Anatomy of the Voice for Singers

What's in a voice? How do you take care of your voice? Get your voice in great condition!

35 mins
May 2022
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What you will learn

Identify & name parts of the human voice

Demonstrate that you understand good vocal health & how to look after your voice

Describe how each part of the voice works & how they work with other parts to make sound

Identify things that can be harmful to the voice, describe how they can be harmful & any consequences that may result


A course that teaches the basics of how the voice works, how to take care of your voice and what could be harmful to your voice.

This is an immersive course with short lectures, perfect for a quick learn or if you get distracted easily.

If you are thinking about having singing lessons, already take them or are more advanced, you can always benefit from having more knowledge about how the voice works and the things you should do to keep it in great condition!

Make sure you get the most out of your voice by learning this key information.

By the end of this course you will know:

The names of different parts of the human voice

How those parts work and how they can help other parts of your voice to work

What you should or should not do to keep your voice in tip top condition

Learn some vocal techniques while learning how the sound is created

These lessons are short and enjoyable.  The assessment methods are different to the norm and immerse you into a new way of learning.

Make a video journal, complete a bite-sized quiz, answer some questions and enjoy our happy soundtrack along the way!

The Bonny Academy always strives to change the way teaching and learning is carried out.  We want you to have a great learning experience with us.

We wish you the best of luck with this course and invite you to give feedback on how enjoyable your course was, as well as letting us know if there is anything we could improve on.


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Welcome to your course

Welcome to your course
Outcomes & Achievements

Vocal Health

Taking care of your voice
Good Vocal Care
Things that can HARM your voice
Things that can HARM your voice
Vocal Health Practice Test

How the voice works

Vocal Anatomy 101
Vocal Anatomy 101
Anatomy - The Head
Vocal Anatomy - The Head
Vocal Anatomy - The Throat
Vocal Anatomy - The Throat
Vocal Anatomy - The Lungs
Vocal Anatomy - The Lungs
How the voice works
Full Vocal Anatomy Guide for Singers

Final Assessment

Final Assessment

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