Voice Health for Singers and Performers

A Whole Person Perspective

1 hour
Dec 2019
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What you will learn

How to take care of your voice from head to toe.

A thorough approach to the importance of vocal care

Take the pressure off and enjoy a series of gentle activities for vocal wellness

Learn new ways to manage your stress spectrum


Do worry and fear get in the way of your  vocal gifts and talents?

Are you looking for support and solutions beyond steaming and hot honey water?

You have come to the right place!

This course offers whole person support for the times when you need to reduce the stress load, heal and recover.

Inside you will lean a thorough protocol which has been developed over years of vocal performing experience - integrating healing and wellbeing practices.

The course includes:

Voice focused meditations which help relax and connect deeply to your musical gifts and talents

Bodywork to connect and destress: simple movements to connect the entire body, opening up the voice and making singing easier (without thinking about it)!

EFT (tapping) for all your vocal worries - express and clear with simple, safe energy work

Breathwork for inner connection. Series of exercises designed to relax and release tension associated with vocal tightness and problems

This course was designed by singer and body work therapist Sarah Flotel.

Her aim is to have crystal clear, relaxed vocals at all times of year and in this course she shows you her entire protocol. Sarah's approach to health and wellbeing is holistic, taking care of the whole person is the gateway to improving so many areas of life....not just singing!

These simple and quick exercises enable the student to work with voice problems from within, they can be done in a small space and offer a unique approach to vocal health.


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Vocal Health - A Holistic Approach

Mind-body-spirit - All Important for Voice Health

Vocal First Aid and Recovery Protocol

Full Vocal Recovery Is Possible

Body Work for Vocal Connection

Can crawling help open your voice up?
Movements to Take Your Mind off Worry - The Body Heals All

Humming - The Greatest Healer

Humming - The Greatest Healer

Tapping for Singers - Working Emotional Freedom for the Voice

Tapping for Singers - Working Emotional Freedom for the Voice
Tapping - When the Voice Feels Bad....
Tapping - Honest and Open with The Voice

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