Web Dev Basics Unlocked: Learn HTML5, CSS3 and more

Animate Your Skills! Build Websites Like a Pro

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Mar 2024
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What you will learn

Master web fundamentals: Understand HTML, CSS, and web structure for solid foundations.

Create responsive websites: Develop visually appealing, adaptable websites for diverse devices.

Apply practical coding: Write clean, efficient code through hands-on exercises and examples.

Enhance problem-solving: Sharpen skills to tackle common web development challenges confidently.

Optimize user experience: Implement best practices for intuitive, user-friendly web design.

Prepare for advanced concepts: Lay the groundwork for deeper exploration into JavaScript and beyond.


Bring your website ideas to life! This FREE course is your key to unlocking the world of web development!

By enrolling in this course, you'll embark on an exciting journey through the fundamentals of web development, starting with an overview of the field before diving into HTML and CSS. Each topic is presented with clarity and simplicity, making it accessible for beginners of all ages, from curious youngsters to seasoned adults.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Engaging Animated Lessons: Master the basics of HTML and CSS with our friendly cartoon guide who explains everything with clear examples. (Perfect for all ages!)

  • Interactive Learning: Practice what you learn with tons of coding exercises (including many with pre-made solutions!) built right into the course.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Our presenter utilizes freely available internet resources such as w3schools and MDN webdocs to provide you with additional learning materials and references, enriching your understanding of web development concepts.

  • Deeper Dives: Go beyond the videos with dedicated webpages for each topic featuring in-depth presentations, code examples, more exercises, and quizzes.

This course covers the essentials:

  • Introduction to Web Development

  • Move beyond introductions and dive into HTML5!

  • Move beyond introductions and dive into CSS3!

In just a few weeks, we'll unlock the next level with Introduction to Javascript (and a special price!)

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners of all ages with an interest in web development

  • Visual learners who enjoy animation

  • Anyone who wants to build websites and learn valuable coding skills

Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your web development journey with the best course on Udemy. Join us today and unlock your potential in the world of web development!


Introduction to web development

How Exactly Does the Internet Work?
How Websites Work
What do you need to start this course?
How to Overcome Difficulties and Seek Help
Quiz - Section 01

Introduction to HTML

HTML intro
The Structure of an HTML Page
HTML Attributes, Links and Images
HTML Headers & Paragraphs
Formating and Styles
HTML Comments, Character Sets, Symbols, and Emojis
HTML Lists
HTML Lists Practice Exercise
HTML Tables
HTML Tables Practice Exercise
HTML Forms
HTML Forms Practice Exercise
HTML Grouping Elements
HTML Final Practice Exercise

CSS - Styling Webpages

CSS Introduction
CSS Usage
CSS Usage Practice Exercise
CSS Selectors
CSS Selectors
CSS Selector Priorities
Selector Priorities Solved Exercises
CSS Comments & Colors
CSS Backgrounds
CSS backgrounds
CSS Text
Exercise Text
CSS Borders
Exercise Borders
CSS Sizes and Spacing
Block vs. Inline Elements
CSS The Position Property
Position Solved Exercises
Exercise Position
CSS Float & Clear Properties
floats Exercises
CSS Flexbox
CSS Flexbox Solved or to be Solved Exercises
CSS Flexbox
CSS Grid
CSS Grid Solved and to be Solved Exercises
CSS Media Queries
CSS Animations and Effects
CSS Project - Fast Food


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March 20, 2024
Different approach. Top quality! I really liked the dedicated web pages for each lecture! You put in some hard work here. Excellent exercises. Congrats! I definitely recommend it to all!
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