of topics. The student needs to apply the ideas given in other contexts and also needs to undertake further research and experimentation. It is easy to see why the tutor has been very successful with bug bounty hunting. I have been bug bounty hunting for some time and this course introduced a number of fresh ideas and approaches, as well as a number of what I would call "short cuts" which speed up the process. The course covers the subjects at some speed so some basic bug bounty background would be a help, but is not essential. The explanations, particularly in the important SQL and XSS sections were good however students do need to spend a bit of extra time and to work through the examples. I highly recommend this course.

Amritpal31 October 2020

thank you very much for clearing my so many doubts Mandeep. It was very helpful to enrol in this course and finishing it. Hope to learn more in future from you and Udemy. Keep it up.

Dnyaneshwar28 October 2020

Amazing content and most important point is, it is based on real scenario. Only the downgrade I feel is explanation is not detailed as I needed.

Maulik23 October 2020

This course helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge and understanding of web application testing. Apart from the course, support and guidance provided by sir is really great and appreciable. Awaiting for further courses by Mandeep sir.

Abhinav22 October 2020

Exact point to point explaination of the topics and the way of explaining the terms is the best part of the lecture. And also the suggestion how to study the things is the best.

Vasanthsurya22 October 2020

IT'S Best for beginners those who want to learn bug Bounty in easy manner . And thanks for this course

Ayush22 October 2020

The course shows us the real world scenerio regarding hacking and pen-testing... We do have various web apps out there just for testing our skills like DVWA , metasploitable2 etc... One can learn hacking on them but believe me, they are just outdated the vulnerabilities we find in them are nearly deprecated... In real life literally no website posses those vulnerabilities and in enterprise security , one has to approach Multinational-Companies which are secured by Intrusion Detection Systems and this is the real world scene of penetration testing... Our Instructor MANDEEP SINGH , did a great job to provide his personal experience in this course, regarding the real world scenario of penetration testing...

Avinash22 October 2020

I loved the way to teach thanks for your effort and knowledge. i read book and got inspiration from you.

Rasul21 October 2020

The instructor has demonstrated subject matter level expertise in this training. I definitely know how to perform many more attacks that I only understood in theory. Awesome.

Ssali21 October 2020

The course is tough and gets complex around midway. Very good resource for mastering the OWASP Top 10 and Web Application Penetration Testing.

Ishaan21 October 2020

i really like this course,got here though Sagar Bansal sir and thanks a lot Mandeep Sir for making it free of cost(my parents are paranoid about hacking and if i ask them to make a transaction then it is obvious that they will get to know and all my gadgets will be confiscated )....you have changed my life


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