Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmaking

Learn Many different ways to use Wax Paste on your Projects to create a Metallic & Luminous result!

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1 hour
Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Several different Techniques using Wax Paste to incorporate in your Projects

Learn how to Emboss with 3D Embossing folders

Learn Several different Surfaces to use Wax Pastes on

Learn how I like to Create a bunch of different Sentiments at once and keep them on hand for future projects


Welcome to Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmakers!

In this class I share you my Favourite Wax paste to work with as well as my Favourite Techniques that I like to use to create with it! I love the Metallic and Luster finish it gives to cards. It can be used on several different Substrates and is very Versatile. The Cards we will create are simple and each is created in 10 minutes or Less but have a Wonderful WOW! factor because of the Wax Paste.

This Class comes with a Supply List PDF. The PDF lists all the Supplies used within this class and Separates them between each card they are used on. You will also find Sample pictures of each of the Cards as well on that Supply List. The Supplies are Linked to where you can purchase them (if you choose) and have them shipped right to your door! You will find the Supply List PDF Link with the Class Introduction Video.

In this Class You will Learn:

1 -How to Stamp and Emboss a bunch of Sentiments at once to have on hand for Future Projects.

2 -How to Die cut the pieces used in the card Samples as well as how to use #d Embossing Folders.

3 -Some Tips and Tricks about my Favourite Wax paste and what makes it special (IMHO)

4 -Several Different ways to Apply Wax Paste to your projects.

5 -Several different Substrates to use Wax paste on in your Projects and the Effects they Create.

*Note* As stated in the Introduction and the "Lets talk about Wax" Video. The Brand of Wax I use in this class has Water Soluble properties. Those properties are used for a couple cards in this class. Most of the Techniques taught in this class will work with any type of wax paste regardless of Brand but the ones where we use water will likely not work as instructed it you choose to use a different type/brand of wax paste.


Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmaking - Screenshot_01Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmaking - Screenshot_02Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmaking - Screenshot_03Wax Paste Techniques for Cardmaking - Screenshot_04



Wax Paste Techniques for Card Making Introduction
Stamping and Embossing the Sentiments
Die Cutting and 3D Embossing
Let's talk about Wax Paste
Roses Card
Your Beautiful Self Card
Butterfly Card
Industrial Card
Bird Card
Use Your Wings Card
Wax Paste Techniques for Card Makers Thank You
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