Watercolour Florals Card Class

Learn Beginner Watercolour Techniques using Stamped Floral Images to create Cards

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1 hour
Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Beginner Watercolour Techniques

How to Emboss Stamped Images

How to Blend 2 Colours within the same Colour Family to add Shading

A simple "cheat" for Black watercolour paper to try it out and see if it's your cup of tea before you buy it


Welcome to the Watercolour Florals Card Class!

The Floral cards taught in this class would be perfect to use for so many Occasions! From Birthdays, Sympathy, Mothers Day to even Wedding or Valentines Cards and by using Stamped images to start we will eliminate the intimidation of creating a composition from scratch!

This Class comes with a Supply List that is broken down between Each Card and lists the supplies used in Each one. The list also contains links to where you can purchase those supplies, saving you time sourcing them so you can spend more time creating! You can find the Supply List Link with the Introduction Video.

In this class you will Learn:

-How to Stamp and Emboss stamped Images.

-Simple Beginner Watercolour Technique

-Blending 2 Colours within the Same colour Family to add Shading

-How to Watercolour and Image that has not been Embossed

- Tips for Watercolouring on Black Watercolour paper

-A "cheat" for Black Watercolour paper if you want to text if it's your cup of tea before investing in Black Watercolour paper.

NOTE- I let you know in the Supply List the Stamps, Watercolours and Tools I like to use. They can easily be substituted for others but your results will likely vary so be prepared for that!


Watercolour Florals Card Class - Screenshot_01Watercolour Florals Card Class - Screenshot_02Watercolour Florals Card Class - Screenshot_03Watercolour Florals Card Class - Screenshot_04



Watercolour Florals Card Class Introduction
I Love You Card: Embossing Stamped Image
I Love You Card: Watercolouring Image
I Love You Card: Assembling Card
You & Me Card: Stamping Image
You & Me Card: Watercolouring Image
You & Me Card: Assembling Card
Metallic Card: Embossing Image
Metallic Card: Watercolouring Image
Metallic Card: Assembling Card
Watercolour Florals Card Class Thank You

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